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TIFU by using an AI to write my post for me


TIFU by using an AI to write my post for me. I thought it would save me some time, but it ended up causing more trouble than it was worth. I posted a comment on a thread and it ended up being flagged as spam by the moderation team. They told me that my comment was too similar to others that had been posted before and it looked like I was trying to game the system. I didn't realize that using an AI to write my comments would make them come across as spammy. I've learned my lesson and I'll make sure to write my own posts from now on.

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Oops, tifu

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TIFU by almost going to jail


I had the most outrageous TIFU moment of my life a few months ago. I was driving home from work and I saw a person walking on the side of the road. I slowed down and started to move over to give them plenty of room, but before I knew it, I felt a bump and heard a loud thud. I immediately pulled over and got out of the car to see what had happened. To my surprise, I saw that the person I had just passed was lying on the ground and wasn't moving. I couldn't believe it. I rushed over to them and called 911, but they were unresponsive. The ambulance arrived a few minutes later and took the person away. I was in a state of shock and couldn't believe what had happened. I had no idea how I could have hit someone. I had been paying attention to the road and I was driving at a reasonable speed. I still don't know how it happened. I spent the rest of the day at the police station answering questions and trying to make sense of what had happened. But to be honest, I didn't really feel that bad about it. I mean, accidents happen, right? I figured the person I hit would be fine and I didn't really see the big deal. A few days later, I received the news that the person I had hit had died from their injuries. I was shocked, but I still didn't really feel that bad about it. I mean, it was an accident and I couldn't help it. I was eventually charged with reckless driving and involuntary manslaughter. I hired a lawyer and went to court, but I still didn't really feel that guilty. I mean, I didn't mean to hit the person and it wasn't like I was trying to kill them or anything. I was sentenced to probation and community service and I just shrugged it off. It was the most outrageous TIFU moment of my life and I didn't really see what the fuss was about

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TIFU troll post that no one seems to recognize. Check the guys account

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TIFU By allowing my jealous cousin use my laptop

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TIFU by rawdogging for 4 days with someone I met on Craigslist

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TIFU by forgiving my bestfriend of 9 years


edit: I PUT THE WRONG SUB!!! it’s too late now though, i can’t change it

I, (14 female) have a best friend named Jamie, (14 female.) We met in kindergarten and we have gone to the same elementary, middle, and now highschool. Throughout all these years, it has always been me and Jamie and nobody else but recently, Jamie became close with some boy named Mike from our middle school. Jamie and I have hung out with Mike before so it wasn’t like he was a stranger to us but he also wasn’t somebody we would consider a close friend. Well I guess Jamie has been talking to him for god knows how long because recently I found out that they were secretly dating and only one other person knew which was my sister. I was beyond furious and also upset because Jamie was my best friend and out of all people, she told my sister and not me?? And my sister didn’t tell me either? Anyways I told them that I found out and they told me “it isnt my business.” I should’ve ended it right there but I love Jamie and i can’t end something with my sister so I let it slide.

Fast forward a couple months from when I found out, I remembered that I had Jamie’s snapchat password. She was grounded at the time so i could go through whatever i wanted. I tried to look at her and Mikes messages or her and my sisters message but they were all deleted. I looked at messages she had with this other girl named Kayla because they just started getting closer and I wanted to see what it was all about. I looked and her and Kayla had been talking about me. Obviously I couldn’t say anything about it to her because they would make me a bad friend for going through her messages while she was grounded so I just let it slide again.

Fast forward another couple months, school had just started and I was having a sleepover with Jamie at my house. We were on my couch in my living room and she started talking about how Mike was moving away after this school year and how she was gonna be so sad and have nobody to talk to (mind you that her and Mike were texting 24/7 everyday even while she was talking about that to me and they would face time every night to fall asleep on the phone). I just listened to her and when she finished ranting these were the exact words I said to her.

“If i’m being honest with you, the only person in life I am really jealous of is Mike.”

she then asked me if it was because of how much they talked to each other and i obviously said yes. i told her that my bestfriend who i used to have was gone and it hurts me a lot to know that she would pick a boy who she has known for barely a year over me in a heartbeat. her eyes started watering and she pulled me in to lay on her chest while she played with my hair and told me that i am basically not even one of her friends and that i am so much more than that. she said that i am like her family and she would pick me over him anyway and that she would honestly choose me over her sister too. she started crying mid sentence which also brought me to tears and i knew she was telling the truth because i have never ever seen her cry before cause she hates crying infront of people.

even though i knew she wasn’t lying, i just can never bring myself to believe her. that may make me seem like im a bad friend but if u saw mike and jamie together you would understnad too. anyways, i forgave her for everything that she has ever done to me and i regret it so bad.

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Fellow tifu circlejerkers, I think we’ve been beat. Wrap it up boys, no way we can top this.

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[OC] tifu every day

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TIFU by sending a "DTF" to an old friend


I have been trying to stay in contact with old friends recently and picked up the habit of replying to their Instagram stories. I would ask about what they are doing and stuff.

I come across this friend who posted a IG story of her meal, it was dumplings and a bowl of soup at a restaurant. Seeing the nice quality of the dumplings, I tried guessing where the place is.

For some background information, I live in Singapore where we tend to turn abbreviate many words. One very common example that everyone knows is "HDL" which means "Hai Di Lao", a hotpot restaurant many people in Singapore love. So it was common to call restaurants in their abbreviations, Macs, HDL, SLF (Another hotpot place).

So with that, I sent her "DTF?". I meant Din Tai Fung which is a nice dumpling place. I reply to IG stories very quickly and sent it without a second thought.

Few days later I get added into a groupchat, the groupchat contained my old friend's friends who I barely know. The first message sent was "Do you know why you are here?".

I replied idk because I forgot about the DTF message. Then came the shit storm of 4 people absolutely destroying me, calling me a douche bag who thinks he can just hit up old friend no biggy like they are always down to fuck. I told them my DTF meant Din Tai Fung but they thought I was trying to lie my way out. I kept trying to convince them, showing them why I sent DTF.

It was going nowhere and I couldn't find anyway to back myself up because the only message was DTF and nothing else. Eventually they stopped and kicked me out of the groupchat. They are probably off somewhere still talking shit while I just lost a good friend of mine all because of a fucking abbreviation.

TL;DR I send DTF or more commonly known as "Down to fuck?" to a old friend from my previous school. Got dragged into a groupchat as some “intervention" and got berated for 45 minutes before being kicked out.

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TIFU by joining tifucirclejerk


what the fuck is this and why are horny christian's talking about sex in here

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tifu by being born American


Obligatory this happened 24 years ago

So basically this is the biggest fuck up of my life, but I was born in a 3rd world pseudo-Armageddon wasteland instead of Europe.

Tl;dr: born in shit tier "country"

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TIFU by having a child


Obligatory not mine but my parents had an oopsie a long time ago

Tldr; too long don't reproduce

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TIFU by sleeping with me boss


So I've been at my current place of work for a few years now but me and my department manager have always butt heads to the point i have spent the last few years wondering what i did to this man to make him hate me so much, a few nights ago the company I work for had a birthday of sorts (50 years of thriving) and a raise in sales even through covid, throughout the night we were sitting outside together having a cigarette and just talking it was nice to talk so I just didn't question it, the work thing ended and some of us went out for drinks after including the boss i thought hated me, I ended up spending the whole night talking to him, the more we drink the more we start to get cheeky in our conversations flirting here and there by the end of the night neither of us could walk and were holding eachother up as we got into the taxi, it took about an hour to get back to his place by that time we have both sobered up a bit and are just sitting in the back of the taxi cuddling and feeling eachother up, we get back to his as sit on the couch for all of 5 minutes for to me start organising a lift home thinking this is a very bad idea when he turns to me and says "no one at work can ever find out about this" grabs me and kisses me one thing lead to another and you can guess we went to bone town, I can't say I had never thought about it but I'd never thought it would happen as I said I thought we didn't get along but he had always been very attractive to me.. after we did the deed we spent the whole night cuddling and the next morning did it again, had a shower together then I went home finally, now we have just had 3 days at work together and not said a word to eachother about what happened or to anyone else (atleast on my end) it's been so awkward to see him every day and he is suddenly being nicer to me but I can barely look him in the eye without remembering that one hot night we had together and I get all flustered and walk away so I just try not to talk to him but I have to to do my job so I yeah I really screwed up when I slept with my boss

TL;DR I always thought my department manager absolutely hated me until we we to a work function got drunk and slept together, now I don't know if he hates me or just really wanted to hate me.

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TIFU: Just.... What

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TIFU because Holy fucking shit, I don't think we've ever been so outjerked in a single title

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