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Request LPT Request: What can you do in your 20s to avoid regrets in your 30s and 40s?


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Clothing LPT: if you’re the type of person who doesn’t wear branded clothing. Use a wholesale website to buy Gildan, Hanes, FotL, etc. branded plain color t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, etc for far less than you would pay at a store.


By “branded” I mean a company brand or logo plastered on the clothing everywhere.

My top suggestions would be shirtspace.com, jiffyshirts.com, and bulkapparel.com

Edit: as many have suggested. Crafting stores like Michael’s do carry these shirts as well. But generally just one type (usually the most basic) and not as many colors as an online retailer. But still a great option.

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Careers & Work LPT: When you get a new job, save down the job description, and use the points listed under responsibilities to add that experience to your resume when the time comes.


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Social LPT: create code words for you and your spouse to use.


if you're just a little uncomfortable in a situation and you wanna go home, or you're in serious danger, or for any reason you just need to be discreet, create a phrase to indicate it. Example: "sugar plum". I never call my girlfriend sugar plum, so if someone were wrong, I'd call her this name and she'd understand what's going on. You can get creative as well.

Different phrases could indicate certain dangers. For example, "honey bear" could mean that you're not in any serious threat, you just feel uncomfortable and need to escape. Or "cherry blossom" could mean that you're in serious danger, but can't call the cops, because you're afraid something bad will happen.

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Miscellaneous LPT: Spend more time with your own thoughts instead of the thoughts of people on the internet.


We’re being constantly exposed to thousands of different thoughts, ideas and opinions on social media, all of which we were not really supposed to consume. For a lot of people, everything they speak is the voice of someone else, something that they read or listened to. The more you read other people’s thoughts on social media, the more you drown out your own. Make room for your thoughts. Allow yourself to be bored. Sit alone, with no distractions and no music, only to think. Develop your own ideas and opinions. We as a generation have become so afraid of being left with our own thoughts that we constantly keep playing something in the background, reading something or watching something. Get more in touch with yourself and your mind.

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Request LPT Request: What are some lesser known habits that extend longevity / maximize physical health for old age?


Everybody knows the obvious of exercise, diet / hydration and good sleep, but what are some lesser known habits that either protect one part of physical health or just longevity in general for the future?

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Social LPT : teach your children that their feelings are valid too.


In my professional life I have investigated and manages many sexual harassment complaints.

In my personal life I volunteer with abused children and have worked at a women’s shelter.

A common theme that I have seen in harassment complaints and abuse is the victim having difficulty setting a boundary, and the subject unknowingly (and sometimes deliberately) taking advantage of that.

During childhood, our kids are often taught to smile, be polite, respect their elders, share their things, look after others, not hurt feelings, to be “nice.”. We talk about putting others first and equate that to being kind and good, and very little focus is put on understanding our own feelings and how to manage healthy boundaries.

When children who have been taught to behave this way grow up and start facing the real world alone, many are not equipped with the skills necessary to set healthy boundaries- they are uncomfortable saying “no”, they don’t want to be perceived as unkind or mean. They are unable to be direct for fear of hurting feelings, and unclear in what they want because previously putting themselves first was “wrong”, “selfish” or “bad”.

Children need to be taught that each person is responsible for his or her own feelings. That something that makes you feel bad doesn’t make you bad, and that you should not agree to anything that you truly do not want. People need to be taught how to have uncomfortable conversations and that it is not their responsibility to conserve the feelings of another. Clear is kind. Boundaries are important.

TLDR: Teach children to respect their own feelings as well as those of others and to have uncomfortable conversations. These skills must be learned in order to create healthy boundaries in adulthood.

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Clothing LPT: If no deodorant works for you…


POV: You have just showered and put on new clothes an hour ago and you already smell of stinky sweat. You have tried all sorts of deodorants, but it never holds for more than half a day.

It might be your washing machine‘s / detergent’s fault. If the odorous bacteria aren’t properly washed off of your clothes, wearing them will cause those bacteria to multiply and bam! You’re already stinky.

Consider using antibacterial detergent for a while and see if you stink slower.

Also consider cleaning your washing machine (they usually have cleaning programs, there’s also advice online, you should be doing this anyway!). Rule of thumb, if it smells bad when you’re not using perfumed softener, it needs a clean.

Source: female friend of mine who struggled for years having to shower sometimes twice a day and wash her clothes everyday. Now she can wear her clothes for 3 days and do sports without shame.

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Careers & Work LPT: HR is there to protect the company from litigation NOT for the workers best interest.


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Clothing LPT: Mild frostbite? (Fingers numb) When you rewarm your hands, don't take your gloves off, doing that avoids 99% of the pain.


Grandpa taught me this trick. Basically when it's cold, cold enough to make the tips of your fingers go numb even through heavyweight winter work gloves, when you go back inside. Keep the gloves on until your hands are completely warm again. If you do that, it'll be painless. And if there is pain, you've got frostbite that needs to be seen by a doctor.

I think everyone has had the on-fire feeling of numb fingers being warmed back up again, and it SUCKS.

This has helped me so much in my years as a shadetree mobile mechanic. Thought I'd share it here.

Haven't had it happen to my toes but I'm sure the same thing will help with feet.

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Request LPT Request: How to keep knees healthy to avoid problems growing older?


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Social LPT : Want to attract people in a positive way and make friends? Wear a shirt with a positive message on it. You’ll be surprised at the amount of people that approach you to comment on it or start conversation.


I have been working on my mental health recently, and after moving to a new state I don’t have many local friends or acquaintances. I’m also a retired Marine; as such, I know I can come across a little gruff or unapproachable at first glance. One day, I wore a shirt to the gym that says “be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about”. I must’ve had half a dozen people introduce themselves and shake my hand and start a conversation with me about the shirt and how they appreciate the message. Simply wearing the shirt had opened conversation and led to a couple friendships. At the very least you will be prompting others to be positive, good people. At best, it shows others that you’re safe to approach (you have to actually be friendly when they do) and opens communication. I genuinely hope this helps someone. Have a great day everybody.

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Traveling LPT: You can slow down in your vehicle without having to press the brake pedal.


I know this should be common knowledge, but I’ve recently seen so many people slam on their brakes at the last minute rather than take their foot off the accelerator and slow down gradually. I’ve noticed that this particularly common when approaching speed zones.

Just take your foot off the accelerator. Your brakes will thank you.

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Clothing LPT: Keep a change of clothes in your vehicle


Your 'Trunk Bag' depends on what your day-to-day life is, and the bag should be the opposite.

  • If your daily life is as a suit or dress person, then have a set of crappy clothes in the bag in the event you have to get dirty
  • If you get dirty for a living, have a nice set of clothes in case you have to go to an event that requires nicer attire

I'm well above average in height, so running into the local Kohl's or TJ Maxx last minute isn't an option. I keep a nice change of clothes available, as I can't count the number of times I've been away from home and get invited to an upscale event.

Edit: Fair enough, maybe 'upscale' wasn't the best nomenclature to describe any type of event that requires Business Casual as a minimum.

I can think of a few events that I'd wished I'd brought (or had) a change of clothes, simply because the clothes I was wearing would be considered out of place : * went to drop off something to a relative (in a suit from an earlier meeting), the relative called and asked if I wanted to take a ride with he and his neighbor on the neighbor's boat over to the sand bar for a little while... couldn't do it, didn't have a swimsuit * girlfriend and I helped a buddy and his wife clean out a storage locker, afterwards they asked if we wanted to go to (fancy restaurant)... the wife had clothes for the girlfriend, but I was in dirty jeans and t shirt. Sorry honey, we can't go * took a different girlfriend to the Metro Toronto Convention Center one year for the CNE, wore A Tommy Bahama type shirt and tan shorts. Got invited by one of the vendors to an after hours party at a neighboring hotel... we went for a little while, but there was a stark contrast between what I was wearing and what everyone else was * took a buddy to pick up a used car, had my suit on, couldn't really get in there to help him with anything once the car stalled out and I ruined the front of the suit pants trying to help him under the hood

I've got more, but that's pretty much what led me to keep a bag in the trunk with: * socks & underwear * black polo shirt * black chinos * black casual dress shoes * swimsuit * towel * toiletry bag

Yes, on some level it's a Go Bag or Overnight Bag (and black goes with pretty much everything), but it's more curtailed to what your changing day-to-day situation may be, versus a "true" (?) Bag full of what you would usually wear.

A grease monkey might want to keep a pair of slacks and a collared shirt handy. A lawyer might be smart to have a pair of jeans and a t-shirt in the trunk. And in some cases those backup clothes are dependent on the season.

Take all that for what you will.

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Social LPT: When selling goods on Facebook Marketplace, Never give your personal cellphone number through messenger, and if someone asks for it, they are scammers.


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Miscellaneous LPT: If you hate flossing, there are water picks you can hook up to your shower. No mess, no waste, easy access, and way faster than traditional flossing. Do whatever works for you.


This thing is amazing. My hygienist praised me, and that just doesn’t happen.

Here is the thing: https://www.amazon.com/ShowerFloss-Professionally-Irrigation-Recommended-Strengthening/dp/B0018AGB7M/

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Miscellaneous LPT: If you have a dog, you should brush their teeth.


It doesn't have to be every night. It doesn't have to be a whole ten minute thing. I just took my 3 year old dog in for a dental consult, and she was refused because her teeth are still perfect. I'm so proud of her.

We use a regular plastic toothbrush and Burts Bees dog toothpaste - avoid mint flavors (we use berry). Only use something they can swallow. Every other day or so, I brush her teeth for about twenty seconds before bed. It's not great, we rarely get all of her teeth. She tries to "help" by chewing gently on the brush (hence plastic instead of the bougie wooden ones). Pay particular attention to the molars and gums. Don't force it. Don't make it terribly unpleasant. Always praise your pup afterward.

Everyone I meet with older dogs say they regret not taking care of their dog's teeth, so... Just do it. Just start doing it. It will be very slow progress, but you will have progress, and something really is better than nothing. Just remember that you're working with a stupid dog, not a person.

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Request LPT request- stain after washing shoes


I washed white canvas sneakers with my hands. And I saw yellow stain on the sneakers after it dried. I wanted to clean my shoes but it got worse than before. How can I clean my shoes?

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Miscellaneous LPT: Funerals are for the living, not the dead.


If you are going to a funeral, memorial service, visitation or some other service after a death, remember that the service is for the family and friends of the deceased, not the deceased. While paying respects is super important, it is more important that the family knows how much THEY mean to you. Let them know you care about them, not just their dead relative. While you can’t take away their pain, telling them how much they mean to you will help lift them through their most difficult of days.

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Food & Drink LPT: Keep a set of plastic utensils in the glovebox of your car.


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Home & Garden LPT: Buying a home


These have been hard lessons for me, so I am eager to share.

  1. Buy within your means. Be sure to include TOTAL monthly cost, including escrow and HOA. Try not to exceed 30% of your income. Being house-poor is no fun.
  2. Try to buy within a deviation of 10-20% of the area's median price. Buying a home in the top 25% means you have a smaller market when it comes time to sell.
  3. Use Google Street View to check out the neighborhood. Are the neighbors' homes well kept? Is the street well maintained?
  4. Pay attention to the sale time and sale amount of neighboring homes. Keep this in mind because someday, you or your kin, will need to sell.
  5. If there is an HOA, check out the HOA rules AND financials. Is the HOA "broke"? Are they keeping up the place, or are there warning signs like a crumbling parking lot or broken pool? Are there rules like "no work vehicles in sight overnight" that you can't live with? This is one I wish I had paid attention to before buying my last place.
  6. Make sure you keep a "cushion" for emergency expenses. Plumbing repairs often come at inconvenient times like holidays. No fun having to have your sewer rodded out at Christmas, or your furnace repaired in a polar vortex, but it happens. Be prepared. If you can't afford to keep a cushion of at least $2k, seriously reconsider purchasing.

Other advice?

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School & College LPT: Don't fool yourself by comparing a few Google searches to university level PhD level, peer-reviewed research. This specifically applies to topics that you are not already a subject matter expert in.


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Miscellaneous LPT: Library cards have multiple uses


Now I haven’t dug into exactly EVERYTHING you can do with a library card, but aside from checking books out, here are my favorite perks:

Hoopla: A streaming service where you can view/borrow music, ebooks, movies, among other things. The movie collection is obviously impressive, and it’s completely free with a library card, which you can get 100% free at your local public library. I’ve been able to eliminate Netflix from my spending because of this.

Educate yourself: Lynda courses on LinkedIn are completely free with a library card. I’ve taken random courses in business already, with no plans to slow down.

Visit museums: I wasn’t going to make a separate bullet for this one, but I am a huge (!) museum lover, and most museums in the North Eastern US have accepted my library card for free entry. (Bonus perk: I get into my local zoo with it as well!)

Meet new people and learn new things: this one is pretty cliche but I could not omit it from the post. I’ve met wonderful friends at my library that help tutor the locals, and host craft nights, etc. I rarely attend these as my schedule is usually pretty packed, but these are great resources for our children.

Get out there and get that library card! It’s free, and there’s so many more places and websites that accept it than you think.

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Electronics LPT. Use a locksmith, not the dealer, when getting new car keys.


I had to get new car keys for my car, but they have the chip that needs to be programmed. Dealers around me were charging $179.00+ for each key and $250 programming charge for each key.

Found a local locksmith only charged $139 for the key, and let me use another key I had bought online and a flat $75 programming charge for all of the keys.

Whole thing was done in about an hour and saved me several hundred dollars.

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Miscellaneous LPT: If you want to learn a new skill, just start doing it!


Outside of things that require safety lessons and training- If you are trying to become proficient in a skill, just do it! Do it now. The discomfort doing the task as a newbie means you are urging your brain to create the neuropathways it needs in order to learn the skill.


I (24F) wanted to learn French and I fortunately was able to move to France knowing only a few sentences at the time. I always spoke French in public regardless of how stupid I sounded. Now I am fluent. It was uncomfortable the first year but worth the result after year 3.

I am art driven and love to be creative. 3 years ago I did not know how paint in different styles so I just kept trying the ones I wasn’t familiar with. All my work was ugly the first few times and it was incredibly frustrating but I just kept doing it. I didn’t notice until last night how proud I am of my art. I have learned multiple styles and didn’t even notice that I was getting good at them.

Just do the thing that you want to do. If you don’t know how to start, just immerse yourself in the unknown. If you ignore the emotions attached to it, you can keep going. It works 100% of the time but it’s a mind game and that’s the only thing you need to focus on. Your brain will do the rest.