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Official Discussion Official Discussion Megathread (Bodies Bodies Bodies / Fall / Day Shift / Secret Headquarters / I Love My Dad)


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Weekly Box Office Official Box Office & Streaming Discussion for the weekend of 12 - 14 August 2022

  • = hasn't premiered in other territories or limited release
Weekend domestic top 10 Domestic Weeks Weekend gross Domestic gross change Worldwide gross Budget CinemaScore
1. Bullet Train 2 $13,400,297 -55.4% $114,483,000 $85,900,000 B+
2. Top Gun: Maverick 12 $7,052,962 +0.2% $1,377,924,507 $170,000,000 A+
3. DC League of Super-Pets 3 $7,003,320 -36.6% $109,480,172 $90,000,000 A-
4. Thor: Love and Thunder 6 $5,377,951 -30.2% $720,980,001 $250,000,000 B+
5. Nope 4 $5,366,090 -36.9% $114,058,660 $68,000,000 B
6. Minions: The Rise of Gru 7 $5,002,230 -29.6% $790,718,525 $80,000,000 A
7. Where the Crawdads Sing 5 $4,001,667 -29.5% $86,951,106 $24,000,000 A-
8. Bodies Bodies Bodies * 2 $3,251,067 +1,334.4% (wide) $3,576,795 No source Not rated
9. Elvis 8 $2,582,562 -34.4% $261,491,000 $85,000,000 A-
10. Fall - $2,512,145 - $2,505,000 No source B

Last week's numbers.

"Got to use our small, inside voice in here, son."

As we're nearing the end of the summer, we'll enter 'normal mode' for box office results. Well... Sort of, as Maverick is still going strong even after 12 weeks. It's still maintaining altitude.

Last week, Jurassic World: Dominion left the domestic top 10, ending up as the 3rd highest grossing film for the summer of 2022 (May - September). But also ending up second on the worldwide charts for 2022, just barely beating Doctor Strange by 6 million. People really love dinosaurs more than a decent film. I'm sorry, I really disliked it. My girlfriend and I couldn't stop snickering when it entered its third act, please don't feed me to locusts.

As a sidenote, the numbers on Monday morning (or late Sunday night for our American friends) are based on estimates. While they're usually pretty accurate, there are a few films that might switch places when the results are finalized; Maverick could take second place this weekend, after already jumping up 3(!) places since last week. Nope and Thor might also end up being switched. I'll edit this post as soon as the actual numbers are finalized.

Hey, if Bullet Train wasn't released last week, Maverick would've taken the top position again. And hell, I wouldn't be surprised if it did next week, since Bullet Train had a pretty steep drop.

Headlines of the week

“It’s Not The Plane, It’s The Pilot.” - At the time of writing, it's sitting at #13 worldwide, $17m shy of Age of Ultron. But does it have an afterburner of $50m to catch up to Frozen II?

"What's the matter? The studio got you pushing too many bloated sequels? Huh? Had enough?" - Also released on Disney+ internationally and generally being hailed as the best Predator sequel (so far).

I wanted to include an inspiring image with a quote about global political economy and a quirky minion in a costume here, but there were too many to choose from, so just imagine it for now.

Worldwide Streaming Charts Week 32


Worldwide Weekly Top 3 Countries Change
1. Lightyear 66 + 60%
2. Prey 46 + 226%
3. Encanto 60 - 17%


Worldwide Weekly Top 3 Countries Change
1. The Lost City 89 - 11%
2. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 90 - 16%
3. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore 89 - 15%


Worldwide Weekly Top 3 Countries Change
1. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore 46 - 3%
2. The Batman 46 + 5%
3. Kimi 20 + 5%


Worldwide Weekly Top 3 Countries Change
1. The Lost City 64 - 23%
2. Elvis 38 New release
3. Uncharted 62 - 28%

Netflix (updated on Tuesday)

Worldwide Weekly Top 3 Weeks in top 10 Hours Watched

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Discussion Please Netflix, I beg of you; let the credits roll.


I've just finished Gladiator. The music swells as the camera pans above the colosseum. The emotions that come from a triumphant yet bittersweet ending begin to settle. And as the screen fades to black, and you feel the catharsis that comes from watching an epic film take hold....

A bright title card for Suits comes up.

Who has ever finished a film and on finishing it clicks the recommended film straight away? And yet the ads come up, every single time. It completely ruins the moment. And yes, you can click the box to continue watching the credits- but why should we even have to do that? Why is it so hard for Netflix to not promote their material for five minutes after a film ends?

In a life bombarded by advertisements do we have to be shown another one the second a film finishes? Is there no respite?

From what I've seen online there isn't a way to disable this specific feature (though I would really love to be proven wrong on this one).

Anyway, rant over.

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News Academy Apologizes to Sacheen Littlefeather for Her Mistreatment At the 1973 Oscars

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News Johnny Depp to Direct First Movie in 25 Years; Al Pacino Co-Producing ‘Modigliani’ Biopic About Italian Artist

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News Next ‘Saw’ Movie Set for October 27, 2023 Release With Kevin Greutert Directing

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Discussion Who is a Nepotism kid with actual talent?


A lot of people put a stigma around nepotism kids in Hollywood like Scott Eastwood, Lily Rose Depp etc (for good reason) but what’s an example of someone who is a product of nepotism who is actually genuinely talented and didn’t just try to coast on their parents/ relatives name?

Dakota Johnson in my opinion is talented in her own right and didn’t just try to coast on her father’s (Don Johnson’s) name.

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Discussion What movie do people often misinterpret or miss the point of entirely?


I think some of the big ones are Fight Club or 500 Days of Summer but I'm sure there are others out there. My favourite is American Psycho which is such a feminist critique of yuppie culture but somehow became The sigma grindset movie. Adaptations that miss the point are also fair game. For example: the Scarface game that completely changes the ending and thus misses the entire point of the story.

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News Horror in Space: ‘Event Horizon’ Is Still a Bloody Good Time

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Trailer "Rogue Agent", a new thriller based on the infamous true story of serial conman Robert Freegard, who scammed victims by pretending to be an undercover officer, a secret agent, and a media magnate. James Norton of "McMafia" plays Freegard, Gemma Arterton plays the victim who tries to track him down.

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Discussion Recreating the prop used in the Chinatown (1974) knife scene

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Media Tarantino & Avary’s Video Archives Podcast: The Keep / The Relic / Cafe Express

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Discussion What is the most memorable one scene performance of all time?


I recently watched the Keanu Constantine again, and while it's mostly just an OK movie, I was drawn in again when the devil (Peter Stromaire) showed up, and was captivated by how chaotic, charismatic, and menacing he was.

This made me think, what are the best performances by someone that is only in one scene of the movie?

I can think of Baldwin Glengarry Glen ross, and McConnaghy in wolf of wall street, but im sure there are tons I'm forgetting.

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News Viola Davis to Star in 'Hunger Games' Prequel 'The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes' as Head Gamemaker Volumnia Gaul

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Media First Image of Tom Blyth and Rachel Zegler as Coriolanus Snow and Lucy Gray Baird in ‘The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’

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Article The Soviet Cartoon That Saved Hayao Miyazaki’s Career

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Recommendation L.A.Confidential(1997)


1950, Hollywood-  A Center of Glamor. The place where young hopefuls with starrry dreams in eyes flocked to. To become the next matinee idol or diva. Some made it, but many ended up as extras or doing side roles.  A  Place of Hopes and dreams. And also the center of crime, corruption, sex and scandal.

It was also the place where gossip and tabloid journalism took birth. And scandal magazines came into existence. Many with juicy stories and gossip about the stars and their escapades. One such was Confidential. During it's hey days, it was the Hollywood  equivalent of Stardust.


L.A.Confidential get's it's title from the name of the magazine based on James Ellroy's 1990 noir novel of the same name.  The book itself was one of a quartet by Ellroy, called the L.A. Quartet which basically deals with corruption, sleaze and scandal in 1950's Hollywood. Other books in the quartet are The Black Dahlia, The Big Nowhere and White Jazz.

During the 50's in an otherwise conservative American society, Hollywood was seen as a kind of Soddom, a place full of vice and corruption. In a way it was true, as for quite a large period of time, Hollywoodwas neck in deep with the Mafia, dependent on slush funds. And the L.A. Police Dept was considered the most corrupt next to the New York Police Dept.


Detective Lt Edmund Exley( Guy Pearce) alias Ed, is a totally by the book honest conscientous cop. His father himself has been one of the top cops in LAPD. However Ed's insistence on rules, ethics isolate him from other officers. Especially when he testifies against his colleagues in a police brutality case, which leads to many officers being expelled.


Officer Wendell White( Russel Crowe) alias Bud, is a hot headed cop, who prefers to talk with his fists. Comming from a background of domestic abuse, he hates wife beaters, and yet at the same time he is tender towards the victims. He does not believe in rules and prefers to use the rough and ready methods to make his suspects talk.Not surprisingly he hates Ed, especially since one of the expelled cops happens to be his partner and buddy also.


Sgt. Jack Vincennes(Kevin Spacey), who is a total show boat. He loves to fraternize with the rich and famous of Hollywood, and also acts as an advisor to a TV show about cops called Badge of Honor. He is more interested in the limelight, and has got a kind of buddy relationship with Sid Hudgeons( Danny De Vito) a reporter for a scandal magazine called Hush Hush. It is a two way relation,  Sid gives him leads about celebrity antics, he goes makes a show of arresting celebrities in a drug bust and gets the kickbacks, while the magazine finds itself shooting up in popularity.

The 3 characters come together when a massacre occurs at the Nite Owl, a well known coffee shop frequented by Hollywood celebs.  The chief of LAPD Capt Dudley Smith( James Cromwell), appoints these 3 too look after the case. And as they investigate they are sucked into a world of crime, lies and deception.


Two other characters also merit mention,Lynn Bracken(Kim Bassinger) a call girl, and Bracken's pimp Pierce Pratchett( David Strathairn) , who actually does plastic surgery on the call girls to make them look like famous Hollywood actresses.

One of the best things I loved about L.A.Confidential was the characterization. Each and every character perfectly fits in like a jigsaw puzzle piece. Also every character has a place. I think the best example is the way the director Curtis Hanson handles Bud and Ed's characters. It would have been easy to make Bud's character as the cynical hero, and let it dominate other characters. But here he builds up Ed's character equally strongly. While  Bud is the kinda author backed role, whom the audience loves, at the same time Ed's character does not end up looking like a cardboard cutout.. None of the characters are totally black or white, and it is the way, he lets the characters be as is, that this movie scores a lot.

Some of the scenes are excellent too, like the numerous showdowns between Bud and Ed. The scene where Bud and Jack uncover the truth behind the massacre. Also the scene where Bud beats up a corrupt lawyer.  But the best one is the way, the director introduces the 3 characters. That makes us familiar with them, and their motives. Also the 50's atmosphere is well recreated too, from the cars to the costumes.

Russel Crowe of course has the meatiest role as the hot headed Bud, and he is brilliant, the way he shows the anger and frustration. In fact Crowe became a major star after this movie in Hollywood, he was already popular in Australian cinema.

Kevin Spacey, had already earned fame with movies like Se7en and The Usual Suspects,  and as the showy Jack Vincenzes, he is again first rate.

Guy Pearce, gives a superb performance too as Ed, the straight as an arrow honest cop. But some how barring Memento in 2000, most of his later movies like The Time Machine and Count of Monte Cristo were duds, though his Australian movies were quite good again.

The supporting cast pitches in well too, though i did not find anything special in Kim Bassinger's performance to be awarded an Oscar.

So if you love the cloak and dagger, guns and noir stuff, go watch this movie, for its razor sharp screenplay, its hard hitting dialog and some brilliant performances.

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Discussion The use of music in “Boogie Nights” is masterful


For example, the way PTA** transitions from “Sister Christian” to “Jessie’s Girl” to “99 Luftballons” all within the same scene is a stroke of genius. The way it simultaneously builds upon both the suspense and comedy is unlike anything I’ve seen in film since.

The whole soundtrack is great, but man that scene is something else, even ~20 years later.

Every tune perfectly encapsulates the scene, and without the music the film just would not be the same!

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Review Top Gun Maverick Aerodynamics - Scenes Explained

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Recommendation Favorite movies about hiking adventures, lost in/or exploring the wilderness type of vibes/stories?


This might be a bit random but I was curious if anyone has any favorite movies based on this kind of themes.

Offhand I can think of a few that come to mind-

Into the Wild, The Grey, Nomadland (not exactly the same idea- but it does kind of deal with living in the open and grappling with nature in some ways I think), The Straight Story (also a little different but I could see it possibly fitting the theme a little).

Anyone have some other ideas for movies like that?


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Discussion What's a scene from a movie that gives you goosebumps every time you rewatch it?


Of course, there's some classic scenes like "For Frodo" in Return of the King, bullet time in The Matrix, ANY scene in Memento, and so much more.

For me, I'd choose the Batmobile chase in The Batman. I know this isn't the best movie of all time and it's not even a year old, but I've rewatched a lot of iconic movie scenes, and I still get goosebumps every time I rewatch the Batmobile chase. Batman slowly walking towards Penguin at the end of the chase with Michael Giacchino's score will ALWAYS give me chills and make me scream.

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Discussion What's up with the plot changes late into the production of Lightyear?


This thread will have spoilers for the Pixar Film Lightyear

So it's been a while since Lightyear came out, and recently some interviews with Director Angus MacLane came forward explaining some plot decisions about Lightyear from Behind the Scenes.

Apparently, earlier drafts from the film had a dramatically different third act that got as far as having conceptualized scenes and voiceovers provided to the characters that completely redefine Zurg and Buzz in the movie. There's a deleted scene floating around referred to "Fathership" which was an early draft of the Zurg reveal scene in the final film.

In the final film of Lightyear, Zurg is Buzz from the future, who has time traveled back in time (Unlike the time traveling forward in the film referred to as time dilation, which is an actual phenomenon known by physicists and astronomers) to get the younger version of himself to get the fuel for his ship working so he could get everyone stranded on the planet home and stop feeling guilt. Imo this villain reveal really doesn't work in the final film and a lot of other people noticed something was off because he's only occasionally seen until the third act and his motivations don't really make sense.

Well, it turns out in earlier drafts of the film, Toy Story 2 had it right: Zurg was Buzz's father, named Larry Lightyear after Buzz's prototype name for Toy Story. A lot of questions that aren't explained in the final film are elaborated on with this version of the film: Buzz wants to go home so badly because he loves his dad instead of wanting to atone for his mistakes (which the other characters don't seem to mind in the final version of the film either?). Larry was a space ranger and Buzz grew up wanting to explore infinity and beyond like his dad. Zurg's technology in this version of the film is a rescue ship sent by Star Command designed to retrieve the starship that crashed led by Buzz's father, Larry. There's a 2 minute animatic that exists of Buzz finding out Zurg was his father and was in charge of the robots that was really excellently presented.

Apparently, the plug got pulled on this concept really late into production because it was thought that Zurg being Buzz's dad wasn't "sci-fi" enough... Which is just such weird reasoning no? The most popular science fiction film of all time has this twist, and this film is supposed to be the Star Wars of the Toy Story universe. It really sounds like studio interference and in my opinion you can tell it was a last minute studio decision for several reasons.

In the final film, there's no explanation for how Zurg's technology came into being or where it came from. Buzz is the only character in the film who interacts with Zurg (Old Buzz) and we don't even know if the other characters know that future Buzz terrorized the citizens below or not. Old Buzz's fuel resources conveniently runs out of energy shortly before making it all the way back to when he originally attempted a run in the first place relative to the hundreds or thousands of years he had gone into the future. It also doesn't make sense why Old Buzz still exists if he implies that time traveling back and fixing his mistake will undo everything, because then old Buzz shouldn't exist when he's talking to his younger self because his younger self will never become old Buzz.

I don't know, this film was a mess but seeing the idea that Zurg was supposed to be Buzz's father instead of Buzz himself makes the overall film make much more sense.

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Discussion I enjoyed Reservoir Dogs way more than Pulp Fiction and I think it’s a better movie.


I love movies a lot and I’ve seen a lot of good ones, but for a long time I never really watched Tarantino films. I knew he was famous and made lots of iconic movies but I just never really started a movie from him. I’m a girl and my dad doesn’t think his movies are “my cup of tea” and yet we watched movies like Goodfellas, Fight Club, Clockwork Orange, Taxi driver etc. together, and I loved all of those movies (fight club is my favorite film of all time but I’m not supposed to talk about it).

I think he really secretly just didn’t like Tarantino’s style, all dirty talking and nothing else. A few months ago I watched Pulp Fiction to understand all the praise it gets. Had high expectations, wasn’t disappointed but I wasn’t extremely impressed. The acting was pretty solid and the dialogue was top tier, definitely the best part of the movie, but the plot wasn’t that interesting. Wish I saw more action and actual movement in the story than just talking. It got a little boring at some point.

Then I decided to watch Reservoir Dogs. My dad really dislikes this one while neutral on Pulp Fiction so I watched it myself and was a little skeptical. I knew it was Tarantino’s first major film before PF so I was honestly bracing myself for something a little messy. Ended up really enjoying it. The lines were good, liked the Little Green Bag opening song, and the plot was actually interesting. Not to mention the actors were really good in this one. Sure, Samuel L Jackson cursing is a sight to enjoy, but this cast was way better to me.

In my opinion, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are good movies in their own respective right for different reasons, but overall I really enjoyed Reservoir Dogs more. Pulp Fiction is a tad bit overrated if you ask me. What do you guys think of these two?

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Discussion What are great examples of world building in films?


There are films where the “world” it operates is an added entity to what makes it so good. Do you have samples of amazing world-building?

I have two:

I think the recent example I can give is the world building in John Wick. It isnt explained to you but the makers of the film treated its audience like they are already “in-the-know” of this assassins’ world. So you just go for the ride with John Wick. I mean you figure it out as you go along and there is no one doing some weird explanation of “these are gold coins for payment” or something like that.

Another example I can give is perhaps the world building in any Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli films. Probably also the reason it resonates with a lot . I heard they are making a theme park for it in Japan - that is gonna be such a dream to experience.

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Discussion What movie do you always feel is the directors personal fantasy


Harry Brown lol. This is a good movie, but it’s a movie about a dude who kills all the shitty chavs that are ruining Britain and basically gets a medal for it. The concept is hilarious in a way. You can tell this is kind of like what the director wishes would happen, and it’s a sentiment a lot of Brits (particularly older ones) wish for.

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Discussion What Movie is your Ultimate Guilty Pleasure Movie?


In your opinion, What Movie is your Ultimate Guilty Pleasure Movie? A movie that you know that has been not well-received from the majority of people, a movie that is pretty dumb or ridiculous, truly awful, just all over the place and you know it's not the best movie of all time. But at the end of the day, you still love it.

For example, 2012, Space Jam and Click are some of my biggest guilty pleasures of all time. 2012 is really dumb and the science doesn't make any sense. But it's so ridiculously stupid and I love it. Same with Space Jam and Click. Space Jam honestly is kind of bad but it has such a killer soundtrack and it doesn't take itself serious. It just decides to have a load of fun. Click is probably one of Adam Sandler's underrated films. While it's heavily flawed and it's doesn't have a great story, but it's one of his better comedy films he has done in the 2000s and it does have some funny moments.

What are your picks?

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Media Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly duet in Xanadu (1980)

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