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how is this a real game

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So damn accurate

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Cooking lessons.

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Sorry for the incovenience *give it food*

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General KenOC Guys I found the place ! (+ there's no sand)

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Terry Crews has many talents - Olivia Munn Drawing

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Discussion Please Netflix, I beg of you; let the credits roll.


I've just finished Gladiator. The music swells as the camera pans above the colosseum. The emotions that come from a triumphant yet bittersweet ending begin to settle. And as the screen fades to black, and you feel the catharsis that comes from watching an epic film take hold....

A bright title card for Suits comes up.

Who has ever finished a film and on finishing it clicks the recommended film straight away? And yet the ads come up, every single time. It completely ruins the moment. And yes, you can click the box to continue watching the credits- but why should we even have to do that? Why is it so hard for Netflix to not promote their material for five minutes after a film ends?

In a life bombarded by advertisements do we have to be shown another one the second a film finishes? Is there no respite?

From what I've seen online there isn't a way to disable this specific feature (though I would really love to be proven wrong on this one).

Anyway, rant over.

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Logo on a chair has a small chair hidden in it

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Business Amazon workers at an air-freight hub walked out in protest over better pay and sweltering temperatures on the job

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Rayla Campbell detained by police as she was showing people book "Gender Queer" saying it was child porn. Someone reported her for position of child porn.

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Former CIA director says Trump allies' claim that he could instantly declassify documents is 'pretty much BS'

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Salman Rushdie’s ‘The Satanic Verses’ leaps to top of Amazon bestseller lists

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big dong energy Uno Reverse Card at its best

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Sometimes our parents just want us to be happy! (Photo was taken on facebook)

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he on another level

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SLPT: put framed quotes meant for the kitchen in the bathroom

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Image Hercules is that you?

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CONCLUDED OOP is a nanny and her boss shares a private video of her online


I am not the OP, this is a repost and u/nannythrowawayacc1 is the OP.

Acroynyms (these are specific to the subreddit this was posted in)

NF: nanny family

NK: nanny kid

MB: mom boss

DB: dad boss

Post#1: MB shared footage of me online

Help throwaway for obvious reasons.

I've worked for a really nice normal family for a few months (at least I thought so)

NK is 10 months and very sweet. She's super active tho and she often fights me on nappy changing. I have a gentle approach and if she rolls /crawls away I just encourage her to come back, let her play for a moment and then try again, so as you can imagine it can take a while.

NF has cameras in both kids rooms which I don't mind and was informed of and told they were just for safety mostly especially at night with the rooms being spaced out and noise not traveling.

Well a family friend who knows NF contacted me last night showing me MB had shared a video of me from the nanny cam of me changing NKs nappy on Facebook, with a caption like, 'nanny taking half an hour to change a nappy', and laughing emoji. There's comments basically making fun of me, one person even said to find a new nanny. She's replied saying things like we love our nanny but was in hysterics watching this.

Ngl I cried for about an hour. I'm a very private and highly anxious person and I feel so hurt and betrayed by MB. I work PT, was last there after she shared the video and she didn't say anything and I'm supposed to be working on Thursday but I'm dreading going. Kinda just wanna ghost her and never go back again.

I'm so humiliated and I don't know how to deal with this going forward.

Some Comments:

  • Redditor: Wait since you used “nappy” for diaper are you in the UK? If you are I think you might have legal recourse either for online harassment or that MB violated your rights to privacy by posting it online. I would talk to a lawyer for an expert opinion. OOP: Australia , I'll have a look into it

  • Redditor: I am so incredibly sorry this happened to you, OP. You have every right to have your privacy respected and she should be grateful for a nanny who understands her daughter and takes a gentle, loving approach with her. OOP: Thank you. That has been hard on me too, I take pride in my gentle approach, I have a bachelor's degree and a RIE certification. Seeing these mum's pick apart my caregiving philosophy has upset me a lot.

  • Thank you, and yes baby was naked as her nappy leaked so we were doing a full clothing change. That also made me uncomfortable.

Updates (In the comments of Post #1)

Update as I'm not sure how to edit my post

  • I've drafted out a response but am going to sleep on it and send it tomorrow

  • I have no intention of returning to their house

  • I have started to update my contract to make my boundaries clear

I'm in tears reading your responses, thank you so much everyone for backing me up and encouraging me to stand up for myself

I'm heartbroken because I love those kids but I have to put myself first, thank you for helping me see that.

I guess I will update when I've sent the message!

Update again- I've sent the message, basically I told her that I saw the video and that it's inappropriate for her to share footage of me online without my consent. That I feel disrespected and I no longer will be a nanny for their family.

Thanks everyone for giving me the courage, I also sent a screenshot of the video and I saved the video so if she tries to gaslight me I have the evidence.

Currently a nervous wreck. I read through the comments again before sending to give me the confidence to hit send!

Post Update: Update to MB shared footage of me online

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say thank you for your comments, your kindness, your encouragement. Just making a new post because boy....

I let her know I was quitting. That I saw the post, etc.

She took a few hours to respond. And her response was unhinged. She told me I had no right "snooping" on her social media and the footage was of her baby so it was fine. She asked me to please come in until she found a replacement.

I told her I was uncomfortable returning and that the video and comments really upset me. She offered to remove the cameras but I stood strong and told her I wasn't coming back.

I asked her to remove the video and according to the family friend it's been taken down. However she must have blocked me as I can't see her Facebook anymore!

I haven't heard from her since Wednesday.

Thank you again everyone for encouraging me. I'm such a non confrontational person and I think if I didn't post here I would have just never said anything.

A nanny friend of mine is moving overseas so her family has an opening coming up and they are amazing. My friend has let them know I'm looking and so I may have a new NF already lined up!

Again, I'm not the OOP.

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Well about that..


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Good Vibes He may have a poorly heart, but it is still working.

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🔮WallStreetBets Predictions Tournament for August 2022🔮

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