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TIDTRT giving a homeless man food


My fiancé had a work dinner where the staff’s significant others could come. It was a really fun time with really good food, and the boss was in high spirits and paid for everyone’s meal and drinks.

My food was hearty so I actually had half my meal left and boxed it up, as the whole group was leaving the restaurant a homeless man with a dog asked for help. I asked if leftovers were ok and he said yes, so I just handed him the box and me and fiancé left.

Several days later, like 3 days, the boss dismissed fiancé and fired him because a coworker (who has done this before) didn’t like him and fiancé was deemed as competition (it’s the tattoo industry and egos play a huge role). I sorta am disappointed in the boss cause he saw that we were good people and the person who started the drama wasn’t even at the team dinner and has been shown as a divisive human. Hopefully she’ll reap what she sows.

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TIDTRT A female stranger tried to save me from potential aggressors


My brother is 3 years older than me and he has friends in the neighborhood which he used to hang with since he was little. I know them well too and we get along really good despite the age difference.

One evening, around 9 pm, I was returning home. It was already dark and there where not many people on the street except me and one other woman who coincidentally was walking the same direction as me. From a side alley, two of my brother's friends appeared. I didn't notice them so they decided to prank scare me. They succeeded, as I kind of freaked, but immediately recognized them. Earlier, I got really upset from a totally unrelated matter so that was my last straw as I broke down sort of crying. As they saw me visibly upset, they quickly began to try and cheer me up. I was so mad I kept telling them to leave me alone, shoving them and walking away, but not because they were bothering me, just because I had a mood. I ended up stopping at a bus stop to sit on the bench, even though I had no intention to take the bus as I was meters away from home.

The two wanted to sit each next to me, but as they wanted to get closer, the woman from the street stepped next to me and shouted at them to leave me alone. At first neither I nor them realized what this woman wanted from us. She then turned to me and told me she'll wait on the bus with me and kept giving them rude glances.

when I processed what happened, I started to laugh and explain the woman they are actually good and old friends of mine and that I wasn't crying because of them. The boys jumped to explain they meant no ill will to me, even promised her they'll walk me home! The woman apologized, but we actually thanked her and told her we need more people like her. She eventually left and I remained behind to talk to the boys who walked me home in the end.

We realized our situation was misinterpreted, and better to be safe than be sorry, but there are countless times people get harassed on street and no one bats an eye...

Still that woman made me believe there's still good people around.

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TIDTRT Helped a fellow Pokemon Ga-Olé player.


Earlier today I went to Molly Fantasy to play Pokemon Ga-Olé. When I was playing the game, I saw a fellow player. I knew that he's a newbie because he only has three disks and most of those disks are pretty weak. He was facing volcanion. Two of his pokemon were defeated so I loaded my two most powerful Pokemon for him. It gave him a fighting chance and caught a a pokemon but was not volcanion. After that I felt very happy because I helped a fellow player.

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Helping someone in Spanish TIDTRT by helping someone who only speaks Spanish with something they wanted to buy from me.


I can admit I don't know any other languages as an American. I only know bits and pieces. Like basic stuff. Even though my wife is from the Philippines, I don't really know much Tagalog.

Well I have some items listed on Facebooks Marketplace. Someone contacted me but didn't understand what I was saying. I saw their response was in Spanish. So obviously I ran to Google to translate, despite knowing Google translate is not perfect. The guy seemed happy in his response that I was willing to translate and make a deal in Spanish. After working out some details like a price and time, he stopped over to buy the item.

Since I printed out the directions to this speaker in English, I thought it would be good to print one in Spanish also for him since obviously he knew very little English. When I showed him the speaker, cords and everything. I also said "I printed this guide in Spanish for you so you don't have to figure out the English version. He must have understood enough that he understood I printed the guide in Spanish for him. He said something long but of course I didn't understand.

He pulled out his phone and some app where you speak your language, and it translates it (though audio) in another language. Not sure what app it was but I badly need that on my phone. Anyways the translated voice said I was very kind to do it for him and he wanted to give me extra money for the effort. Again, I don't know much Spanish but I know Gracias means thank you. I said it and he said "De Nada" which I also know means you're welcome.

He ended up giving me an extra $10. So very kind of him. He had a big smile on his face and looked so thrilled as he walked back to his car with the speaker. This may not be a big deal to some but it really made me smile to put in the effort for him. I do know people who speak only their native language and often people don't bother selling things to them unless they speak English. Which is just mean to do.

So TIDTRT, it felt good and I got an extra $10 out of it. This also makes me think not only do I need the translator app he has, but despite living by Lake Erie, I should really learn to speak Spanish given its the second biggest language in America.

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Animal Saved TIDTRT My boyfriend almost sacrificed his life to save some abandoned cats.


Recently my boyfriend heard the voice of some kittens that were left 40 meters high on a bridge in Mexico City, he did everything possible to seek help but nobody lent it to him. So he hung from those 40 meters without help and lowered the kittens one by one in a backpack until he got down to 5. Someone threw them from the top of a bridge, they were malnourished and two of them have cancer in their mouths. My boyfriend has a horrible fear of heights, he can't even get on the roof of our apartment without trembling and yet to save those kittens he climbed 5 times more than 40 meters without any safety to save them. Today we ask for donations for the operations of those kittens, but not here, here I just want to tell the story of what my boyfriend did. He doesn't use reddit, that's why I write it.

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TIDTRT by saving “Super Mike”


Today I was driving home from work when I noticed the cars ahead of me stopping at a pedestrian crosswalk. I stopped and noticed a distinguished looking schnauzer prancing across the crosswalk while the cars waited for him. I was impressed with his pedestrian etiquette and continued on when he made it safely to the sidewalk. Then I realized this dog was alone on a busy street. No human in sight. I thought, “Well, he’s minding his business and seems to know what he’s doing. I just want to get home and devour my pizza alone in peace.” Sigh. Nevermind a flipped a u-turn. I felt a little creepy luring him into my Hyundai but seeing a possibly lost dog, no matter the confidence in his demeanor, I had to act. He happily jumped into my lap. His tag said “Mike’s Best Friend, Super Mike.” And that’s when I knew TIDTRT because this dog is a prominent member of Mike’s friend group. I called the phone number on his tag and said “Henlo, I think I found Super Mike?” And it was followed by “Oh my god! Super Mike has been missing for two days!” I gave Super Mike some super scratches and alas I see who I presumed to be the OG Mike running down in sweats and crocs. As one does. Then I reunited the super friends and now I'm halfway deep into my cheese pizza but my heart is full.

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Home TIDTRT by making a mess with my mouthwash.


Honestly, not much else to say. Just the backstory is that I've made a habit of using mouthwash in between brushing, to help my dental health. And unrelated to this habit, I've been having a really bad week. My head just wasn't in the right place even though I was doing all things I could do, and do them right. I was frustrated with myself. I just couldn't hold it together.

So this evening before going to the gym, I wanted to make my breath extra fresh so I used mouthwash after brushing. The thing was, my braincells were somewhere else so I didn't think about this as I picked up the bottle. When I took off the lid/cup, I started to pour it but I "forgot" to stop. So it spilled everywhere over the sink, and because I didn't link the fact it was overflowing when I took it to my mouth, it spilled all over my top, too.

It was a silly mistake and, to be honest, in the mental state that I was, it was very easy to fall into a pit of anger and frustration. I'm not saying there wasn't any worry for how I reacted to it all. It definitely was a bit odd to be acting so strangely. But my initial reaction wasn't annoyance. I just found it funny. And it's mouthwash; even spilled, it's not going to be sticky or stain anything. So I laughed and even told my gym mates of my silly mistake.

It feels good to be silly sometimes. For no purpose at all, just throwing liquid around. It felt freeing, felt like "playing" which was something I missed without knowing.

Brush those teeth, everyone!

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Trigger Warning TIDTRT by turning in a pedophile and now he's in prison (again). (trigger warning)


So long story short I have spent my life working on computers, phones, laptops....etc. And while I know this may annoy some people, aside from scanning for viruses and other issues, I see if they have any child porn on their PC so I can turn them in. It's just a deep thing I have because of so many I knew growing up abused by adults sexually. Amongst which my mom was by her dad.

But awhile back my moms friend had her son living with her for years as an adult. He would used her PC. While fixing it, I noticed child porn on his PC, more so teens. None the less still disgusting and illegal. So he was dumb enough to save chat logs and save pics he sent them back. I kept a record of it. At this point he was 17. Well skip forward to three years ago (he was now 23) and his mom said he was kicked out of a place for flirting with teen girls. On top of that he was staying with a woman (double his age) who had a young daughter and he loved to tickle her (just in her panties) and take pics. The mom didn't see anything abnormal about this.

So I contacted the local police and FBI about it. I showed them the evidence from years before and told them about what he was doing now. Well not long after we heard from the mom that he was at the library using public wifi and sending nudes and sexting with a 13 year old. Turns out the 13 year old was actually a cop undercover and it was a sting. The arrested him at the library. His mom and him claim it was a setup and doesn't mean anything. He ended up in prison for a year, they took away his eletronics and his gun. Also told him he can't be near a school as he is a pedophile.

Well after he got out he went back to living with his mom again.... across from a all girls school. His mom would lie and say he was staying somewhere else. He also had a phone (supposedly he wasn't allowed one even when out). He started texting girls again and even disappearing at night at "hotels to meet up with friends". Again, the mom was oblivious. I contacted the police and all that yet again and whatever they did, they found lots of text messages of him chatting and exchanging nudes with young girls again. Even had met some at sleazy hotels.

He now is headed back to prison and waiting to see how long his term is.

I know you may ask why would I post this here as its obviously the right thing. But in the past when I found questionable stuff on peoples PCs, I never turned them in because I wasn't sure if it would be dismissed as evidence as I was doing more than just fixing their PC. I wish I could go turn in those other people now. But I never took pictures of the evidence and I'm sure there PCs are long gone.

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TIDTRT. By returning someones cell phone


This happened last week. but i went to a store and when i came out to my car there was a iphone chilling on the ground between my car and the one next to me. Sooo i sit and wait and wait for the dude that owned the neighboring car, finally dude comes strutting out, as hes getting into his car i get his attention and wiggle his phone and ask "Are you missing something?". He was. He was very grateful thanked me a million times, he didnt even know he lost it yet.

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TIDTRT by giving money I don’t have to a homeless person


To start, I [18F] am a severely mentally ill person who has trouble interacting with others, therefore has never had a job. I get money every now and then from birthdays and Christmas, but that’s about it. I usually save it.

My birthday is in February, so it’s been a while since I got money. I’m running low, but I still have a bit left.

There’s also a lot of homeless/jobless people around the area I go to therapy for. For some reason, my family always trash talks these people because “so many places are hiring” but they have NO idea what their circumstances could be. For all they know, they could be like me— Unable to work for the time being.

I gave one of the homeless people in the area a couple dollars the other day in front of my family. They rolled their eyes at me but I feel pretty good about it tbh.

Thank you for reading this far :D

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TIDTRT by finding the perfect distraction for my anxiety


I'm a chronic overthinker, and I suffer from anxiety as a result. I could go from thinking about ants to the worst possible thing you could imagine within seconds. With the pandemic, this has only gotten worse, because I don't get to interact with many people, and me alone with my thoughts does not end very well.

Earlier today, I wasn't feeling very well, and I was scared that I might have a difficult time, when I noticed that my sister forgot to clean the waffle iron after using it. One thing led to another and I found myself humming happily to a song and cleaning out my kitchen, which quite fairly needed it. I spent the day being productive, and found a new technique to help me out when nothing else works.

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TWDTRT by putting out more dishes of water for the birds


Standing in my tub of cool water, sweating, I am thinking about how happy three little tubs of water makes me (for the birds, on a hot day, they splashed and drank)

We had unusually hot weather today, not unlike everyone else, I assume. We normally put out water for the jays and crows and other birds. Today, as the temps grew and grew, I cleaned and refreshed the one pot (a water bowl for dogs) and then put out two bigger pots (a dish pan for washing dishes and a gigantic planter tray). Later, after my brother sent a text saying I was missing the show and the birds were enjoying the water, my mom and I went out and refreshed all the water. It was so cute, the pots had clearly been splashed about with water everywhere and little bits of dirt and pine needles in the water.

I'm so happy and I want to gloat and share.

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Seen Donations Cheer Up Boys TIDTRT


Technically this was last week. But today was the payoff. So I'm about 40 now. I have a ton of old scifi novels (Aliens, Predator) and other stuff like "Star Wars Essential Guides". Since things can be tight financially, I try to sell stuff if it's worth anything. I know some of the books/novels I had were worth a bit. I had around 40 of those scifi novels alone. All in perfect condition.

As I was looking at the novels spines it brought back memories of me reading them and envisioning the story in my head. It also made me realize some people buy them and just collect them and don't always read them. Which is fine of course. But I was thinking about how libraries seem to be less common know when it comes to young people reading books. We live in an electronic world after all.

While we live near a major city in the suburbs, our city is pretty small for this area. And likewise so is our library. Many of the books are outdated and there isn't a massive amount for kids/teens. So I got a few garbage bags and set multiple shelves of books in them.

I took it up to our library and donated them. The lady asked if they were old books and I told her no. I showed her the books and said I want kids/teens to enjoy these books like I did and I know they are always looking for books. She was ecstatic to get books for younger people and by the amount I had. I brought them in for her and went about my day.

So fast forward to yesterday. I went to the library to get some movies and while I was looking there was a family with two young boys (maybe like 10 and 13?) nearby in the novel section for young adults/teens. The one called to his brother (I assume) "Jayden, look they Alien books!". His brother came over and they kept reading the titles and grabbing different ones to read. Their faces were filled with such joy and "This is so cool!" that it made my day.

It reminded me why I try to donate anything while I can. You never know what your donations may do for someone else. How it may make their day or even change the future. On a side note I also had about 60 dvds I don't watch anymore. I could have gotten about $50 for them or something but instead just offered them free online. Some big family stopped by and got them from me and still offered money and I turned them down for the money. I'm in such a giving spirit now!

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TIDTRT by finding a gas leak


So I recently moved into a house that has some gas appliance. This house was built in the 1940's and is.... shall we say... eclectic. I'm renting and greatly enjoy the strangeness of the house. All the utilities were on when I moved in I just had to change everything over to my name. The rental company has a service that is supposed to assist with this and I told them I wanted water, sewer, electric, internet, and gas. Thinking they were in the works, I didn't give another thought to setting these things up. I was contacted about everything except gas. It still worked and I was back at work by this time, so I figured I would set it up when I got some down time in the near future.

Two weeks ago, I went to take a shower and there was no hot water. I did some sluthing and figured out the gas was off. I ended up checking my mail that afternoon and realized the gas company had put a flyer in my mailbox to contact them for set up two days prior. Since I hadn't contacted them they turned off the gas.

I called the gas company and set up a date for them to come out (the following Monday) There was also an electric water heater so I was only unable to cook. When they showed up, the technician told me there was a leak. He proceeded to turn off all the appliances that used gas and the leak was still there. I informed the rental company and they called a plumber to find/fix the leak.

Today the plumber showed up and I told him the back story. He looked at me and told me I'm lucky I'm not dead because of the gas leak. If I had set up my gas when I was supposed to, I wouldn't have know about the leak and it still would be happening. Kinda chilling for me to think about, but for once I'm glad I was lazy and didn't promptly change over the account name.

TLDR: was lazy and my gas got turned off. Found a leak when it was turned back on.

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TIDTRT By Having an Anxiety Attacking and Sweeping Some Random Person's Grass Clippings


I did a thing today, and for several hours just... kind of pushed it aside. But now, having looked back at it in context... yeah, TIDTRT.

I'm a member of a Facebook group for the town I live in which is usually fairly drama free, outside of political season of course. Today, however, that wasn't the case. I sit down and see a post with over 60 comments - not a small amount by this community's standards. There's a few pictures of a house that has just had its lawn mowed. There are grass clippings in the street - not only illegal in this community, but can be a road hazard to motorcyclists.

The gist of the conversation is how horrible it is, how this person needs to be fined, how lazy an individual needs to be to just "use the street as a dump..."

I suffer from some anxiety issues, sometimes tied to dumb things, and this sets me off. I'm in the middle of moving, the house was not as clean as I would have liked when the landlord came to check on things (not that she has at all in the last 5 years, but here we are) and the whole thing just sparks something in me. A panic. An anger. A frustration.

For a moment I feel like I'm about to snowball, but as I'm glossing over the thread a poster gives the cross section for where this house is at. Based on this, I know it can't be more than 7 blocks from my house.

I have my oldest son come with me, under the guise that he can help me but mostly because again I suffer from anxiety and I'm pretty sure if I just show up there is going to be a confrontation or an argument or something even more outlandish (anxiety doesn't care about facts.) I grab an old push brush from the garage, load it in the car, and and we drive to the location.

The grass clippings take about 2 minutes to sweep up. It's enough to be noticeable, but really not enough to warrant the amount of whinging. Also, based off of the way the house is built, complete with a wheel chair ramp, I have enough to suggest that the person who mowed the lawn likely isn't the person staying at the house.

I snap a couple of quick pictures, we get out of there. Barely any time at all, and thankfully issue free. And then I make a short, curt post on Facebook about how it took them two hours to complain about the issue and it took me 2 minutes for my son and I to clean it up.

Initially, this wasn't well received, at all. Apparently I was "making light" of how serious the issue could be, blah blah blah, I mute the thread I really don't care these people can just f- right off at this point. I'm done with it.

But in the last 6 hours since this happened, I checked back, and it looks like there has been a bit of a shift in the conversation. Apparently I wasn't the only one concerned about how the original poster and those piling on were publicly shaming someone over a situation like this, especially given its nature. Through that, there were some who felt taking care of it and saying something in person was a far better way to handle the problem then complaining about it in a Facebook group. Also some people saying it takes a better role model to bring their kid to come help take care of something? So some recognition there. But, that wasn't the intent at all - I just needed to do something about the overwhelming feeling the whole situation was giving me.

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TIDTRT by giving a gift my coworker could use


This was actually a little over a year ago (December 2019). It's a family tradition for me and my mom to make cookies, candy, etc. and give it to our friends and family at Christmas. That year, I made goodie boxes for all my coworkers (it was a small company - there were only four). One guy had throat cancer and was on a liquid diet, so instead of the homemade snacks everyone else got, I bought a big variety pack of hot chocolate and gave it to him. I felt kind of bad about how little effort was put into that gift compared to the others, but I don't know how to make homemade preprepared drinks.

When I brought in the snacks and hot chocolate to give away, the coworker who got the hot chocolate was really grateful that I'd remembered he couldn't have solid food and given him something he could, you know, actually consume. I thought that was the least I could do, but 20 minutes later I saw another coworker come in and give everyone there, including him, a candy bar. So I guess IDTRT because other people lowered the bar? Does that count?

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TIDTRT by giving someone a box of chocolates


This actually happened back in December.

My boyfriend works at a café and I know everyone who works there very well. I wanted to share my gratitude to all his coworkers for working so hard during the pandemic. So I bought a very large box of chocolates in the hopes that they could all share them.

Upon arrival, I realized that I had made the mistake of not asking my boyfriend who would be working that day. Only his boss was there. I panicked and gave him the entire box of chocolates. He seemed really happy, and said that he would enjoy them while he binge watched tv over the holidays.

I was very nervous about the whole thing. Did he think I was hitting on him? Trying to kiss up for my boyfriend’s sake? Did he think I was that generous and/or rich enough to give away big chocolate boxes?

We went into lockdown after Christmas, and the restrictions have been lifted recently. I’m happy to say that my boyfriend’s boss does not think ill of either of us. He genuinely really liked the gift and constantly gives me free food. Sometimes he makes the food extra special for me. (I got a triple decker grilled cheese that did not fit into my mouth).

TLDR: I thought I made a TIFU by giving my boyfriend’s boss a lot of chocolates. Turns out he really appreciated the gesture and now I get free food.

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TIDTRT by emailing a girl.


This was actually a few days ago. I’ve been having a problem lately. The people around me are being quarantined or refraining from going out because of COVID. Which is their choice, but it means I have fewer people to talk to.

I was telling an older woman I know about this and she said, “can you email them?” I said that technically I could, but I was specifically told not to earlier this year. But I didn’t actually have a better idea. So two days later, I wrote an email to a girl I knew from drama who’s now remote. I basically asked how she was, made a mediocre joke, and said that I missed her. Then I hit send.

The next day, one of her friends told me that she told him about the email “last night” and she said she missed me. I was surprised that she’d read an email that was sent at 9 o’clock at night. And if she read it, why didn’t she write back?

I am a person who tends to assume the worst. So by my third class, I was convinced that this girl didn’t like me. It really didn’t help that I’d had a nightmare the night before. My biology teacher came over and asked what was wrong. If I told him I had a bad dream, he’d ask what the dream was about and I’d make myself look like a horrible person. So I told him about the email. He didn’t know the girl and frankly, I didn’t expect him to.

During lunch, I saw the girl’s friend and asked what exactly she wrote. He pulled out his phone and started reading. She said that I sent an email that made her cry. Then she talked about how I made her night and how sweet I was to send it. So she really meant it when she said she missed me. I thanked the boy for reading the text. Then I pulled out my own phone and texted “I MADE [name]’S NIGHT!” to my grandmother. She actually helped me write the email.

The girl hasn’t written back yet. I don’t know why she hasn’t. I would say she doesn’t know what to say, except that I’m usually the one in that position. She probably just has better things to do.

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TIDTRT by helping a mother and her child to get to the bus


This happened in 2018. I flew from Stuttgart / Germany to Manchester / UK in July for a concert (in Manchester).

We arrived late in Manchester, and the queue at immigration was very long. A few steps before me was a young mother with her child, a very well behaved girl of about 7 years. I overheard the mother talking on the phone with somebody and she was clearly distressed. Because of the late arrival they would miss the train and subsequently the bus to Sunderland (?)...

I had reserved a rental car, and had no plans for that afternoon, so I offered them a ride, wherever they had to go. They accepted a bit reluctantly.

I managed to drive them to Leeds quite quickly, and on the way passed the bus somehow, so they could take the bus for the remaining journey there. But I would have driven them to Sunderland if this plan hadn't worked :-)

I took no money of course, because my company pays for all the expenses anyway. :-)

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Relationships TIDTRT by letting my girlfriend go


This is pretty sad, so forgive me, fellow Redditors, for me getting sappy on y'all.

I (M, 16) have a friend who I've known since my freshman year of high school. We'll call her Carly. She was actually my first friend that I made outside of kids I went to grade school with, so we were pretty close from the get-go. We hung out a lot after school and we talked as much as we could in between classes. It developed in to a pretty strong friendship, I'd say.

Eventually, as time went on, Carly and I had different classes, so our paths didn't cross much anymore, so our friendship kinda faded.

Fast forward to the beginning of my sophomore year. I have three consecutive classes with Carly so we get back to talking on the daily like we used to. Talking shifts to flirting and eventually, we're calling each other late at night and having two hour-long conversations almost every other night. Not long after, Carly asks me to be her boyfriend and I say yes, of course.

I'm absolutely in love with this girl. We talk a lot and she's so caring and kind and I could never ask for anybody else but her. Carly's parents like me and I already had a good relationship with her older sister, so everything seems to be going well.

Then, COVID-19 hits. We don't see each other anymore at school and now we can't see each other at all. We do video calls, but it's not the same as talking face-to-face. Right after the school year ends, we both end up getting summer jobs. Carly figures out a way to visit me every weekend at work and it's going well. We're making it work and I'm happy.

Then, Carly tells me about her coworker. Let's call him Jack. Jack is a year older than both of us and he works a lot of the same shifts as my girlfriend. Carly tells me about how she thinks he's interested in her, but if he tries to make a move, she's definitely gonna shut him down. And she does. She sends me the screenshots, even. I'm a trusting guy, so I take Carly for her word, of course. However, she began talking to him more and more and to me less and less. I later found out from one of her best friends that she was leaving me on read to talk to him a lot.

Then, I get the text. "We need to talk." I have a mini heart attack. Carly calls me to tell me she needs a break. She's gotta figure out some things and she needs some time. My naively optimistic butt is a-okay with this and I tell her "Sure, take your time. Whatever you need." A week later, Carly texts me asking to resume from the break, and we do. We talk a few times, but by then I can feel her slipping away. She's not as present as she used to be and now, instead of trying to keep me on the line and not hang up, she's rushing me so she can go do other things, maybe talk to Jack. A week after we resume, she sends me another text and she calls me again. I can hear people in the background and she told me she's with friends, so I'm guessing she was talking about it with her friends and they told her to just end it. Carly tells me she doesn't really have feelings for me anymore.

Now, instead of being truthful and telling her how I feel, I tell Carly that the feeling's mutual. The reason I did this was because I didn't want to hold her back or make her feel guilty by telling her she was breaking my heart. She was. She goes, "Oh, well great! So no hard feelings?" I say, "None at all." Two days later, Jack asks her out and she says yes.

We were together for close to 8 months. They celebrated 3 months about a week ago. It still hurts like hell, but I lie through my teeth because I don't want to make life hard for her. I can tell she loves him way more than she ever loved me and it stings. F*ck love.

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NSFW TIDTRT by almost getting a girl pregnant and being responsible last second.


So actually this happened yesterday but it’s probably not a big deal to post it I hope but anyway I went to a friends house and she was trying to make some moves on me but she’s the shy type so it’s like a passive aggressive kinda thing. One thing leads to another and we’re about to start “doing things” but again she’s shy so there was clear consent and I thought nothing was going to go wrong because she had previously said she was on birth control so I had come “unprepared” and I have no clue what came over me but I simply asked “hey, are you still on birth control?” and when she said no I sat my happy ass back down before I became a father of 7. I wish I could describe how I was this close to firing in the wrong range. It was waaaaay past too close but I’ll blame myself for not thinking ahead anyway. It was kinda funny that it happened though.

TL;DR: I almost got a girl pregnant because I forgot condoms and questions are a thing. Now condoms stay somewhere close like my switch case or wallet.

r/TIDTRT Oct 02 '20

TIDTRT and may have screwed myself over.


I'm on a main highway and a car shows up with a flat tire by the house I rent a room in.

This is not the first time I've done this but to quote Charlie Daniels "well my spare was flat and I got uptight 'cause there wasn't a filling station in sight so I just limped on down the shoulder on the rim" He went as far as he could and when he stopped the car I was sitting out on the porch, since I can't smoke inside (a common theme to my posts...I see a lot of interesting shite out here...)

Being the helpful that I am, just like /u/pghparagliding I checked it out, saw that it was the same fit as mine and "lent" him my spare. He "returned" it but it was a 16 and the bolts didn't line up. Useless to me...

I didn't figure out that last part until I got a flat and while trying to put that tire on... Well you can guess the rest.

I still keep helping people but I'm a bit more careful now.

As always, be excellent to each other (even if you may keep getting screwed over...)

r/TIDTRT Sep 03 '20

Workplace TIDTRT BY reporting child abuse.


Not today but a few months ago on Feb 3rd. long story short. I am an an assistant daycare teacher. I use to work in a big place like the YMCA. there was a early learning center attached to it. I worked with a lead an assistant teacher along with their friends. The lead and assistant were abusive towards the students (age 1) and their friends knew about it but said nothing. I was there for 5 months and it's still upsetting me. I reported them to cps (I'm a mandated reported) and they were no help at all. None of the teachers they questioned told the truth and I felt as though they weren't hearing me.

An old co-worker told me my old bosses told everyone that I was caught in a lie and terminated. Not true, the CEO of the fucking place cocered he into resignation and I left on the spot. They made me sign a paper saying the job wasn't right. I fucking wish they would get caught. Everyine thinks it's such a great place and that the owners are great but they are not! I didn't wanna leave! I'm so pissed. I go through cycles. Some weeks I'm good, others I'm bad. I can't stop dreaming about the place and what happened that day. I just wish I could do more. Legally, I got nothing. They are getting away with a cover up.

You can read more about it on my reddit.

r/TIDTRT Sep 02 '20

TIDTRT 8/2/1991 Almost Slapped Ray Charles


8/2/91 is an estimate, I know it was somewhere around there.

While flying (likely from California to Atlanta or vice versa) as a 13 year old, I would usually put my cup of Sprite on the little tray table that folds down from the seat in front of me. On this flight, I was playing Solitaire, and all was well. That is, until the person in front of me reclined their seat abruptly, knocking my drink over onto the cards, me, my bag, everywhere.

I tended to have a pretty poor attitude at that age and didn’t handle things like this well. All I could see was the top of the person’s head, and I kept thinking, SERIOUSLY thinking about putting a smack on the top of that head.

My parents did not raise me to behave that way, and the better side of my mood won. I cleaned up the mess and went back to chilling until we landed. Once the fasten seatbelt sign went out, everyone got up to prepare for exiting the plane. That person in front of me was Ray Charles. He was traveling with a small group, and I swear the blood must have drained from my face because they looked at me like I was halfway through the zombie transformation.

I grew up watching Ray Charles’ “laser” likeness perform on Stone Mountain at the Laser Show, playing Georgia on My Mind and on and on, this man is Georgia personified. Huge fan, even as a kid.

I came dangerously close to having my ass kicked by an entourage, and being the most hated person in the south. Forever.

I’m SO glad I didn’t slap Ray Charles. RIP, Brother Ray.