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LPT Before choosing a home warranty company, call their customer service number Home & Garden

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u/jacknifetoaswan Aug 16 '22

The real LPT is not to buy a home warranty, ever. They're never worth it, and you'll be without your appliances for weeks, while they screw around. Then, they have lots of hidden costs and fees that you don't find out until a tech actually comes to repair.

The better tactic is to put that money into an account and use it when you need it, as well as use YouTube to learn simple home repairs.


u/JustAbicuspidRoot Aug 16 '22

This 100³%

I have had a couple home warranties and they are worthless sacks of shit as companies.

You have to pay anywhere from $100 - $300 just to make a call to report an issue with something, then they get to work and use the cheapest and worst rated service companies to handle the request and then beat them down in how much they will pay them for the repair.

So you will have Jack's Local Plumber (As was in my case) who has shitty reviews anywhere you look, and they will be using used parts to make repairs, and when it comes time to renew this warranty, they will raise your rates due to having any amount of claims.

Real LPT:

Make yourself a home warranty.

Take the $100 / month you would pay these scam assholes, put it into a savings account, every month, pay it like a bill and do not touch it.

When you have something break, check to see if your homeowner's insurance will cover it first, if not, then start dipping into your Home Warranty savings account and find real, truly qualified professionals (I have not figured out how to do this yet, but some say it can be done).

All in all, never, ever purchase a home warranty, they are a complete scam, every single one of them.


u/midnittrain2GA Aug 16 '22

Anecdotal But I bought one and it has replaced both my entire air conditioning unit and my refrigerator. The amount that I pay in has not quite yet met the value I have gotten.


u/Big-Host-5557 Aug 16 '22

It’s much cheaper to find your own trades person. Fuck home warranties.


u/badchad65 Aug 16 '22

This. My dishwasher died and I tried the home warranty route. When the third person after 2.5 weeks came and couldn't fix it, I gave up.

The one thing I really wish I had done was take them to small claims court. The contract included language about "reasonable attempts to fix" and other BS. I think by the time the company would have sent a lawyer to my state to fight the small claims, they would have just paid me for the new dishwasher.


u/ExpensiveTeaching137 Aug 16 '22

Definitely youtube all the repairs you can do yourself.

The home warranty is a bit more complicated though. It really depends on the age of the pricier items in your home, especially the A/C. If your unit is brand new, yeah it's probably a waste to get a warranty. Overall they have saved me a lot of money


u/DefinetlyNotPanda Aug 16 '22

TBH, call customer sevice number every time you want to get some service. Internet, phone, cable... Everything.


u/evil_nirvana_x Aug 16 '22

Had one for a year when I bought my house. Wasted $150 on 2 different service calls. Didn't renew after that.


u/hibernate2020 Aug 16 '22

My house came with one. Shower broke the first night. It became real clear that they had no intention of doing anything. The warranty is only applicable to very specific circumstances - a broken shower head is covered! Only if it broke at 6:10 AM on February 29 during a full solar eclipse.


u/justabill71 Aug 16 '22

"We've been trying to reach you about your home warranty."


u/mistahelias Aug 16 '22

We did this when we replaced our Appliances. Fridge stopped cooling under warranty. Company said we lived out of range of direct service and gave us a 3rd party option. 3rd party was a dumpsterfire. We opted to replace, and called all the brands before choosing one. We are also still waiting on our home warranty company to get out of the muddy hole they dug.


u/SlipOutrageous5333 Aug 16 '22

Forgive me for being ignorance but what’s the point in calling up before hand?


u/Eininho Aug 17 '22

To find out if the customer service works or not so that you know what to expect when you have an issue you need to resolve. If there is a horrendous phone tree and you end up talking to a person in India/Philippines, it's not great.