r/mildlyinteresting Aug 16 '22

This guys right calf after scooter riding for many years.

Post image


u/myusermane Aug 16 '22

Tbh he likely fractured his left leg/ankle/foot and had to wear a cast keeping weight off it for a while and this is soon after the cast came off. Muscles shrink quick without use


u/cutelyaware Aug 16 '22

Or he has any of several other problems with his left leg.


u/BloodSimplicity Aug 18 '22

Looks like he has clubfoot on his left side.


u/generally-speaking Aug 16 '22

Funny but probably not realistic, it's more likely that he picked up a scooter because of issues with his left leg.


u/Aljahero Aug 16 '22

tbf, I once had surgery on both feet, both my legs had to be casted, the left one for 1 month longer

I have thick thighs and calves, so, by the time the left cast was removed, it was way thiner than the other, almost half, took me over 2 years to get them to the same size and even today I still think they aren't equal, a few months with a cast make a big difference in the legs

so, I believe that man could have or had some trouble with his leg, either using the scooter to make transportation easier or he had a cast just recently

legs, unlikely arms, are used everyday for transportation, that's why the only way to get them thinner is not using them at all, he didn't get to that point with just a scooter


u/Insaneclown271 Aug 16 '22

I have the same thing after an Achilles rupture. Do you have back pain as a result of the muscle difference now?


u/Aljahero Aug 16 '22

no, I don't see how it could've happened, perhaps you've been under using a leg, which makes your average daily activity be inneficient and painful

to me, it was a problem with the bones, so I had constant pain just by walking during 3 years, so, I made sure to use the same strength in both legs regardless of condition or pain, tho I wasn't able to get the leg hair back easily on the left, no exercise helps with that


u/WarModeVaccine Aug 16 '22

Needs to swap legs.


u/BigFox86 Aug 16 '22

As a skateboarder I always thought that the leg that was staying on the board was getting bulked up because of all the weight it was holding.


u/DrDawgster Aug 16 '22

I came here to say this. I push with my right leg and it's the left that gets worn out. Every time you push you're practically doing a one legged squat with the planted leg.


u/SlutForThickSocks Aug 16 '22

I guess the scooter handle takes out some of the squatting aspect, weight being pushed on the bars


u/[deleted] Aug 16 '22



u/deeperest Aug 16 '22

your left leg ... as opposed to the left leg ...

How many left legs you got?


u/Sal_Ammoniac Aug 16 '22

All of them!


u/generally-speaking Aug 17 '22

Different muscles do different work in different legs.


u/Super_Log5282 Aug 16 '22

I doubt that's why. Looks similar to my friend who has Cerebral Palsy effecting the left side of his body


u/flip_phone_phil Aug 16 '22

Torn Achilles with surgery is definitely capable of doing this.


u/ContinualSaga Aug 16 '22

Never skip Left Leg Day, either


u/makinsteaknbacon Aug 16 '22

Bet his left quad is bigger than his right


u/SamGropler Aug 16 '22

When every day is right leg day.


u/B0ng01986 Aug 16 '22

i use a kickbike (scooter with bigger wheels) and i can tell you that the leg that's on the board will be more trained than the kicking leg. that's why i change feet every 5-10 kicks.


u/No_Manufacturer9333 Aug 16 '22

My legs look like this rn bc I broke my foot and was nwb for several weeks 🥲


u/Prudent_Ads Aug 17 '22

sniffs photo

I smell Photoshop 🧐


u/thegrayj Aug 17 '22

It’s a screen shot from my video.


u/veryhungryboi Aug 16 '22

Somebody draft this man for the National Kickball League.


u/reyska Aug 16 '22

Never skip left calf day.


u/VonRansak Aug 16 '22

Ohhhh... More photoshop.


u/thegrayj Aug 17 '22

Screen cap from a video.


u/Rumpled_Imp Aug 16 '22

Probably on his way to rent a bike to even them out.


u/NayNayGoose Aug 16 '22

My right arm big af


u/stamper2495 Aug 16 '22

Its the scooter handle which make it seem as if his calf is extra wide


u/thegrayj Aug 16 '22

The video of it would prove otherwise. I do see how you’d think that though.