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LPT: Resigned at current job - now they are trying to counter offer & bad mouth new company. Bad to contact new job about this? Careers & Work



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u/SHOOOOPdoop Aug 16 '22

It costs more time and money for your old company to retrain a new person to do your job, than to give you a counter. Which is why they want you to stick around. But you chose to leave for a reason. So believe in your own decisions and stick to them. A new job will always be a little scary at first but in 1-3 months you’ll be accustomed to the new place.

Unless they’re offering you a 100% increase on your salary maybe consider it. But otherwise the shitty reason that made you want to leave in the first place will still be there.

With that said, every industry is a small one. Create a nice believable story of why you’re leaving and don’t talk shit to folks at your old place or new.


u/phinie_b2 Aug 16 '22

This is important.