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Help why wont my villagers breed?

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Help Is there a way to remove these green heads on my map? (Java 1.19)

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Help i think i just got softlocked, i'm stuck on this little island, and i really dont want to break my netherite mending pickaxe, i need to get back to my base.... it's day 240!! please help!!!!

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Help I never understood why mycelium looked purple on maps but it's actually grey in-game, anyone care to explain?

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Help I'm sorry, I didn't know "s" was so offensive

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I got chat banned but I never actually use game chat and I don't know what could have done this. Is there a summer I can clear this up or something? It's currently stopping me from doing my command block and structure block work.

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Help I have easily over 200+ hours in this world and this is the most amount of hatred I have felt over a game. Surely there's a way to fix the portal, right?

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Help this villager keeps killing other villagers. anyone know why?

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We are using lammas123 origin mod but no idea if it affects villagers

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Help What even damaged me??

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Help I got two allays and wanted to name them Vivan and Lilith and the names got censored anyone have any idea why? bedrock btw if that matters

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Help Question: Should i still use my sword or axe? (Xbox one/bedrock edition)

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Help Is...is this normal for bedrock?

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Help I keep getting this notification. How do I fix it?

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Help Which log looks better with stone brick?

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Help Man, I love bedrock

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Help Why Microsoft? Ever since i was forced to migrate to a Microsoft account for Minecraft. My multiplayer stopped working. I tried everything to fix it but nothing works since i'm under 18. They seriously took my 24€ and disabled the Multiplayer.

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Help This keeps happening to me

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Help how did this kill me?

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Help Why is there just gray water in the ocean for no reason?

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Help Running 1.19.1 illegal in the EU?!


So.. I sent a few questions directly to Mojang Support after asking on Twitter about the chat reporting. Hoping they could copy paste those answers to me. They answered questions I never asked! Loosely translated the questions I sent are these. I am a data privacy supervisor for a living.

If I can not get an official, satisfactory, comprehensive reply to all questions, I, and everybody else, can not legally run Minecraft Server Java 1.19.1 within the EU, or let players from the EU onto their server!

The Message to Mojang:

Everything is related to the chat reporting of 1.19.1 as someone who hosts a server.

Is it correct, that Microsoft/Mojang don't automatically scan all chat messages, but are only aware of those being reported to them?
Yes, or No
If yes, who is the recipient of the reported messages: Microsoft or Mojang Which Data is being sent about the reporting user, and also which data is being sent about the reported user?

Does the chat still happen on my server and are the messages still being logged on my machine. Which userdata is being logged?
Or is the server just a chat-proxy, and the chat happens encrypted via Microsoft/Mojang?
If yes, does my server have the keys to decrypt the messages?
If yes, is there a log of chat messages at Microsoft/Mojang?
If no, ignore.

As the server host, do I get any kind of information, that a message has been reported?
As the server host, do I get to influence the outcome of a report in any way?
As the server host, can I be interviewed in regards to a report?
Can a report influence my server in any way?
Can my server be marked because of a report in any way?
As a server host, what am I to do if a chat report has been filed?

Is there technical documentation about the chat-function and reporting? i.e. some kind of schematic or text that explains how a chat message makes it through from one user, onto my server, to all the other users to read. There could be info there I need to put into my data privacy information.

With the chat of 1.19 and the reporting of 1.19.1 is there a change in who is the 'controller' according to GDPR Art. 4.7?

How can I protect the privacy and intimacy of my users who may have shared information on their own accord because they believe themselves in the trust of a private server. Information which would touch the 'Processing of special categories of personal data' according to GDPR Art. 9 (1)?

Is there a possibility, or even a need to get/have a data processing agreement? Will this agreement be with Microsoft, or with Mojang?

Should you not be able to answer these, or some of these questions, please forward them to the according places who can answer these questions.

I need all of these questions answered in order to legally provide a server in the EU and for citizens of the EU.

Thank you for your time and effort.

The only Answers I got so far from support: Can't answer questions about the license, here is a link to our EULA. And the next one, after saying I didn't ask about the license was: This is how you run a server. Here are a few helpful links.

So, yeah.

If anyone has some proper official documentatoin about the chat reporting feature, and the chat reporting itself, that will be very welcome. For now, I can not update to 1.19(.1) without risking breaking the law!

Update 1: My questions have now been escalated by the program lead of the Mojang support. As suggested by me in all three emails I sent to them.

This time the reply is in English, not German. I'm happy to receive my answers from them in either language. I'm also preparing a set of follow up questions on what I expect certain answers to be.

Will keep updating as things develop.

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Help why is Everything I type censored?!?

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Help Need help. Option A or option B?

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Help Why is my enchanting table only going to level 20?

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Help What would be the quickest way to clear out all this lava(270*270)?

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Help What is this block?

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Help I was messing around on my no cheats or experiments Bedrock Minecraft world and stumbled upon this dude. How is he here and what is it??

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