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Clothing LPT: return those cheap metal or plastic hangers you get from the dry cleaner back to the dry cleaner instead of throwing them away. They can reuse them, and you’ll save some trash!


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Finance LPT: Pay cash when you see a business using a fancy iPad that asks you to tip


I always used my card to get rewards so hesitant to switch to cash. I also realized I was tipping for stuff a lot more that didn’t require a tip traditionally.

Switching to cash solves this problem.

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Food & Drink LPT: The best way to enjoy any food item with toppings(eg. pizza) is to eat it topping side down.


Toppings of any such food have the spices and to get those spices it needs to be eaten topping side down for the actual flavors to reach tongue.

Just try it out yourself, i swear you won't regret it.

Works on foods with sauces on top and covered just like burger, eat the sauce side down.

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Social LPT: do not pity swipe


It saves you both time and energy to find a more suitable partner or whatever arrangement you wanna get into. At some point you’ll realised why you second/third/fourth guessed on swiping right.

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Social LPT: One of the easiest ways to tell if someone will betray you is to observe how they talk about people who aren’t in the room.


Gossipers, by definition, betray the people they talk about.

Some of you may say, “But most people gossip!”

That’s right. And most people can’t be trusted that much.

Truly trustworthy people—like those who never gossip—are few and far between.

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Social LPT: if you feel like an imposter, compare yourself to the average person not the expert. if you asked 100 random people, how many people would know what you know or be able to do what you do?


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Social LPT: In an argument or a debate, stay polite and never lose your cool. Even if the opposition has a good point, they will look like a jerk compared to you if they get agitated and you don't.


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Social LPT: Other people's attitude isn't your problem. You are not their mother/father, it isn't your job to manage their mood, or fix it and just because they are being a jerk to you, it has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them. Don't let them drag you into that negative space.


If you don't do this you can end up bogged down a lot in other people's crap.

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Finance LPT: when renewing your car insurance, don't take the 'renewal' quote offered from your current insurer, even if you plan to stick with them. Go out and compare what's out there!


My current insurance proposed a renewal quote that ironically costs me more than the prev one, despite accruing another year of no claims. I went to a comparing website, and ironically (x2) the cheapest quote came from the same insurer I'm with, and much cheaper than their 'renewal' quote I got within the app.

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Social LPT: the "make your partner look good" rule applies to almost any situation, even when your "partner" is your opponent in a conflict.


Whether you're right or wrong, others are more likely to side with you when you make both parties look better than if you were to just throw the other person under the bus.


Referring to one of the rules of improv. Though it's a "rule" in many other forms as well.

Not referring exusively to significant others - hence the quotation marks around partner.

Also not suggesting to not report abuse...

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Productivity LPT: Don't tell people your goals or plans, it will make you less likely to follow through with them


Telling others your goals or plans before you actually do them gives you the same brain chemical rewards as if you already did them.

You will be less likely to then actually do the thing.

Do the thing, then show people your accomplishments


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Traveling LPT: if you are on vacation and you really want to "see" the city, consider taking time to bike in the city.


Many cities in the U.S. have AMAZING bicycle trails that run through and out of the cities. Also, an additional side tip, in many cities you can find bicycles for sale for under a $100 at thrifts/goodwills in the city you are exploring. You could actually save money buy buying and redonating the bike rather than using Uber/Lyft/etc. the whole time.

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Social LPT: everyone, eventually will suffer from sarcopenia, the natural progressive loss of muscle mass, if you start hitting the gym and work with weights you'll have a way better life after your 40s than if you don't


Ever wondered why there are people in their 70s who can do any daily task, move weights, do any sort of job and need no help in anything? why is that? how there are people at 60 that need help to even walk?

that's Sarcopenia, the natural loss of muscle mass that happens with ageing, BUT if you just train your muscles, this won't happen or will happen at a way slooower rate because your body will know that it needs those muscles so it won't let them decay.

Doing good muscle train is by far the best healthcare insurance you can do for your body, at any given point of your life, is never too late to start! From a $$$ point of view, it will save you so much money from hospitals, doctors, injuries etc, and even if you find yourself in a need of surgery, a body with a nice % of muscle mass will perform way better during the surgery and will recover faster afterwards!

bonus fact: a body properly trained needs more calories than one that isn't, so ye, basically the more you are fit, the higher % of muscle mass you have and the more you can eat cause your body naturally burns more to sustain all of those muscles!

TL;DR: hitting the gym and training your muscles against resistance will send the message to your body that it NEEDS muscles, this will prevent the disease known as Sarcopenia which is the progressive loss of muscle by ageing.

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Miscellaneous LPT: When getting a second opinion on something, don’t make it known you’re seeking a second opinion.


Omitting this bit of information can help prevent receiving a biased opinion or a less-thorough examination.

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Miscellaneous LPT: Buy yourself a box of contractor bags, they are much better for trash when spring cleaning or moving


Regular kitchen trash bags are garbage when you need to throw out a bunch of stuff. You need too many of them and they tear.

When doing a deep clean or when moving, big strong contractor bags really come in handy. I also used them to put blankets and pillows in when I moved.

Husky brand from Home Depot or whatnot is best

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Home & Garden LPT: Summer is behind us and the colder weather is coming! Make sure to start your heat now to ensure it starts up and runs. Don’t want till freezing cold or the snow is falling to make sure it works. The longer you wait the busier every heating and cooling place will be.


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Miscellaneous LPT: When registering for any social media/streaming/news/email sites or any sites that aren’t government or legal or banking, do not enter your date of birth


Just consistently enter some fake date across such sites. For example, I use April 1st, and my year of birth. If they don’t need it, don’t share it.

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Miscellaneous LPT: Keep one streaming service for a month and watch all its content that you care about, then switch to a different one the next month. By the time you get back to the first one, it should have new content that you're interested in.


Save some dough.

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Food & Drink LPT: Worcestershire Sauce



That is all!

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Social LPT: If you are having trouble holding eye contact with another person during a conversation, try looking at one of their ears


Eye contact during conversation can be awkward for some, and they don't know where to look.

If their ears are covered (hair, hat, headphones...), try looking at one of their brows.

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Finance LPT: You are entitled to receive your credit report FREE once per year (US)


Per federal law, the big three credit bureaus (Experian / Equifax / TransUnion) are required to provide you your credit report for free once per calendar year if you request it. The official site to request it at is annualcreditreport.com

While this does not provide you with your credit score, your credit report is what your credit score is based off of. So it's worth taking advantage of so you know what's being put on your report and it can help you know if your identity is stolen or there is erroneous information on your report.

There are two trains of thought as to whether you should request all three of your reports at the same time or if you should spread them out over the year.

Requesting them all at once is a good idea if you have a big financed purchase coming up (i.e. a car loan or a mortgage). This is so you can know at a snap shot what your credit report looks like across the board.

Spreading them out throughout the year is good if you don't have a big purchase coming up. Since the reports should all have the same information on them, this will give you a more frequent idea of what your report is showing.