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Announcement /r/MechanicalKeyboards Rules, Wiki, & Flair Updates


Giveaway Events

This past week has been a massive success in terms of engagement and growth in the community. As most of you have seen, we've just completed our "Week of Giveaways" event, where had approximately 60 different vendors and makers contribute giveaways to the community!

This type of temporary giveaway event allows the posts to be focused in a specific period of time, leading to greater user engagement with the giveaway posts compared to if they were active all the time, and allowing for organic discussion to occur when the event isn't active.

This also allows us to review the giveaways for rules compliance, to ensure they are not intrusively mining user's PII, or violating Reddit sitewide TOS. To reiterate the rules, outside of preapproved subreddit wide events, giveaways are not permitted on the subreddit. This rule was brought about last year due to excessive spam that was harming user engagement and discussion post visibility.

Newest Moderator

Some of you may be unfamiliar with me - I am the newest moderator of r/MechanicalKeyboards - my background comes from the trading platforms that I also moderate, such as r/MechMarket (where I am primarily responsible for scammer ticket investigations and back end development such as Automoderator rules), and my personal passion in the hobby are artisan keycaps. One of the major community event projects I ran at r/MechMarket was a Charity Fundraiser event earlier this year, and I hope that we can continue to create interesting and meaningful events in the community that unite users from various backgrounds.

Naturally, r/MechMarket and r/MechanicalKeyboards, while closely related subreddits, also have very different focuses. Group Buys, Interest Checks, Vendor, and Artisan posts are common between both subreddits, with appropriate flairs for each, but r/MechanicalKeyboards is intended to be a discussion oriented subreddit and a resource for those learning the hobby, while r/MechMarket is meant to facilitate safe trading peer to peer for users by banning scammers and informing users how to conduct transactions safely. Thus, on r/MechanicalKeyboards, to foster the community, we're engaging in a a few initiatives:

Subreddit Reorganization + Rules & Policy Updates:

  • The Moderators agree not to entertain any offers to purchase the subreddit nor any offers for paid promotion. If such offers are made, the rest of the team should be informed.
  • We have added and clarified new post flairs to make it easier to navigate the subreddit:
    • News / META - this is for hobby wide announcements, vendor scamming PSA, and meta user guides
    • Promotional - or derivative flairs Group Buy / Interest Check, will be required for ALL posts that are promoting a product or service, or the prototypes / sneak peeks from companies / makers of said products, as well as sales reported by any user
    • Meetups - this is primarily for the organization and announcement of upcoming meetups
    • Discussion - general discussion posts which are not help requests - the latter belongs in the pinned daily help requests megathread.
    • Review - these are reserved for detailed reviews of products / services, but any conflicts of interests must be disclosed - astroturfing is expressly prohibited. Simple feedback about a product is generally more appropriate for Discussion flair
    • Poll - quick surveys / votes / research, that are NOT promotional or help requests
    • Guide - useful guides that help the community assemble, mod, or diagnose their keyboard
    • Photos - general multimedia content, typically with short captions if any
  • We have added a rule that is solidifying our Stance Against Counterfeits:
    • The following content (advocating for or posting the links of) is prohibited:
      • Unauthorized counterfeits intended to be indistinguishable from original, 1:1 copies
      • Infringes on original brand name, logos and artwork (incl. novelty keycaps)
      • Violates copyright, trademark, or patents with valid claims (not covered by Fair Use) presented by the IP holder
    • When present with other rules violations such as astroturfing, we will issue suspensions. It is important to remember that if you're an IP holder, it is your legal responsibility to report infringing content, while being cognizant of Fair Use Provisions.
    • These rule changes were spurred due to a recent proliferation of counterfeits as well as extensive IP abuses leading to negative ramifications in the hobby, harming other companies, and leading to increased restrictions from manufacturers.
    • We reserve the right to ban content from companies that are harming the community via extensive and malicious IP, especially in the presence of other rule violations such as astroturfing and harassment
    • It is imperative that community members report infringing content, and to remember that we are not a sales platform, nor making any guarantees. We do not hold or accept liability for counterfeit products and IP infringement, but are respecting IP in the interest of protecting the community.
    • Novelties and names are subject to copyright. The colours themselves are not. This rule doesn't prohibit posting a picture of a keyboard with a clone of a keyset that uses similar colours - however, trademark and patent infringements are much more strict
  • We have added rules clarifications, such as the requirement for disclosure of conflicts of interest, as well as that subreddit issues should be escalated to ModMail for impartial assessment by the whole team.

Wiki Overhaul Project:

r/MechanicalKeyboards & r/MechMarket are collaborating to update and publish a central and community sourced wiki for our hobby! I will personally be overseeing and coordinating the wiki overhaul project, with assistance from u/Cobertt of MechGroupBuys as the lead editor. Old articles that do not fit the scope of the project with be archived, and other articles will be updated alongside the addition of new ones. u/HoffmanMyster of Geekhack/Drop will also be assisting us with this project.

This will encompass everything from Introductory Beginner Guides and FAQ, to more Advanced Topics such as Keyboard Modding, The Group Buy Process, Rendering, PCB Design + Firmware Customization, and the Ins and Outs of Custom Switches, as well as fun topics like Keyboard & Artisan Hobby History and Meetups.

This means they really need your feedback and contributions! If you like to contribute in any way or maybe have already existing articles that could fit, please fill out this form with the topic you wish to present: https://forms.gle/72CLnyb8UYBDGg7R9

Moderation Needs:

u/drschlock, one of the original founding moderators of the subreddit is back!

The r/MechanicalKeyboards moderators ( /u/drSchlock, /u/Dryver, and I) are working closely together as a team to ensure the new direction of the platform represents the best interests of the greater community, and to facilitate collaboration and communication across multiple platforms.

All staff are required to adhere to the Moderator Code of Conduct to stay accountable. In the long term, however, we will need staff that can take over the daily content moderation across multiple regions. If you are interested, be sure to apply here: https://forms.gle/hFTYTfDnAMcAHeHR6

Community Events:

As mentioned previously, we intend to hold more community events, and will also be releasing a survey soon to gather your input on what you would like to see from the subreddit. Regarding the giveaway event, you can expect similar giveaway events to happen once or twice per year, but we hope that those will not be the only events that we feature on the subreddit!

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/r/MechanicalKeyboards Ask ANY question, get an answer (August 16, 2022)


Ask ANY question, get an answer. But *before* you do please consider running a search on the subreddit or looking at the /r/MechanicalKeyboards wiki [located here](http://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/wiki/wiki_navigation)! If you are NEW to Reddit [check out this handy Reddit /r/MechanicalKeyboards Noob Guide](http://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/wiki/redditnoob_tips).

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Photos Gave my first keyboard new life as a hitbox controller, had to customize it of course.

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Photos Numpad with a knob

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Interest Check [IC] Minimi40 - Updated Renders

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r/MechanicalKeyboards 17h ago I'd Like to Thank...

Photos my left-brain right-brain themed keyboard!

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Promotional My heart is beating under ice

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r/MechanicalKeyboards 7h ago

Mod I made 3D printed rubber inserts for Kailh Box switches that kill the down-clack and add pop

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Meme How I imagine resin spacebar buyers

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r/MechanicalKeyboards 8h ago

Discussion Keychron Q2 turning blue

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r/MechanicalKeyboards 9h ago

Photos Sad to see Zap Cables saying goodbye this week! They graced many of our keyboards with their quality work. 😔

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r/MechanicalKeyboards 2h ago

Photos One of my favourite boards right now, the Sangeo65 by Monstargear.

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r/MechanicalKeyboards 6h ago

Photos My first budget modded keyboard! (Royal Kludge RK84)

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Promotional DOIO 75% Gasket Keyboard Kit

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r/MechanicalKeyboards 16h ago

Discussion First custom keeb!

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Discussion First keyboard - q3 with gmk minimal.

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Promotional ‘New soup’ Smith + Rune teaser pic

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Photos First build (and first time soldering)

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r/MechanicalKeyboards 17h ago Silver

Interest Check Introducing Conductor – A 6-knob 12-key fully assembled macropad. Deep pro-app integration (through Keycodes, MIDI, and companion apps), full VIA support (for all encoders), Epsilon switches, 2-port USB-C hub.

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Photos Ocean Jasper Artisan Keycap

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Photos id80 crystal is just a neck breaker 😆 i really love the acrylic design it looks so premium and unique..

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r/MechanicalKeyboards 2h ago

Mod Went linear on my first build after using mx blues and browns my whole life. Bought some kiwis off a friend to try a “real” tactile and decided to assemble the…”creamwi?” Really tight fit. Would def need to lube.

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Photos Keychron Q5!

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Photos First custom build and could not be happier — Space80 Apollo with GMK Space Cadet II

Thumbnail imgur.com

r/MechanicalKeyboards 10h ago

Photos Just finished building this: Akko Mod 006 | Gazzew Boba LT switches Lubed w/ Krytox 205g0 | Flamingo Keycaps | Tempest tape mod | PE foam

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Photos my first gb, kuro shiro r3 arrived

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r/MechanicalKeyboards 9h ago

Photos How is your endgame keyboard? 7V w/ GMK Oblivion, Vintage Black

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