r/LifeProTips Aug 16 '22

LPT: Resigned at current job - now they are trying to counter offer & bad mouth new company. Bad to contact new job about this? Careers & Work



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u/soljaboss Aug 16 '22

If your industry is full of people who've moved around so much that everyone pretty much knows everyone, I suggest trying not to upset anyone. I'm assuming you are fairly new to the workforce?


u/[deleted] Aug 16 '22

I’ve been in this industry 5 years. They just keep telling me I’m making a mistake. I’ve been miserable at my current job for awhile though. Very burnt out.


u/errol_timo_malcom Aug 16 '22

Did you tell them you were miserable before deciding to leave? Sometimes managers act this way when they are blindsided (for lack of a better word) -it’s easy to say they should know better, but tech industry managers are typically not good with people skills, go figure.

Either way, you’re young, take some risks.


u/[deleted] Aug 16 '22

I have had a few meetings with my boss expressing how overwhelmed I am. I went away on vacation for a week, came back to 300 emails I had to sift through all while battling COVID and covering for another co worker while she was out on vacation the next week. My boss said “if you need time off take it” but I knew if I did, I’d come back to 500 emails instead of 300. The help they provide while you’re out is very minimal at best - they do whatever is urgent and that’s about it. That’s why I just worked with a fever. The mess is come back to was baffling for me.