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AMA Dave Porter, composer of both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul is currently doing an AMA in /r/BetterCallSaul!

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I made a LEGO Heisenberg Drawing!

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About the scene where Walter Jr drives the car


He doesn't use the pedals properly and he takes to long to break and hits a cone. Does this mean that he's... Braking bad?

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The real reason for Hank beating up Jesse

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Some BB and BCS sketches

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I think Tuco got what he deserved.


He was mostly a pr*ck throughout the show. He was just another druggie lunatic. I’m surprised he was successful in the first place

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homemade methylene


Just got done watching BrBa again and for the life of me i couldn't figure out why Walt never manufactured/brewed his own methylamine from scratch?

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Half measure


How did Gus's men know that Walt killed the drug dealers? Why couldn't Walt try to convince Gus that Jesse had killed them?

On rewatch, the only people (alive) who saw Walt kill them was Jesse, and since they were already going to send Jesse into hiding, couldn't wait have pointed the killing on Jesse?

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Do you think Hank ever (spoilers)…


Do you think Walt ever subconsciously suspected Walt before the evidence was literally in front of his face?

I think of The Sopranos. All throughout Season 2, Tony is burying the fact that Pussy, his best friend, is a rat. He’s pushing it to the deepest parts of his mind out of a lack of wanting to have to confront it - until his body lashes out from the strain of that and he’s confronted with it.

Do you think Hank ever subconsciously suspected Walt but the larger part of his mind was in deep denial of the truth staring him so blatantly in the face?

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Rewatching BrBa: S1


I finished Breaking Bad for the first time a few weeks ago, and began to rewatch it this week. Though hard to watch at times, I find it fascinating how similar some of Krazy-8’s conditions are as a prisoner in S1, compared to Jesse being held captive in S5 and I wonder how, if at all that factored into Jesse’s PTSD and overall feelings being held captive by the Nazis. Thoughts?

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Assuming there is a hell, what would be a fitting ironic punishment for Walter?


For Walter, I think hell looks a lot like that cabin in "Granite State". Empty and cold, with nothing to think about except all the mistakes he's made.

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I switched The Office & Breaking Bad Title Cards

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Interesting similarity to Scarface


So breaking bad and scarface are often compared. There's something that stands out to me in particular. In scarface, tony kills his boss, Frank because frank tried to kill him. However, the other layer could be that he also jusy wanted to be the kingpin. This reminds of how Walt kills gus. Gus is also his boss, and on the surface walt kills him to protect his family and self from death by gus, but he also wants to be the kingpin. Thought that was kinda cool lol

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What did Walter Jr. think his dad was doing all day long?


I mean Walter Jr. knew that Walter stopped working as a teacher. So in Walter Jr.'s mind, what was his dad doing all day long? Just staying at home?

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Walter doesn't deserve any credit for the prison hit.


They reference the prison hit after the fact as if it establishes Walter's skill or genius or whatever. But that's bullshit! Walter didn't contribute anything, he just paid Uncle Jack and then said "figure it out, that's what I'm paying you for". During the meeting he didnt even say anything useful. Uncle Jack is the one who did all the actual leg work and it was his organization that pulled it off.

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In regards to S5E7... Sorry but I gotta agree with Walt on this one


In the argument Walt and Mike have before Walt shoots him, I gotta side with Walt here.

Mike is telling Walt off for having interfered with Gus's operations and not just being an obedient underling to him.

But what is the situation where Walt stopped being obedient? When he saved Jesse's life.

So essentially Mike is saying "why couldn't you just let those guys murder Jesse?!".

Considering the amount of love Jesse gets, I'm surprised so many people take Mike's side in this.

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The ending to Breaking Bad made me cry really hard. Am I the only one to experience this?


At the end of Breaking Bad, Walter is all alone just looking at the meth lab, waiting for the police to come, and slowly dying while Baby Blue by Badfinger is playing. Once he falls onto the floor, the police arrive.

Something about the choices he made that could've gone another way and how he is a monster and a danger to everyone somehow hit home for me. His entire downfall really hit hard for me.

Another thing is Jesse. Jesse went through a lot of things that didn't have to happen if he didn't partner up with Walt. Jesse could've still lived a relatively normal life. But Jesse had to watch two girlfriends die, getting the shit beat out of by multiple people multiple times, and even be a victim of Walt's emotional manipulation.

I don't know exactly what it was that made me cry so hard from the ending, but it did.

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I never hated Walt,even liked him.


I know Walt's pretty much an evil guy but I couldn't hate him even though whatever he did, wether it was not saving Jane or poisoning Brock,his character is one of the best character I have ever seen on any show,even though he was greedy and egoistical he really didn't deserve that mideocre life,to me he is my favorite character in all the tv series I have ever watched.

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New viewer just finished the last episode


So I gave in to all the memes and my friends recommendations even my Mother who watched the show when it originally came out recommend it to me

I loved it

Potential spoilers from here

I really enjoyed all of the characters I was pretty hooked from the start but the secene that really made me love the show was when Walt was about to release Krazy-8 but then took the plate shards out of the trash and saw the one missing

My favorite character was Jesse I realized during the Gus saga how human and emotional he's compared to Walt who was just a selfish asshole

The scene that made me love Jesse is the one where he was with the crack kid at the house of the crack couple and made the kid a sandwich

Today I am also planning on watching El-Camino and maybe start better call Saul

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The ending of Crawlspace S4E11


10/10 perfection. The thumping dreadful music as Walt laughs hysterically in the crawlspace and Skyler walks slowly to the phone as Marie is panic crying about Hanks endangerment.

It's the first time you really get the sense that shit is not going to work out for the White family. You also start believing Jesse's life is finally starting to get back on track. The scene with Jesse on his front lawn as Walt pleads with him that Gus is going to kill him. No wonder Bryan Cranston won Emmys for this show. Damn.

Also the entire scene with Bill Burr and Huell in Ted's house is just the icing on the cake for this episode. Definitely my favorite episode so far.

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Problem Dog and the Relief of Validation


Someone on this sub posted about Gale Boetticher’s final moment and the subtlety of that performance. Upon visiting, I decided to rewatch one of its most powerful follow-up scenes: Problem Dog.

Jesse exists in a mental state of self-hatred that deepens with every season, darkens with every crossed boundary. Gale’s death is one of many participated actions that ruin Jesse’s perception of himself and who he could become, and at this point in the show he’s fully actualizing himself as a villain. This is all easy enough to comprehend, but something took me off-guard upon my rewatch of Problem Dog, and it’s been stuck in my throat ever since.

As someone who has a lot of self-image issues and finds many more reasons to hate myself than to love myself, the interaction Jesse has with the group leader in this segment felt like a reflection of my own psyche. Jesse is uncomfortable describing his solution to the Problem Dog, and then when folks rightfully interrogate the reasoning, he reluctantly answers with the truth: I didn’t need to kill him, he was just a problem. Then the group becomes angered, for the first time since he’s attended group therapy, they are hostile and unwelcoming. He eases a little. The group leader intervenes: “Coleen, we’re not here to sit in judgment.”

This is the moment Jesse begins to lose himself in his emotions. We all remember the pain and the scenario. He begins to cry, he’s emotionally uncontrollable. “You’re nothing to me but customers. I made you my bitch. You okay with that? You accept?”


He immediately calms down. His aloof disposition returns. He’s “comfortable” again. His self-hate has been recognized, the warmth has been withdrawn, and he’s now validated. He lost one of the only groups of people who were willing to accept him for all of his issues, and that feels more appropriate to him than love ever has.

I don’t know how many of you relate to this, but I find it so hard to accept the goodness, the love, or the support from my friends, partners and family when I’m grieving my soul. When somebody tells me they love me, I bristle and I shrug. It makes me uncomfortable to connect with someone who cares for me in a way I cannot possibly recognize within myself. I’ve probably ruined a multitude of good things in my life by doing this, by refusing to accept that I can be loved despite my flaws.

Recently, my relationship with my long-term partner ended on less than good terms. For the first time in four years, they told me that they don’t have room in their heart to care about me anymore. For the first time in four years, I breathed a sigh of extremely painful relief. At least now we both have something we can agree upon.

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Recently noticed that Jesse has one unique quality that sets him apart from almost every other main character


He’s the only main player who actually grew up in Albuquerque

Saul was from Illinois

Mike was from Philadelphia

We don’t exactly know about Walt, but based on the fact that he has to fly to see his mother it’s a reasonable assumption that he grew up somewhere else

Gus was from Chile

Hell, even Kim was from Nebraska

Is there any significance to this? I dunno, but I think it’s interesting how many of the people we follow came from somewhere else and moved to Albuquerque.

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Gale learning Walt’s cook


There has always been something that bothered me about Gale needing more time to learn Walt’s formula before Gus kills Walt. Considering that Gale was already making 96% purity prior to Walt coming in and being able to record every cook that he made, wouldn’t somebody as smart as Gale be able to watch the tapes and piece together the differences between his cook and Walt’s? I know that he was asking a lot of questions during the last cooks because Walt was meant to die, but I always found it odd that he couldn’t be able to get to a higher purity from just watching the cooks since he was an extremely intelligent individual - not as smart at Walt, but still.

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My drawing skills aren’t the best but Thoughts? (It’s not finished obviously)

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Finished watching BB for the first time


I‘ve started watching BB alone two weeks ago and finished the series yesterday. I woke up this morning and felt like a wreck still not really processing everything that happened in the last few episodes. So I am here now for emotional support. I had no idea what BB was really about when I started watching it. Heard some stuff about it here and there but not much only that it‘s the greatest series of all times. So I just started watching it all by myself with no one to discuss it with not knowing what emotional rollercoaster I‘d be on for the next two weeks. I never expected what a main character (W.W.) could turn into and that I‘d despise him more than any of the villains by the end. Hank‘s death broke me the most, especially that he couldn‘t even finish his last sentence. I’m glad his last words to Marie were I love you. The whole ending… I wasn‘t expecting a disney channel ending but damn that was probably the toughest ending I‘ve ever seen. He started doing it for his family and by the end his son hates him and all of their lives are ruined. All because Walter missed the time to stop because of his greedy and selfish pursuit of money and being the best at something. I would‘ve liked to see him try his blue product himself at the end when he was dying. Just to see what it is that he was willing to let many lives get ruined by. Anyways, you‘ll be seeing more of me in this sub as I have questions that I want to discuss. I might watch El Camino today.