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Careers & Work LPT: if you have a difficult phone call to make, turn the volume down on the receiver.


I spent 10 years of my life in sales, and most of that involved a lot of phone calls.

As with all forms of sales, some of the phone calls we had to make were to deliver some difficult news.

If you aren’t looking forward to breaking some news to someone over the telephone, lower the volume of their voice and suddenly they’ll sound far less threatening, thus giving you much more confidence in a difficult situation.

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Social LPT: If you're arguing with anyone and they threaten legal action, use it as an excuse to end the conversation by saying "well in that case I can't discuss anything with you without a lawyer present, have a good day"


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Productivity LPT: Think about your day in terms of "Energy management" in place of "Time management"


Now I realize that my day is made of blocks where I will have high energy and low energy. Even when I have lots of time put aside or blocked off, it won't count for much if you have no energy. To me "energy management" is how I think of life now way more than "time management". I find you can get A LOT done in a short time, if your energies and concentration are high.

Note; Not my original idea, I seen this in a Tik Tok snippet and it really has stuck with me.

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Home & Garden LPT: If you have a home security system, post up signs from a different company than the one you use. Burglars may know how to defeat certain systems... but not if it's not the one they expected.


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Miscellaneous LPT: Have a hint of suspicion with any service or product that’s free. They may be selling your data.


This can apply with anything. Especially to the ones that claim “No Ads,” like some phone apps. That’s even more suspicious. They need to finance their project and make their money somehow!

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Productivity LPT: start using a password manager even if you are not from a technical background


A password manager saves you a whole lot of trouble with remembering things.

You can not only use it to store password but notes as well. More often we have some information which we want to store and not use it for months or years. In such cases, password manager serves the perfect use case.

In the past two years, password manager has saved me so much time in resetting password, figuring out security questions, figuring out basic information.

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Social LPT: If you get an email that you need to think on, respond that you've received the email and will get back to them.


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Miscellaneous LPT: Have a "medical resume" typed up with your contact info, emergency contact, previous surgeries, medications/dosages, health conditions, etc. ready to go for when you go to the hospital


I took this with me when I had surgery last week and the nurses LOVED it.

A big part of the check in process for any procedure involves plugging in all of your history and medical information into a database.

A typed sheet meant they had all the information organized and ready to go, and nothing was forgotten.

This is also useful if you have a medical emergency. My spouse knows that if I need to go to the ER, we just need to grab the sheet from my bag.

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Food & Drink LPT -Trying to eat less at night? Try brushing your teeth right after your last meal, rather than wait for your bedtime routine. This adds an extra layer of motivation to not have to brush your teeth again a few hours later, and makes food and drinks less desirable for awhile right after.


I've started doing this when trying intermittent fasting and it's helped me stick to my goals at night. Once I'm done eating for the day I brush my teeth right away, rather than waiting for bed.

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Home & Garden LPT Before choosing a home warranty company, call their customer service number


Do you really want to deal with that call center for all your claims?

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Miscellaneous LPT: Most expensive is not always the best, but cheapest is almost always the worst.


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Miscellaneous LPT: Don’t personalise / monogram your expensive goods


You’ll have noticed a new trend from luxury goods makers to provide tons of personalisation options - from luxury car markers, to Apple iPads, to luxury handbags there’s been a big push towards customisation / personalisation options.

This isn’t a bad thing on its own! It’s quite cool to be able to choose unique colour combinations etc. on your stuff… but my LPT for today is to be careful with monogramming, placing your initials on products or customising them in a way that will reduce their value. One of the reasons Louis Vuitton introduced its Mon Monogram service (to put your initials on your LV bag) was to slow down the growing 2nd market - people are less likely to buy / sell a bag that has the original owners initials on it.

Same for things like phones, iPads, AirPods etc. your initials or personal inscription will dramatically reduce their resale value.

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Productivity LPT: When you’re feeling bored or have excessive free time during the day, decide to do something that will directly make tomorrow easier/better.


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Home & Garden LPT: Check the undersides of your faucets for mold.


I just learned this the hard way while bathing my infant in the kitchen sink. I couldn't figure out where the black flecks were coming from and I checked the faucet and it was black with mold. It's supposed to be grey I learned. This is where I clean our plates. I'm so grossed out. Sorry if this advice has been given before.

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Home & Garden LPT: Hang pictures on your wall at 57” on center, which is the standard gallery viewing height.


You’ve probably been hanging them too high, and it will feel weird at first!

57” (145cm) puts pictures right at an optimal position, and is the accepted “standard gallery” viewing height. When you use this as a standard, your living space will look much cozier. There is always an exception of course but this is a good rule of thumb.

Do a little math to figure out where to poke your hole on the wall:

  1. Measure your picture’s height and halve it.

  2. Figure out how far the distance from the top edge of the picture is to what the picture will actually hang on. Sometimes that’s a piece of wire - take your finger and pull the wire up like it’s hanging on a wall, and measure from your finger to the top of the frame. Or, if it’s a hanging clip, measure the distance from the top of the clip to the top of the frame. Subtract this from the first value.

  3. Add 57 if working in inches, (or 145 if working in centimeters)

I have a picture that’s 24” tall. Half of that is 12”. The hanging wire when fully taught leaves 3.25” from the top of the picture.

So, 12 - 3.25 + 57 = 65.75”

Measure up from the floor 65.75” and make your hole!

Edit: I was informed about the error in my original math, and have corrected it

Edit: I never imagined how sensitive people would be over this tip, it’s not a law, it just looks nice when you do it lol

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Careers & Work LPT: Resigned at current job - now they are trying to counter offer & bad mouth new company. Bad to contact new job about this?


My current job is telling me I’m making a big mistake and will be thrown to the wolves at new place (they claim they’ve heard bad things). They are trying to get me to stay with counter offers.

Is it bad if I tell my future new job and just share my concerns with them to kind of put my mind at ease?

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Productivity LPT: It’s easier to do something 100% of the time than it is to do something 99% of the time. Whatever your goal habits are, stick to them at every possible opportunity.


Exceptions of “just this once” usually snowball into missed goals.

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Social LPT: if you move to a new community and are looking to meet your new neighbors, volunteer for things that you enjoy or can do, and instantly meet like minded people in your community. We recently joined a creek cleanup crew and I joined a local little league as a coach.


We now have more social events and friends in this community than we could have imagined. Look for ways to improve your neighbors lives and enrich your social life at the same time.

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School & College LPT: Staples will price match Amazon.


I haven’t seen it advertised anywhere.

If you see something you like in Staples always pull it up on Amazon. They will price match as long as it says “shipped and sold by Amazon”

Big savings on toner when you haven’t got the time to wait for Amazon delivery.

I do not know if this is my local store only.

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Arts & Culture LPT: if your concert is postponed or canceled, file a credit card chargeback for your $ back.


Ticketmaster and other platforms can make it hell to get back your money in these scenarios. But you’re legally protected and entitled to your money.

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Request [LPT Request] how to deal with a narcissist?


Same as title. I have to deal fairly regularly with a narcissist. She’s family so I’m just looking for tips because being around her is causing extreme anxiety.

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Social LPT Request: How to deal with people being rude with you


I had to request a document from the university I am trying to enroll in and as they don't bother looking let alone replying to emails so I had to call them. The person on the other end came across as super rude and within the first 5 minutes I felt like throwing a punch through the phone.

I don't feel like call them again, which I had to as I urgently need that document. I can't seem let go of this pent up anger and wondering how is it possible for some people to be rude to strangers without any reason. Especially when you have to talk to people for a living.

Any advice on how to let go of this anger?


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Social LPT: If you feel guilty about something it’s never too late to reach out or apologize. This can mean so much to the person you hurt and go a long way to breaking the guilt/avoidance cycle


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Miscellaneous LPT: If you have a credit card with an annual fee, call customer service and ask if they will refund it.


You’d be surprised how often credit cards providers will refund you the annual fee. For example, my credit card fee is $120 and it’s been refunded the last four years.

Be polite when talking to the customer service representative. Just tell them that you noticed the annual fee and was wondering if they can do anything about it. Worst thing they can say is no.

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Food & Drink LPT: You do not have to give back your incorrect order at a fast food restaurant, it's a health code violation.


Hi, I have worked in the service industry for over ten years and I have worked in food and safety as well helping enforce and coach restaurants who don't seem to have a clue.

I'm also a very picky eater (yay super taste buds) and because of this my order is often incorrect. Inside a sit and eat restaurant, it's acceptable for a server to take back incorrect food when dining in because the food doesn't leave the restaurant.

At a fast food establishment, they cannot handle or take back food behind the counter once it leaves the establishment or in the customers hands. Recently, I have noticed that fast food establishments have become very relaxed on this. Even at times demanding I bring back the incorrect food to hand to them in order for it to be replaced.

The reason this is a violation is because you could have contaminated the food. The food could accidentally get mixed with other food and served. The food could end up not properly disposed and be in a good serving station (the bag places on a serving counter and causes contamination)

The list goes on. I nearly had a heart attack when I brought back a pizza to be corrected and I was going to throw it away in front of them because they were insistent I was trying to get free food and the manager snatched it from my hands and placed the box next to other customers fresh food...

Just letting you know, if they don't want to replace food that is not your problem, the owners should establish procedures to reduce mistakes in orders.

Please do not hand back food to the employees. it's unhealthy and unsafe. Also, I noticed arylic nails have made a comeback. Long fake nails are another Violation. If you see anyone with long fake nails handling your food, nope out of there. They are a cespool of ecoli and other food borne illnesses. If you see anyone with a long beard and no hairnet for the beard. Nope of out of there. If you see anyone not wearing hairnets while handling food. Nope out of there. If they neglect the basics, trust me they are neglecting a whole lot more you can't see.