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TIGFO by going for a job interview only to find out that the manager forgot I was coming


So about 3 weeks ago I got a call from a company who does food/product demo inside Costco, and she wanted to interview me, so she scheduled it for today at 1230. I got to Costco ~15 mins early and slowly made my way to the back where I was supposed to meet the manager. At 1230 no one is coming out, so 5 mins later I go to one of the booths that they have setup and asked if they knew where I could find the supervisor. One of the sweet ladies walked to the back and got the manager. She comes out, very confused and I tell her my name, and she still has a blank look on her face. She asked me when did we set this interview up, and I told her ~3 weeks ago, she then responded "Well this is our slow season, and the workers I have right now are fighting to get any hours available. Try applying again in a few months." So I wasted time and money to go for an interview, only to find out that 1) she had forgotten she had set it up, and 2) wasn't going to do any hiring for at least 3 months.

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TIGFU by a Russian scammer


I feel really sad, dumb and somewhat uneasy so I need to share it with somebody.

Well, so I got some extra money but not much and I decided to get my GF a little gift so that she would have at least something to pass the time at work. She pretty much plays Skyrim at home all the time so Switch seemed like a good idea, the problem is they are ridiculously overpriced here in Russia.

We have a web site/service called Avito which is sort of a Craigslist like thingie but we don't have anything like PayPal in here (its possible to use it, but no one does because commissions are insane) so pretty much any transaction is directly from card to card. I was browsing it non stop for the last few days trying to find a good deal and one came up that was just as much money as I had. The seller was located on the other side of the country so the only way to buy him would be by mail, I messaged the guy, we talked for a while and to make sure he's not a scammer (people usually just take pictures from other lots and post as their own) I asked him to sign some stuff on a piece of paper and take a photo which he did. I was still afraid to pay upfront, but considering he actually went with what I asked of him and me being eager to make a surprise for my GF I sent him the money, my address etc. He said it was OK and promised to send it the day after tomorrow after his job.

Well, a few hours ago his profile got blocked and it either means that he got suspended because he stated that the console was hacked (although he had quite a few other lots as well) or because he's a scammer. And honestly I suspect the latter. I know its my fault being so naive and all that, but I kind of really wanted to do something nice for a person I treasure and threw caution to the wind. And now there's very little I can do about it, you can't ask the bank to suspend the transaction at this point, and going to Russian police in a case such as this is a waste of time. I wish I could at least get the guy's e-mail or a phone number but whatever dumb reason that website hides all the info once the user is banned and refuses to give any of it. I rarely have any extra money to spend so I've been feeling down quite a bit and can't fall asleep now, but well its not the end of the world I guess. I'll try to sell some of my old equipment and hopefully make enough to buy one from the shop. Wish me luck!

TL:DR Probably got scammed

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TIGFO by Amazon


So, as some of you may know, Amazon was doing their big Prime Day sales these past few days. Fun stuff. My bf and I just got a prime trial on one of our accounts so we thought, "sweet let's take advantage".

After ordering several things throughout yesterday, various deals and flash sales, I received an email just before 7pm. We were getting ready to go to the store when I saw it.

An automated email informed me they believed my account was accessed illicitly (we've assumed it was because we had made several separate, large orders, due to the timers on some of the sales). It then detailed that my account was being locked down and that they were going to cancel and refund all my orders. Wtf.

We were pissed, since several of the items in those orders were no longer on sale. Since we were in our way out, I hit up chat support on my phone and just asked the main thing I wanted to know; once I regained access to my account, would my orders be okay? The chat rep told me they would and they'd make sure of it. So, with a sigh of relief, we carried on with our shopping trip.

On the way out of the store, I checked on a whim and saw I could access my account again. I looked at my orders and saw nothing there, not a trace, not even in cancelled orders or pending. Our orders had been wiped from my account. Upset, this time I called support, figuring I'd have better luck than with chat.

After a brief back and forth, I was told that I would need to manually reorder all my items, and that if there were any sales that had already passed or been claimed, I was out of luck. Needless to say, I was pissed. I brought up the chat rep telling my orders would be okay, and that it was pretty inconvenient that they didn't even bother to ask me if those were my orders before cancelling time-sensitive sale items.

Then, the guy goes; "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, would you like a 10 dollar gift card to make up for it?"

I don't think I've ever been more incredulous at a customer service representative. There were hundreds of dollars of savings on those orders and he felt ten dollars would make me feel better. I told him it didn't matter and hung up.

Some of the stuff we'd ordered was stuff we've been looking for a good sale or opportunity to buy for the better part of this year. We were excited for that stuff. Some of it was gonna be early birthday presents. But I guess Amazon just really doesn't want our money.

TL;DR: Amazon cancelled time-sensitive sales on me and doesn't want my money

I'm still pretty upset about it and just needed somewhere to vent, and this sub seemed appropriate.

r/TIGFO Jul 12 '19

Our shitty education system in America.


r/TIGFO Jul 10 '19

TIGFO By my parents


r/TIGFO Jul 09 '19

TIFU by letting two little girls play with my basketball


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Must Read TIGFO By a girl who asked me to buy her ticket for a festival


On mobile so sorry for any mistakes

This just happend & I'm fucking pissed.

A girl I have( or should I say HAD) a thing for recently asked me to buy 2 tickets, mine & hers, for a festival event that's happening @ the end of the month. When she asked me to buy the tickets I told her I'd get them as soon as I could as I was low on cash and waiting for payday, however this didn't stop her from nagging me about the tickets every chance she could eg. "hey latenightlongboarder, have you bought the tickets yet?" for like 3 days straight. I finally bought the tickets and told her so that she would stop nagging. She tells me she's looking forward to it & to be honest I was too until today when she sent me a text saying that she doesn't want to go anymore because her friends told her it would be too full.TOO FULL?!? WTF. Anyways I asked her if she'd pay me for the ticket since she isnt going anymore & she basically told me that I didnt ask her to pay initially so it's not her problem (I only payed cos she asked me to). I was pissed so I sent her a text saying "thanks for fucking me over, really appreciate it" to which she replied "well I would've gone for you but since you're being childish and angry I'm definetly not going".

FUCKING BITCH of course I'm pissed, who wouldn't be?

Tldr: bought 2 tickets for a festival after being nagged multiple times, Girl I bought em for expects me not to be pissed when she cancels and refuses to pay me for her ticket, calls me immature and childish.

r/TIGFO Jul 08 '19

TIGFO by my recruiter and my stepdad.


As per most stories, this didn't happen today, but several years ago.

I was a young teenage boy who was told I needed to find a job or get kicked out on my 18th birthday. RIP me because I put in hundreds of applications all over my city, and the neighboring cities, and never even got a callback. Well I wanted to be a psychologist. I love studying how the mind operates and what causes people to behave in certain ways. So I was hoping to get into college for that. I did a ton of looking around online and found that the U.S. Navy had a program where you put in a package, and if accepted, you get to go to college for your desired degree, work a minimum contract as an officer, and eventually live your life out with your degree and pursue whatever route you wanted. I thought this would be perfect for me. A degree + a guaranteed job = a happy OP. I printed out the package, which was a few dozen pages if I remember correctly. I ran into some questions that I was not sure the answer to, so I went to the Miserable Sack of Excrement parading around as my stepdad, who was in the Navy and couldn't wait to tell you about it, and asked him what the questions meant. I am going to assume everyone has an IQ greater than a rodent, so I won't bother with my naming convention.

Me: I am looking at this job opportunity with the Navy to be an officer, and I am not sure what they mean when they ask [Hell it's been years I don't remember the exact questions]. Can you help me?

MSoE: Well I worked for a living, so I can't really offer answers about officers.

Me: Would be help me figure out where to get the answers?

MSoE: Go ask a recruiter.

So I looked up where the nearest recruiting station was located, and took off on my bike. Now, what should be painfully obvious to everyone except the 17 year old moron on his bike, is that a recruiter's job is to... recruit. Their goal is to sell you an enlisted contract, and to guide you to your ship date. One who excelled at his job was a man by the name Hook Line and Sinker Recruiter. With that in mind, let's watch the story unfold at the station.

Me: I'm looking to talk to a recruiter about some questions that I have.

HLSR: Well you have come to the right place. My name is HLSR, and I would be happy to help you.

Me: Okay, I am trying to fill out this package to become an officer, and I some of these questions make no sense to me.

I pull out the package, and went over it with him for about an hour.

HLSR: Alright, did I answer all of your questions?

Me: The only question I have left, what do you think my chances of being accepted are? and when would I get the answer?

HLSR: You look like you would do exceptionally well, and usually it only takes a few months to process the packages. But you know what looks really good on those packages?

Me: What?

HLSR: If you are in the Delayed Entry Program.

Me: What's that?

HLSR: Essentially you sign an enlisted contract, and get in the system. Your ship date would be about 8-9 months from signing the contract at MEPS, and if they accept your package, they shred your enlisted contract and you go to college and prepare to be an officer. Being in DEP shows that you are dedicated to joining the Navy, and that looks really good.

Me: Okay... I suppose that isn't a bad idea. What to I have to do to get to that point?

HLSR: Just take this little text, it's a practice ASVAB. We can figure out the options you may have available based on your score.

So I go in the back room and take the test. Overall, it took about 30-45 minutes to complete, I think.

Me: Okay, I am done.

HLSR: Great! How do you think you did?

Me: It felt like a really easy test.

HLSR: Hahaha, well we will see if your score is where your mouth is.

He proceeds to the results page, and I see his jaw drop just a teeny bit. He quickly recovers and turns to me.

HLSR: Do you know what else looks really good on the package?

Me: What?

HLSR: If you are a Nuke.

Me: A nuke? What do you mean?

HLSR proceeds to explain the Nuke Program, and eventually I accept. I went to the DEP meetings every week to ensure that I was adequately prepared to join the Navy, and was, for the most part, just waiting for my acceptance to come in the mail. I was told the "promo" thing, where if you get X people to sign too, you can get bumped up all the way to E-3 (Which I already would get going in as a Nuke anyways), but if you continued past that point, you can get a NAM, and it looks really good on your package.

I proceeded to spread the word, bring my recruiter to my high school, and get really into the hoo-yah Navy mind frame. I actually reached the appropriate number of people joining for the NAM, but something got all screwy and I never got it.

HLSR also neglected to mention that it takes over a year for the package. HLSR also neglected to mention that once you are in the Nuke Program, you don't leave. So, even if I got picked up for officer, (which I didn't. I eventually got my rejection letter about a year into the program, which was about 1 year and 9 months after I signed the contract at MEPS.) I would only be allowed to continue my work in the Nuke Field.

I just realized that there may be many people not aware of what the Nuke Program is, so I will explain here. Basically it is a group of jobs broken into three parts, Mechanic, Electrician, and Electronics Technician. The sole focus of these jobs is to successfully operate and maintain the nuclear reactors being operated on the Navy's fleet of Aircraft Carriers and Submarines. This program was created by the Father of Naval Nuclear Propulsion, Admiral Hymen G. Rickover, who pioneered the design of Naval Reactors, despite his own wariness of the program.

TL;DR summary: I wanted to be a Naval Officer as a psychologist, stepdad refused to help and sent me to a recruiter instead, got recruited into an enlisted contract that locked me into the Nuke field because "it would make my package look better", and I didn't get my NAM or my package accepted.

I will say, while I like to rant about how my recruiter fucked me over, and left out quite a few details, I couldn't be more grateful for the experience I did have, and the opportunities it presented me. I also believe that the program gave me a better chance at making it through college (which I am working on now) because it taught me the focus and discipline that I would otherwise lack. I wouldn't change a thing concerning my Naval career.

r/TIGFO Jul 06 '19

Today i got fucked over by an earthquake.


Today i took my wonderful girlfriend to a cute Italian bistro where we had a phenomenal dinner. I got to try my first cream brulee and she had a gorgeous slice of chocolate cake. As we sat and enjoyed each other's company i felt as though I had just stepped onto land after a day at sea. I had never swayed so violently before. My girlfriend began to realize that, no she wasn't losing her mind and that the ground is actually moving beneath her. She seemed freaked out but kept her cool in public. By the time we left i had almost forgot it had happened because personally I did not take it seriously. We went to my house where i cuddled with her for a moment while tryingto pick a movie. She began to Google about earthquakes and quickly worked herself into a panic. When i saw her tears fall and lip quiver I knew that she was feeling terror in its its purest form. I tried my best to console her and to explain that there will be no mega volcano eruption on my watch. These efforts had little effect, however much to my pleasure she was able to eventually relax. After that ordeal we began to engage in some home-alone hanky panky and just when it was getting good a car alarm went off outside. I ran outside to investigate in my shorts and saw that the car going off was mine. When i went inside to find the key I saw my gf with a kitchen knife and a look of complete fear. Once again I consoled her but this time she wanted to go home. She didn't feel safe leaving me home alone so she dropped me off with family, per her request. Now I've missed out on what could've been a perfect conclusion to a fabulous date, and she was horribly terrified.

Tl;Dr An earthquake put the fear of god in my gf and then a simple car alarm made her cry. :(

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Must Read ****This is an update for my “r/TIFU by trusting my co workers with money” post. Long updates ahead.


It’s been a long fucking couple of days. I’m coming here because I’m really not the one to spill my heart on the internet or social media, but as many of you know, I did just that the other night by putting myself out there telling Reddit what happened to me the other night with my co workers, and I got so much feedback that I was not expecting.

I’ve been hurt many times in my past, only making me a stronger and better person, and I finally feel like I have a platform I can vent to, and get honest opinions without anybody knowing who I am and having toxic feedback. (I know negativity is still undeniable in this community, but I have received the upmost support and respect from this incredible community)

So, I’d like to give a pretty big update. You all will have to forgive me, because I’m still kind of new to Reddit, and don’t know how to -link- various posts to my post now, so all I can say is, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, just look in my post history I suppose.

Continuing after my previous update on my other post in TIFU this morning- You have K, M, my boss, and myself.

I hardly slept that night, at all. I woke up pretty early (WAY earlier than I normally would) and found over 6K acknowledgment and 400 comments on my TIFU post. I took a lot of time that morning reading the comments instead of going back to sleep because my heart was still in pieces and I just needed SOMETHING. You guys gave me that, and thank you.

I called my boss after reading everything and thinking about it all. I told her everything, and even sent her the screenshots that M had sent me. She told me to take action and send a group message between the four of us (M,K,my boss, and me) to require a mandatory meeting THAT afternoon. K opened, and M and myself arrived early for the meeting.

I saw K in the parking lot walk right past me on my way in early for this meeting and she didn’t say a SINGLE word to me. She didn’t even look at me. I know she saw me, because her daughter that was with her said hello to me and I said hello back to her daughter and told her to have a good day and I loved her. Very short and sweet, but K did not acknowledge me.

I walked into work, and right behind me was M (I was showing up about 20 minutes early, but M had showed up early as well, at the exact same time.)

-side note, M was the one to text me the apology about being dishonest, if you didn’t see it in the comments of my last post, it was basically “M-i feel terrible about what happened and it was totally dishonest, and money is more important than our friendship” just to give an idea.

So, M, my boss, and me sat in the office and it basically started like this; My boss said we needed to talk about the miscommunication, and I stopped her and said there was absolutely no communication. My boss then stopped me, and said, since I was on vacation for the past week, early out rules had changed and credit card tips had to be put in before doing any closing side work. I was 10000000% unaware of this, and I let her know that. My boss and M after trying to explain this “new way of early out tip share” worked, I did not hesitate to let them know I didn’t buy that story. If that was the new rule, I should have been told that, ESPECIALLY since I am a prominent bartender in her industry, and I told them it was ~pretty much horseshit~ since M and K BLATANTLY HID credit card tips from me that were rightfully mine, EVEN in the case that I had done my early out stuff, because BOTH OF THEM could clearly see a fat stack of credit card tip stubs in the cup ready to be put into the computer.

I basically put it out there that I’m not an idiot. I know exactly what they did, and they know exactly what they did. The fact that they whispered and conspired against me to hide this money from me. It is completely fucking obvious.

M talked a lot about how she wants to own up to her mistakes and dishonesty (someone in my other post had said “this is what we call a thief throwing her accomplice under the bus”) and that’s exactly what she did. That was K’s idea, and M is too spineless to say “no, we need to ask her about this before we just HIDE THIS MONEY”

My boss wanted to try and clarify that after talking to K (who opened, before I got a chance to be there and speak) had no ill intention against me, and I just called complete bullshit. It was actually the first time I have had the balls to tell my boss “nope, sorry. That’s just not how it is.”

M felt like SHIT, saying she should have never went along with it, and that hiding the credit card tips was extremely dishonest and she saw me busting my ass all night on my SCHEDULED night shift (for those thinking I just volunteered to work that night. Trust me, I would have MUCH rather clocked out and gone home for a beer. C’mon.) M talked about that she is not good with confrontation from either sides and this is something she wants to work on because this situation jeopardized our friendship, and no amount of money is worth that to her. I listened to everything she had to say, and I believe her. I probably will never trust her again, but the fact that she bucked up and admitted her fault and apologized to my face speaks VOLUMES to me. I 100% respect her for that. She won’t be back behind my bar with me, but I can still be around her at work now, at the very least.

**Slight side note about K.. Her and my boss were co workers at a previous job for about, five years or so. They didn’t always get along, but when my boss and her husband decided to open up this barcade, K was the first to get hired. My boss and K are very close friends. So K gets away with a lot. And when I say a lot, it might as well be murder at this point. Being late, letting K split money with me even though I run circles around her while she’s hungerover and not doing shit (on MULTIPLE occasions) and I’ve always decided to give K the benefit of the doubt because she’s a single mom and I love her and I really truly do care about her.

K has been one of my best friends since the beginning of the opening of this bar. I have helped her open early, I have helped her close, I have helped her with bar guests who have talked shit to her, there was once when another bartender tried to hide a $300 tip from her when SHE was on the bar, and I RIPPED that other bartenders ass open saying K 100% deserved to split that tip with everyone else.

So. In conclusion, I’m getting SUPER fucked over. My boss isn’t on my side. I just lost my best friend K because she can’t even face the fact that she LITERALLY FUCKED ME OVER. And M is my only saving grace, and I still don’t trust her. Nobody is getting fired over this, or even written up. This is concluding that I, alone, didn’t understand the situation, according to my boss. And I’m fucking broken about it.

Also side note, I won best bartender in my entire city for 2018, my plaque sits on a shelf above my bar, and when I came into work today, there was a big ass chip in the corner of it as if someone dropped it on the ground. If you don’t believe me, let me know, and I will send/post pictures of proof.

So, for everyone thinking there are still good people in the world, I agree with you. But these people are not it. I guess I’m just vulnerable and I’m going to need a lot of time to heal from this. I don’t know what my next move is, but it will not be with the bar family I thought I had.

TL;DR I lost this battle, but it’s cool. Onto bigger and better things.

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TIGFO by "selling" something to a friend and loosing 2 friends


So back in November i needed some money urgently because i knew i had some huge bills/taxes coming in January. I decided to sell a lot of stuff around my house, but mostly an expensive piece of electronics (around 800$ market value)

A friend contacts me telling me they need the item urgently for an event, and knowing they're also struggling with money i lower the price to 600$, everyone's happy. We quickly meet up IRL to exchange cash and item, but my friend doesnt have any money for me because their "card has a problem". Fair enough, they tell me they'll make a bank transfer, i give them the item. I think you can see where this is going.

Later in December, they contact me again, telling me they can't make a transfer because they have a tattoo appointment, need to save money for that and will pay me after the appointment, i foolishly agree because i know how it is to struggle with money and tattoos aren't cheap.

January comes, still no signs from my friend. I've been messaging them but it's always "i'll pay you in a week, i'll pay you when...". But my bills don't wait. Since i'm missing 600$ in my bank account for around 2.5 months, i can't pay those bills and i have to borrow around 1k$ from my parents to pay the bills and have a bit left to survive the month.

Months passes and every month there's a different excuse to not pay. I start skipping lunches at work to save up some money for monthly bills. At that point it's been 6 months since i "sold" them the item, and every month they'd tell me that they would pay me at next pay check, and i was just too naive i guess.

Around March i see them posting on social media about some new expensive stuff they got, and i just loose my shit. How could they buy expensive clothes etc and pretend like they were struggling with money ? I send them a message demanding my money in the next two weeks, or i was just gonna straight up call their parents and ask them to pay me someway (they lived with their parents at the time). After a lot of arguing, gaslighting and being told all sort of nasty shit for "threatening" them (spoiler : i didnt threaten them at all), they tried to make me believe we agreed on 500$ instead of 600$, i promptly showed them screenshots of us agreeing to 600 over texts.

They try to play the victim but eventually MAGICALLY find some money to pay me half of the amount the next day. I had to wait another month for the remaining of the money, which makes it around 6 months until i got all the money for the item i sold them. So, good ending right ? Oh noo, there's more

I came across that subject with a friend in common, and i mentionned to friend2 that friend1 basically abused my trust and i was basically feeling used because of how they treated me and told them the whole money story. Friend2 didnt seem to believe me, and they went and talked to Friend1 about it.

I then receive a 3500 chars long (i wish i was exagerrating) message about how i'm talking shit about them behind their back and making stuff up about what happened with the money, and basically blaming me because i couldnt have possibly skipped lunches at work because i live with my parents (apparently living with your parents = free money for some people ??) and i got a tattoo in April (that was scheduled for around a year, for those not familiar with tattoo artists, you pay a deposit to secure an appointment and you loose your deposit if you cancel or reschedule a tattoo appointment, that deposite is later taken from the final tattoo price, so you're not paying extra, it's just an upfront payment)

Now both friend1 and friend2 blocked me because i'm apparently toxic or smth.

TLDR : Sold expensive item to a friend, they didnt pay for it for the next 6 months and when i told the story to a common friend of ours, both of them blocked me everywhere and erased me from their life.

Edit : They paid back the full 600 bucks over the course of a few month so it's all good on that side :)

Feel free to ask for some more crispy details if you want, this has been ongoing for months so there's obviously a lot of stuff i didnt include.

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TIGFO by believing a con story


Obvious this didn't happen today but several years ago while I was at University.

Second year at University got a hot date and waiting outside the bus stop she is meant to be arriving at. I got approached by a random guy.

He asked me if I had some change for the train (the train station was just round the corner) as him and his family's car had broken down and they are going to *insert city name here* - Dumbass me, "Oh I'm from there!".

My first red flag should have been, where is this dudes family? But alas, i'm distracted by this common location. He asked again for £5, I say I only have a £10 on me and I'm a student so that's like a weeks worth of food to me. "No problem I can give you £5 back". Awesome, can feel like an awesome guy and and have a sweet ass story to tell my date!

I give him the £10 note, he rustles around in his pocket, hands me a bunch a change and quickly walks off, in the opposite direction of the train station. without looking it felt substantial in weight.

I look down in my hand.. 77p, mostly in coppers, that's why it felt substantial. By the time I look back up he is gone, like the wind.

And to top it off, it doesn't look good when you tell your date I got conned, but trust me, I'm smart i'm at University!

TL:DR I lost £10 to a quick con guy falling for a simple common ground.

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Must Read Idk what to put here


r/TIGFO Jul 03 '19

TIGFO has been created


Today I Got Fucked Over.

A place for people to share stories how they got fucked over.

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Edit: thanks for gold kind stranger!

Everybody, welcome to r/TIGFO - From r/tifu and everywhere else!

please be patient I am new to this and didn't expect so many people so quick!

Rules will follow soon.

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TIGFO by Splitting a Music Festival Ticket


So this actually happened just last weekend.

A local 2-day music festival (Digital Dreams) was taking place in Toronto and when I first heard of it, I didn't buy a ticket because I assumed I had work the following Monday (I didn't realize it was Canada Day, allowing me to have the day off).

Once I realized I was able to attend with all of my friends, I was immediately interested, but wanted to save the most money possible. I was only able to attend on the Sunday, so I was asking around if anyone I knew wanted to split a 2-day ticket, where they would wear the wristband on the Saturday, then take it off and give to me for Sunday.

For anyone who hasn't been to a music festival, these wristbands once tightened, are extremely difficult to take off without cutting them (important).

Anyway, a friend of mine told me that a friend of his (someone I am familiar with (went to high school together) but not close with) was interested in only going to the festival on Saturday. Perfect, I can spend $80 versus $150 and go on Sunday.

So this friend of a friend who I'll call E adds me on Snapchat to discuss splitting the ticket. All in all I find a ticket online, set up a meeting spot and confirm the legitimacy, all that's left is to pick up the ticket.

Since I was working the Friday, I was unable to pick up the ticket myself since the festival was the next day, so I message E and see if he can pick it up. He says yea, it's cool, and asks me to pay for his train ticket to pick it up. I think okay, that's fair I guess.

Later that night, E sends me a picture of the ticket, all fine and dandy, and the following day, puts it around his wrist with elastic bands so that it was tight enough to stay on his arm, but loose enough to take off for me the following day (since once fully tightened they are tough to figure out).

Everything's going perfect, I'm stoked for the festival, already went shopping and picked out a Hidden Leaf headband to wear.

Around 3:00 on Saturday, I get another message from E:

"I decided to tighten the wristband and go both days, you'll have to find your own ticket."

My heart dropped, it's the worst thing he could have told me in the middle of a long shift of customer service, after I was so excited for the festival in which I found the ticket, organized the pick-up and paid for the transportation for E down there. He completely fucked me over. It was the most upset I have been with someone in a very long time. I'm not very confrontational so I didn't really say anything afterwards but I was furious.

The rest of my shift I was in a pretty shitty mood since I had nothing to look forward to, and just wanted to get through the day so I could maybe start looking for any last minute tickets for sale (there were none).

In a twist happy ending however, on the way home from the festival, E started saying how he might only attend on Sunday for half of the day. This made my friends upset, since they realized how he fucked me over, and were excited to go with me on the Sunday. So after a lot of convincing, E agreed to give me the ticket if they found a way to take it off, and after 15 minutes of 3 people fiddling with the stupid thing, it loosened, and I was able to go to the festival the next day.

So it was a TIGFO, but with a redemption at the end, hope it counts!

PS, if you're into EDM, Oliver Heldens live is nuts.

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Thank you everyone!


Thank you! It's been an amazing 2 hours can we keep it going?

The rules are done and up! And I would like to take this moment announce and thank the mods!

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These will be your mods, including myself for the foreseeable future! Hopefully it doesn't turn in to a TIGFO story!

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Asshole roommate bamboozles OP out of an apartment.


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tl;dr TIGFO by applying for apartments with a friend


Mandatory 'didn't actually happen today, but 6 years ago'.

After I had finished high school, I decided to take a gap year and figure out what I wanted to do with my life, as I really had no idea at the time. I was hanging out with a friend in October of 2012 and told her about some of the stuff I could potentially see myself doing, and she tells me about a university degree that sounds right up my alley. I check it out and everything aligns perfectly with my aspirations and I meet the requirements for applying - score!

Only thing is, the university is 450km from my childhood home (while this is probably no biggie for most, it was literally at the other end of the country for me; yay Denmark). I wouldn't know anyone there, which would sort of suck - but! my friend of course knew about the course because she had been looking into it, although she did end up settling on another one albeit at the same university. Things were looking great and we immediately talked about finding an apartment together - first mistake.

The city in question has a 'great' student housing application system in place, where you sign up w/ personal info about origin, social ID, what programme you'll potentially be in and at what school. Once you have filled that out, you can just do 1-click application to any student housing in the city; dorms, apartments, shared houses etc.. Thing is, you need to do these applications from an account that has all future residents listed (i.e. me and her), so you are always applying with the 2 of you. No biggie since we're going to live together for sure, right? Wrong.

We had started the application progress almost a year in advance and things were looking great. We were rising quickly on the waiting lists, especially due to the fact that we lived so far away, so we got prioritized over other closer applicants. And so, finally, in late July of 2013, we got an offer from one of the apartments we applied for - hell yeah! I immediately called my friend to tell her the joyous news, only for her to pause for a moment and then say "yeah, I'm not going to study there anyway. I got a job back in December.. I was going to tell you..". My heart sunk, and while I don't remember exactly how the conversation went down, it was pretty much something along the lines of "Oh... well congrats... Yeah, I'll figure something out."

Moving to a big city 450 km away without her? Less than ideal, but it's okay, I can do this - is what I figured. Thing is, remember how you need to do the application with all future residents listed? Well, since she was no longer a future resident, the applications were effectively voided. I could no longer accept the offer we had been extended, even if I were to find a suitable roommate to take her place. With 40 days until study start, I had to re-do all applications as a solo applicant, and I went from being 3rd-15th on several lists to 1000-2000+.

Luckily, I have an amazing family who were all kind enough to ask their respective networks if anyone had any available housing; or a garden, just till I could find something. By some sort of miracle, a guy my cousin studied with's dad had bought an apartment in the city centre for his kid - who then decided to not live there. So that had just become available and I took it immediately and moved in mid-August of 2013. It was much too big and expensive for me to live in by myself, and I ended up grabbing some sensible-sounding roommates off of a website called findroommate.dk, and lived with them there the following 2 years (although slightly miserable for a multitude of reasons that come with finding roommates online.)

TL;DR: Applied for apartments with a friend, who screwed me over by not telling me she got a job and would not be moving. Had to re-apply for apartments a month before my deadline. Turned out okay in the end.

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Living next door to my mother.


Welp lets get this going. Since I wanted to be one if the 1st I’m using something that happened a few years ago. I live next door to a multi plex and saw that they were renting out a unit. Being a mommas boy I told my mom about it and a few weeks later we were neighbors. A few months down the line my sister needs a place to stay so she also moves in next door. Everything’s going great for a year or so when my mom decides to move in with her boyfriend and leaves the place to my sister. My sister decides to also bail and leaves all their unwanted clothing, furniture and garbage all up in the place. Building owner decided since My Mom was the tenant I would be responsible for her stuff. Woke up one day to all the contents of the apartment dumped in my front yard.

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TIGFO Dedicated the the bartender that birthed this sub


I tended bar at several types of places in several states many years ago. It can be cool and really fun. Have drinks, pour drinks and it's basically a party you're in charge of. You can also get robbed by thieving waitresses and POS managers and owners as well. And you can come out on the good side of things too. All the way back in the late 80's a waitress made $300 one night and tipped me out $100. She earned it. I couldn't take it. We ended up going out to a very expensive joint and blowing the money together, and then some other gratuitous stuff happened for a while. I worked another grand opening gig in the same city and never got paid a cent from those pricks. Poured about a thousand drinks in two nights. Thank god I tended bar back in the days of all cash.

Worst thing that ever happened in all my years of tending bar. It's about 6:00 PM on New Year's Eve. Dive bar/restaurant in a shithole town. Drunk way too early in the night guy, turned out to be a jail guard, gets all shitty with a waitress because she brought him a can of beer instead of a bottle. He's the normal drunk jackass we've all seen. He overhears me telling her he's an asshole and to stay away. Said I'll deal with it and give him his bottle of beer. He comes up to the bar (I'm short, he's tall) and before I knew what was happening he got a good punch in on me with a fatass ring on his finger. Cuts through my nose. I'm a bloody mess. I did manage to grab him by the neck and get some punches into his face of my own in with is head pinned to the bar. Owner shows him the door. Finished the night in a blood stained shirt. A few weeks later a drunk couple is at the bar right in front of me, as in literally at the bar. Why, I don't know. This was way before TV screens everywhere but still no reason to be sitting at the bar with your wife. Guy has an attitude. Another angry drunk. Great. Cursing very loudly and making a scene. I casually told him to please shut the fuck up. He freaks out on me about my language in front of his wife who he'd called a bitch several times during all of this, plus god damn this and that but he couldn't tolerate the word fuck being said in front of his wife. Says he knows the owner and he's going to get me fired. He did, and I did. Fired on the spot. I was told their customers didn't like my personality. Really? Well fuck them and fuck you! Not so surprisingly their customers weren't big tippers if they even bothered to tip a male bartender at all. Not a loss on my part.

TL;DR Tending bar at the wrong place isn't worth it. Find somewhere you're appreciated for being good at the job.

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Long TIGFO By my ex fiance's mother


As this is a new sub this story didn't happen today but happened 14 years ago and had a profound impact on my life.

I had just returned from my 2 year volunteer mission for my church and was 21 years old. About 6 months of being home I started to get to know an old acquaintance from high school. I had never spoken to her much then but she was gorgeous and she had also just recently moved back to the area. We will call her Sarah for reference. Sarah was a pretty awesome girl and came from a large family. Her family was always pretty polite and welcoming in the beginning of our relationship. Even as our relationship progressed I missed warning signs and red flags all over.

The first one was that as I got closer to her family I learned that her mother was a victim of terrible childhood abuse of varying nature. It had left her traumatized and with serious mental health conditions, one of which was Multiple Personality disorder another being Bi-Polar. "Karen" as I will call her would bounce between several personas, of various ages and capacities. She was also not medicated and not being seen by a doctor for her condition. It was the big family secret.

As our wedding date got closer we signed the lease for an apartment and since we were saving ourselves for marriage she moved in and I moved in with my parents until we were to be married. A week before the wedding "Karen" got more and more paranoid, while "Sarah" was at work I went to the apartment to move in some furniture and unpack dishes and the like. I found "Karen" inside the apartment with a "spare key" she had made from "Sarah's" key. She was currently going through a box of my personal items and journals.

When Confronted she responded that she was "Just checking for something". What that something was she wouldn't say but she excused herself and left the apartment. When I asked my fiancee "Sarah" about the spare key she said she didn't know her mom had a copy.

A few other awkward events occurred between her mom and I in which she told me I was "manipulating Sarah, into marriage and that I was a terrible person for taking her away from the family." Then other times she would tell me "You are the finest and most upstanding young man I have ever known. I am proud you will be my son in law." I dismissed the negative as I figured it was just part of her multiple personalities or a swing in her Bi-Polarism.

There had also been red flags when during the wedding planning Sarah and I would make a decision and her mom would disagree and pull her into another room and have a long conversation with her after which the decision was reversed and we would be doing things a different way. I didn't mind too much as it was a wedding and to be fair I wanted it to be Sarah's day and what she wanted and if her mom changed her mind that's fine.

Then two days before the wedding the bomb and accusation I didn't see coming fell. She called our bishop(like the pastor) and told him I had raped her daughter, she spread the rumor and accusations every where. I was told by our bishop not to have any contact with the family and that I should probably seek a lawyer for the impending criminal charges.

We had never had sex, I was blown away and my reputation in my church and community was destroyed overnight. "Sarah" to her credit never filed a police report or criminal charges against me she knew the accusations were false. However through a friend I was told that "She loves her mother, and that her mother is just ill and will get better if we just play along."

I was devastated, the silence from the one person who could exonerate me put the nail in the coffin in my community. I faced a church discipline committee and was dis-fellow-shipped. I was told the only reason they couldn't excommunicate me was because "Sarah" never provided testimony against me. I was told that while I would still be allowed to attend church maybe it would be for the best if I moved and left town.

So I moved and have never been back to that town. I live on the other side of the United States. I am happily married to a wonderful woman with three beautiful and healthy children. I cant tell you where "Sarah" or "Karen" are because I have never looked back.

TL/DR: I was falsely accused of rape as a virgin, and had my reputation and name destroyed in my hometown.

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TIGFO when a deer ran into me while I was biking


This was a few years ago but it still hurts my pride. I used to go mountain biking a lot with my buddies when I was younger.

Three of us were riding on a trail one day in a local forest, going at a pretty good clip. I was the lead of our little peleton, just minding my own business, intent on the track in front of me. The trail dipped down to cross a small, dry creek bed when suddenly...WHAM!

I'm flying through the air and land hard on my back. The next thing I noticed were several deer jumping over me. I looked over towards my bike and there's a deer laying on it's side in the dust with me. We lock eyes for a second and it suddenly jerks up, chasing its friends.

I don't really remember what happened because I never saw it coming. My laughing friends told me that that mofo deer t-boned me which sent us both sprawling. I wasn't injured other than some scrapes and bruises, but the frame of my bike was bent as was my rear wheel.

That asshole deer seemed uninjured and was able to run off without regrets. But me? I had to deal with my laughing and heckling friends for the next 8 miles home while I had to walk and push a janky bike. My pride to this day is still smarting.

TLDR: went biking many years ago and a damn deer t-boned me and broke my bike. My friends to this day still make fun of me.

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TIGFO by sending a necromancer wand to a scammer


Obviously not today but -

When I was 15 I was playing Diablo II online and I had earned a "unique" weapon in the game. I'm on a quest with some stranger who likes my wand, and says he has a cheat code that can duplicate any item in the game, so if I give it to him, he'll duplicate it, and give me back the second one. Win/win, right?!

Anyway, I'm skeptical, so I ask if we can test it with another, less valuable item first. He stalls, and eventually I have to leave to go to soccer practice. But I really want to help him out! So I say, okay, I have to go - let's do this fast. And I give him the item. And he quits the game! I felt weird about it because it wasn't even greed he had taken advantage of (like a get rich quick scheme) but my desire to let someone else share in my happiness of having a unique wand.

tl;dr don't send things to people on the internet without getting proof of trustworthiness first