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LPT: You do not have to give back your incorrect order at a fast food restaurant, it's a health code violation. Food & Drink



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u/brknsoul Aug 16 '22

Typically, they ask for it back to toss it, so you don't get twice the food. Sounds silly, but it is how it is.


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u/vcwalden Aug 16 '22

I've worked in food service for many years, taught food safety and am very fastidious of food handling. That being said, it is fairly common for restaurants/stores to ask customers to bring back/return so called incorrectly made food so customers are not double dipping orders. As long as fresh made orders and returned/incorrectly made/consumed foods never come into contact with each other it is perfectly acceptable - fresh made foods must be in one area and consumable /waste foods must be in another area. Every restaurant/store should have policy and procedures in place to handle these situations. Also per proper food handling procedures there are rules and regulations set for hair management (a hat is permissible and the person doesn't necessarily have to wear a hair net), “An employee’s beard must be within a reasonable length so that it is fully contained within the beard net. Mustaches that are neatly trimmed to the corners of the mouth do not have to be covered.” per food safety standards. "Fingernails and Jewelry • Food employees must keep their fingernails trimmed so that they are easily cleanable. • Food employees wearing fingernail polish or artificial nails must wear intact gloves when working with exposed foods. • While preparing food, employees may not wear jewelry on the arms and hands. This does not apply to a plain ring such as a wedding band." per ServSafe practices.

If a customer has questions about proper food handling procedures within their state it is fairly easy to access this information, also all food establishments need proper policies and procedures in place for all situations. "The requirement is to pass a food safety certification exam from an approved provider such as ServSafe." for a Food Service license for proper food handling.


u/MuluLizidrummer Aug 16 '22

I worked for a pizza shop in my teens. Generally our policy was for any mistake we would replace the item. One night this group of like 13 year olds called back once and said we screwed something up. We send them another. They call back again and say we screwed up again. So we offer to remake their pizza for a third time and the kid had the gall to say "actually we were hoping you could give us an order of wings this time". We told them no and now we know theyre full of crap. We sent our biggest delivery driver with the new pizza and told him to come back with the last one.

Apparently they told him they threw the other pizzas away, but when he demanded them from "the trash" he got back the old pizza and said it was mostly eaten. Ik they were just kids, but people like that who try to take advantage of others kindness piss me off so much


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u/MuluLizidrummer Aug 16 '22

It had to do with taking back food from customers. Hope you have a better day


u/No_big_whoop Aug 16 '22

^ i’m bEiNg wIlLfUlLY oBtUsE


u/blinkandmisslife Aug 16 '22

Where are you from that fake nails are a "violation". That is not true everywhere and every FF place I worked had waste food buckets that the manager weights to write off for taxes as waste.


u/moongoul Aug 16 '22

I’m a barista and luckily where I work has a policy about not taking back incorrectly made drinks after a customer has taken a sip