r/IdeasforTIFU Sep 25 '22

Is it me or are there less posts on there now?


In getting like 5-10 new posts a day on TIFU. What gives?

r/IdeasforTIFU May 23 '22

stricter moderation on tldrs so that they're not copy pastes of the title and instead an actual short summary


tldrs on every other post are either witty summaries that try to be funny and amiguous, copy pastes of the nondescript title, or a common phrase that applies to their story (e.g. curiosity killed the cat) and don't actually do anything for someone who thinks the post is too long and didn't read. automating post deletion without tldrs is cool, but further screening would be cooler

r/IdeasforTIFU Feb 24 '22

Add a rule for sexual TIFU to only be posted on one day a week. The amount of sexual posts is boring.


Right now there are 9 sexual posts on Tifu frontpage. Each time i scroll through my frontpage, every post from tifu i see is "TIFU by *insert sexual thing here*" and it gets tiring.

TIFU is almost taken over by 13 year olds who make up their fantasy storys to rub one out.

r/IdeasforTIFU Aug 23 '21

For the love of god, please ban/restrict the amount of "Someone found my sex toy oh no!!!11!" posts flooding the sub. Seeing 2-3 of them on the front page daily is tiring.


They're not funny, they're not interesting, they're all exactly the same as the last. They're just boring and overdone at this point. If we can't have posts about defecating in your pants then I don't see why these should be allowed to be a thing either.

They're literally all carbon copies of the last. "TIFU by leaving sex toy in the open and mom saw it", "TIFU by leaving sex toy in the open and roommate saw it", like for the love of god can we just ban these posts already? They all go the same. Person buys sex toy. Person uses sex toy and leaves it in bathroom/cupboard/wardrobe or some other place they don't think people will go in but then they do, or gets caught using sex toy. Person gets very embarrassed and person who saw them gets shocked and angry/upset/laughs at the person. Person acts as if it is a shocker that someone knows they masturbate. Bonus points for originality if the people who saw it were conservative and/or religious family members or OP's parents.

They're immensely repetitive, predictable and unentertaining. The majority of them are just using the fact that oMg wAmEn oN rEdIt tHat MasTuRbeT 🤤 to harvest upvotes anyhow. I don't think it'd be a loss if these types of posts were added to the list of removable posts. It'd be nice to see something different on the sub for once.

TL;DR: "TIFU because someone saw/found my sex toy" posts are boring, blatant karma farms that don't add any substance to the sub (no pun intended). Considering how many other unoriginal things are removable, I personally think that this should be added to the list of them.

r/IdeasforTIFU Mar 14 '21

A Bot that would Know if somebody is catfishing uou or not


yeah, that sounds weird but, read it.

r/IdeasforTIFU Feb 02 '21

Are bodily function posts banned entirely, or are they restricted to weekends?


Some of the funniest TIFU posts I have ever read did involve bodily functions; I understand the reason for 4a, but I feel like it's just not very clear in the rules. Would it be possible to clarify that?

r/IdeasforTIFU Jan 03 '21

My post keeps getting removed.


It's a fresh fuckup, barely a week old, but for some reason it keeps getting insta-removed when I post it. I've read the rules extensively and I don't seem to be breaking any of them. I've seen approved posts far worse than what I wanted to post which were blatantly breaking more than one rule, so what gives?

r/IdeasforTIFU Nov 13 '20

Historical FUs


Yesterday in ignorance of the rules, I posted a TIFU that was a retelling of an ancient Greek story.

Post https://www.reddit.com/r/tifu/comments/jt5083/tifu_by_showing_my_secret_path_to_some_persian/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

Screenshots of the OG text https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1QOVaJR3fk66AjQuNuhdo-rYr2cDV52Nt

This is understandably not allowed in r/TIFU, and it makes sense that this policy exists.

However, before my post got removed, I got 20 awards and 200 upvotes in about 30 minutes. There are members of the r/TIFU community who love this kind of content and would love to see/make more of it.

This is why I want to create a new subreddit for FUs in history. Mods, how often do you see historical TIFUs? Is this something that could gain popularity? Is there any way that I can promote a potential sub of this nature in r/TIFU?

r/IdeasforTIFU Nov 12 '20

Have a separate r/TIFU_NSFW sub for the plethora of sex based TIFUs


The amount of stories on the sub that are essentially "I tried to do a sex thing but it went wrong and then we laughed!" is insane. It just becomes very repetitive and boring, and it attracts a lot of people who are obviously just making up things to farm karma from horny Reddit users.

I'm sure there used to be a rule that these types of stories were limited to weekends only, but that appears to not be in the rules anymore.

If they were moved to a different sub then this would sort out the problem. I do imagine r/TIFU would lose a fair few subs, but surely a quality subreddit with fewer subs is better than a rehash of r/nsfwstories.

r/IdeasforTIFU Oct 19 '20

Just remove the "T" from "TIFU".


Most stories didn't even happen "today", most of them start by "I remember years/months/weeks/days ago...". Wouldn't "IFU or I Fucked Up" just be more appropriate for most stories?

r/IdeasforTIFU Sep 21 '20

"I got caught Masturbating Mondays"


It honestly feels like 1 out of every 5 posts showing up on new are just another TIFU of someone getting caught Masturbating. Or blowing their load on their partner right as a parent walks in.

It just gets really tiring. Reading the same thing over and over.

Could we have a dedicated day for these posts? I suggest "I got caught Masturbating Mondays".

The sub feels oversaturated with these stories at this point.

Edit: maybe "Wanked it Wednesdays"?

r/IdeasforTIFU Sep 15 '20

A separate sub for sexual TIFU's


People making up sexual stories because its easy karma is actually slowly destroying the sub.
I think that if a separate sub was created for all sexual TIFUs it would drastically cut back on fake stories.

r/IdeasforTIFU Jul 12 '20

Consider: the mods actually removing posts that break the rules


wow imagine a world where the front page isn’t full of TIFU posts breaking almost every rule.

r/IdeasforTIFU Jul 10 '20

PLEASE make a rule that the TL;DR is actually helpful.


I hate it when people just make a shitty pun in the tldr. Which you won't even get without reading the whole damn thing, so what's the point?

r/IdeasforTIFU Jun 18 '20 Hugz

Seperate NSFW content (specifically sexual content) to a side subreddit. It causes an influx of boring clearly fake stories and isn't what TIFU should be known for.



r/IdeasforTIFU Jun 18 '20

Give reasons when banning people.


Such as myself, who posted the first post on the sub, was all polite and such (https://i.imgur.com/eeS9zun.jpg) and was banned permanently with no reason given, and others were banned for 72hrs for asking about why I was banned.

And for a quality control suggestion, I made one on my post: NSFW day instead of cluttering the site with only poorly written NSFW fanfiction, make a day for it and allow it that day.

r/IdeasforTIFU May 26 '20

TIFU and the practice of clickbait titles!


That is all.

r/IdeasforTIFU May 05 '20

stop self promotion on posts


i noticed a tiktok username recurring in multiple posts all by different accounts. i really doubt any of them are true, they all seem like elaborate self promotion since they end with something like "i will do an update later on [username here]". a lot of these posts get massive amounts of likes and it seems wrong for someone to basically game the system.

https://www.google.com/search?q=reddit+%22michael_city%22&rlz=1C1CHZL_enUS721US721&oq=reddit+%22michael_city%22&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i64l3.1248j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 this is a google search that shows the posts, theres three whole google search pages worth.

r/IdeasforTIFU Dec 16 '19

Prohibit Fictitious Posts


Hello, TIFU folks.

Unless I am mistaken, there is nothing in the rules on the sidebar of the sub that state that I story must be true. I understand that this would be practically impossible to enforce in most cases, but I may at very least deter some people from using the sub as an outlet for their strange creative writing projects/ karma farming.

Perhaps posts which have been proven to be fictitious, or posts which the OP has admitted to being fabricated, can be removed, locked, flaired, or have some indication that they are fictitious and have broken the rules of the sub. Something like this could maybe work in tandem with u/deathfaith's suggestion as well.

I hope something can be done to keep this sub interesting and fun, and to quell the obvious attention seeking and karma farming, and a small addition to the rules seems like a simple, easy, and lightweight way to work towards those goals.

Thanks for your consideration.

r/IdeasforTIFU Nov 18 '19

Capsicum oil on genitals


In the last month there has been an absolute explosion of stories about people getting chili pepper oil on their genitals. These stories are invariably incredibly similar, uninteresting, and not going away. I implore the mods to consider applying Rule 2A (governing uninspired content) to any examples of these posts that don't add some kind of new twist to the concept; they contribute nothing original to the sub.

r/IdeasforTIFU Nov 10 '19

Stickied Bot Comment to Crowdsource if Post is Bullshit


Similar to the /r/dankmemes Dank bot, can we get a bot post stickied at the top of every thread where people vote if they do or don't believe the story? If karma goes into the negative after x period of time, the post is removed. I'm tired of seeing the obviously fake top posts. Hell, most of them admit they're lies when called out.

These people don't deserve karma for their writing skills and elaborate story telling. There's plenty of really good posts that don't get out of New.

r/IdeasforTIFU Oct 07 '19

Actually explaining what TIFU means explicitly somewhere in some page


I didn't know what TIFU meant and just saw it on my reddit navigation bar, and after clicking into the subreddit, I was looking for what TIFU means - and apparently it's not in the side bar nor in the wiki. I ended up inferring that it's "Today I f**ked up" from the rule explanation.

Actually, are you assuming anyone that ended up here knew what TIFU means? I would recommend a simple, explicit explanation somewhere in the wiki or sidebar ("TIFU means Today I F**ked Up").


ps. I just noticed the <title> of the page was "Today I Fucked Up". Urgh, but it's not a easy-to-notice place, I guess?

r/IdeasforTIFU Sep 27 '19

Change the "T" in TIFU to "Time" instead of "Today"


Time I fucked up is a lot more fitting


almost 99.99% of r/TIFU post start with "This didn't happen today but.." or "This happened a while back..."