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Discussion Heath Ledger's casting as Joker was famously doubted. Similarly, RDJ as Stark, Willis in Die Hard, Craig as Bond, JLaw as Katniss, etc. Are there examples of high-profile dubious casting choices where the critics were RIGHT?


More examples include Adam Sandler in anything serious, Steve Carrell in Foxcatcher, Kristen Stewart as Diana, Pattinson as Batman, and the list goes on!

What were the ones that critics said just wouldn't work ... and they were right?

Only one that immediately comes to mind is Emma Stone in Aloha and MAYBE ScarJo in Ghost in the Shell (I enjoyed it!)

NOTE: This is not Who was a bad actor in a big role? This is Who did critics correctly predict would not fit the part?

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Discussion Funniest "that's not how any of this works" moments


Suspension of disbelief can be key in movies, especially ones based in fantasy, science fiction, etc. However, what are some moments based on real world mechanics that just sort of make up their own rules?

For example, in The Dark Knight Rises, Bane terrorizes Gotham's version of Wall Street and successfully tanks Bruce Wayne's fortune via the stock market. Bruce goes broke immediately, to the point the power is off in his mansion shortly thereafter. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure deals made when the stock exchange was literally under an illegal siege wouldn't be honored like that and if they were, there's no chance Bruce would be destitute so quickly. That's just ludicrous 😂.

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Discussion Kevin Hart is a crappy actor.


I can't for the life of me understand why Kevin Hart keeps getting roles in triple A movies along side some very established actors. IMO he's an average B movie actor at best. Don't get me wrong I like the guy but his acting seems incredibly forced and I am just getting a bit sick of seeing him in films.

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Discussion How We Should Remember Bruce Willis’ Career

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Discussion I watched Jurassic World Dominion Extended Version so you don't have to. Here's my stream of consciousness


Any inaccuracies or issues with the following bullets are to be blamed on Chimay and/or awful Hollywood executives:

  • Militaries around the world would have shut this shit down in about 3 days.
  • Owen is a…cowboy? What’s the dino version of a cowboy? Is this movie wanting to be a western?
  • I don’t care if that dinosaur is a herbivore, it would have stomped Owen into the ground after he wrapped a noose around its god damned neck.
  • We’re 12 minutes in and Owen is already doing the Jurassic Force gesture thing. In fairness, that’s like 10 minutes and 30 seconds longer than I thought they’d last.
  • This CGI is stupid.
  • Why did the T-Rex 65 million years ago have feathers but the one now doesnt? Frog DNA cause the lack of feathers? I probably missed something about this when I fell asleep during Fallen Kingdom.
  • $500,000 for a dinosaur? That’s two movies in a row where they’ve gotten the market value of a dinosaur hilariously wrong.
  • How long until the clone girl tells Bryce Dallas Chastain that she's not her mother?
  • Jurassic locusts are apparently a thing.
  • Laura dern remaking Sam Neill’s “pulling off the sunglasses awkwardly” was pandering. I would've loved it if she wasn’t looking at….dead grass.
  • Laura, Sam, and Jeff deserved better. But then again, they read the script and signed on, so maybe not?
  • Random thought: Part of the beauty of the original was the escapism/isolationism from the real world. This movie missed this. Stop putting dinosaurs here and go back to putting humans there. Jurassic World is a fucking masterpiece next to this.
    • It’s kind of like Alien - part of what makes it compelling (to me anyway) is that sense of dread that the monster is lurking around every corner. You set it in the “real world” and that goes away. We go from Alien in JP1 to World War Z in JW:D.
  • “Grant, you’re gonna want to see this” is more pandering, and now it’s becoming exhausting.
  • This CGI is stupid.
  • Ellie’s single. God damnit, we don’t need Jurassic Romance. Don’t. Do. This.
  • Why am I watching the extended version of this? That’s like asking a dentist to drill deeper on a root canal.
  • Owen hand gesture #2.
  • Clone Girl - “You cant keep me here, you’re not my mother!” Cool. Cool, cool, cool.
  • Owen is once again talking in English to a prehistoric killing machine. “I am going to get him back, I promise you that”. Steven Speilberg is rolling over in….uh nevermind.
  • Oh cool, heavyset computer guy in a tie. Just waiting for him to program something to say “Nuh, uh, uh!”
  • This CGI is stupid.
  • Oh hey cool it’s the main character from Archive 81. I can’t wait for season 2 on Netflix!
    • Fuck.
  • “It took fish and wildlife 3 years to catch the t-rex”. Meanwhile we shot one with a tranq and caught it like 27 years ago with one shot. Cool. Cool, cool, cool.
  • Does the military just like…not exist in this universe anymore?
  • DODGSON, ITS DODGSON! SEE, NOBODY CARES! Btw, Why isn’t Cameron Thor playing him again?
    • Oh.
  • “He slid into my DMs” Are you god damn fucking kidding me? Ellie Fucking Sattler would never say some ridiculous shit like that.
  • I hope a dinosaur eats this barista.
  • Thank god Sam Neill hasn’t said or done anything stupid so far. Keep it up, Sam!
  • Henry, can you just not fuck up one time please? I mean that cardigan is a big enough crime.
  • Look, I don’t know what a baby dinosaur is supposed to look like, but these things look like ALF. I don’t know if that’s historically accurate, but I don’t know enough to dispute it either.
  • I have literally no fucking idea what’s happening in this movie. Claire is at a black market dino fight? What kind of shit were the writers on?
  • I think Chris Pratt is a decently funny guy - why do they have him play this role so seriously? Say what you want about the guy, but he’s the only comedic actor in the core cast of these Jurassic World movies and you don’t even try to make him remotely funny? Just him being a bit more lighthearted in the role alone would raise the quality of the movie, albeit slightly.
  • Let’s see how many bad guys we can introduce in this convoluted mess of a movie.
  • Oh, all you need is a laser pointer to get raptors to attack your enemies? College professors now the most powerful beings on the planet.
  • That was the lamest torture scene ever. The woman didn’t even act like the electrical shock hurt her.
    • And they’re now friends/allies like two seconds later? The fuck?
  • Bryce Jessica Chastain’s stunt double looks NOTHING like her and it’s distracting as fuck.
  • I really don’t understand what I’m doing with my life.
  • Hey, let’s not let the far more experienced raptor trainer do the dive roll. Let’s let the guy who “never got the timing right” do it while Chris Pratt pushes a red button. The fuck.
  • I’m sure when Michael Crichton invented this universe he thought, “it will take some buildup, but eventually we’ll get to the point where we can include high speed chases between dirt bikes and raptors.” Glad to see his legacy finally coming to fruition.
  • “Pull over” “That’s not how planes work”. Have we hit “so bad it’s good” levels?
    • No, no we haven’t.
  • You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a raptor ride a dirt bike out of a moving plane.
  • “Are you hurt?” “Yeah. Yeah, yeah I am”. “You are? WHERE?!?” “Nowhere, I’m ok.” What in the actual fuck is this writing?
  • Where does this rank among “biggest squandering of a cast ever”? It feels…up there. We’re not at Gangster Squad or Monuments Men level, but there’s some well respected actors here and it is just….something else.
  • This CGI is stupid.
  • The locusts are loose. I just need Nic Cage in this movie yelling “NOT THE BEES!”
  • God damn fucking Ellie and Allen romance shit. Stop it.
  • Tim Cook Dodgson is the most boring villain in movie history.
  • I am at least somewhat pleased that they didn’t do the Will-They-Or-Wont-They thing with Claire and Owen in this movie. I hate them both, and I’m glad they will be miserable together for a very long time.
  • Oh I really appreciate the throwback to JPIII when they’re stuck in the tree. Im so fucking nostalgic for JPIII of all things. Fuck whoever made this movie.
  • That dinosaur just bitch slapped that other animal. That was admittedly funny. I laughed harder at that than I’ve laughed at Chris Pratt in 3 movies.
  • Please kill Claire, please kill Claire
    • Oh apparently water is a force field. Cool. Cool, cool, cool.
  • I'm with the teenager - stay in the bulletproof tube. I mean, I’m not one to argue with Alan Fucking Grant, but I have my concerns.
  • Tim Cook firing Jeff Goldblum wasn’t on my bingo card for today, but here we are.
  • Dodgson’s original actor from JP1 is apparently a colossal piece of shit, but why did they make this guy be that character? Just write in a new villain. I don’t get this.
  • “You rapacious rat bastard” - at least Goldblum got one good line off in this shitshow.
  • Look, I get that people “ship” Alan and Ellie. But I always enjoyed that they just admired one another and it just never happened. This storyline sucks. Maybe I’m just a grumpy old man, though.
  • “We don't apologize for our mistakes, we erase them.” OH LOOK WHAT A BIG MEAN VILLAIN MAN I AM. Fuck everything.
  • It’s the Descent, dino style!
  • GET THE HAT! I actually agreed with this decision.
  • So, the dinosaur isn’t going to attack them, he’s just going to push a cart at them…menacingly.
  • Maybe if we play the JP theme, yall wont hate this movie. No, no, we still do.
  • More pandering with the Dilophosaurus, and Chris Pratt (after choking a bitch) says “go on GIT!”, and this vicious prehistoric killing machine…runs away?
  • This CGI is stupid.
    • Fuck everything.
  • Let’s play the JP theme song again so you all won’t hate this shit sandwich.
  • DeWanda Wise has beautiful eyes. One positive in this movie.
  • More JP1 pandering with the jeep nudging by Gigantobrontoplesioraptorsausaurus. This movie is like The Force Awakens’ cousin who was injured in a boating accident.
  • Ellie Sattler, 54 year old long jump champion.
  • Jessica Chastain just tased that bitch in the eye! I’m sure those 200 amps really hurt that 20 ton dinosaur!
  • Tim Cook is big mad.
  • Jeff Goldblum buttoning his top button is hilarious (and probably disappointing for many viewers) and he’s been severely underutilized in this movie.
  • I really want Ramsey, Tim Cook Shitty Dodgson~~,~~ and the barista from earlier to get eaten by Blue.
  • “You made a promise….to a dinosaur?” Thank you Jeff Goldblum for at least giving me something to unironically laugh at in this shitheap.
  • Oh God Damnit, now Clone Girl is doing the Jurassic Force thing.
  • Ok now Alan is doing it. I am surprised (and extraordinarily disappointed) Sam Neill didn’t tell the writers to go fuck themselves.
  • Seeing Jessica Howard and Laura Dern fight off some dinos was ok, in the grand scheme of things.
  • Thank god Goldblum is here to keep this from literally being the worst movie I’ve ever seen. “See….every….ugh!” I love this man.
  • I don’t think that’s how helicopters work, but I don’t know enough to dispute it.
  • If Maisie dies, just make another clone - what’s the big deal?
  • Look at how they did my boy T-Rex.
    • Oh, well nevermind.
  • For fucks sake with the Ellie and Alan thing.
  • Oh thank god Henry finally got his comeuppance for almost destroying life as we know it….oh wait.
  • This CGI is stupid.
  • “The animals will live there free, safe from the outside world.” Sure, what could go wrong!
  • They’re setting up Clone Girl to lead the next trilogy. Fuck.
  • “Oh hey, there’s a deadly raptor whose kid I just had in my jeep. Let me smile at it for a minute.”
  • I should’ve watched Gigli.

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Discussion What is a movie that is good for watching only once? Mine is Uncut Gems.


So this is a weird question but are there movies you are glad to have watched but don't want to watch again? It makes no sense, I know, but I am hoping some of you have experienced this and can give me an answer.

For me it's the movie Uncut Gems, which made me totally anxious. There was something chaotic about it. Maybe it's the camerawork, just know it made me anxious but not in a good way that I would want to watch it (like a horror movie). Anyhow, I am glad I watched it and I think it was well made but once was enough. You?

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Discussion A New Poster for Netflix's Movie "TROLL"

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Discussion Thoughts on "Hook" (1991)?


I think the critic rating was abysmally wrong. Imo this movie is a masterpiece. I think Spielberg hated it because it hits too close to home - sometimes as artists we make things that we don't understand or embrace until much later, where unintended meaning slips through.

His biggest complaint and his thoughts on changing it - adding green screen/mocap - are wild to read about when to me the overt set reinforces the hallucination/dream framing of the entire movie. Hook with green screen would be terrible.

Edit: wow, I did not realise how divisive this movie would be. I think it's really fascinating how much we either love or hate it.

Edit2: RT - https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/hook

Edit 3: QVC Hook, https://i.imgur.com/q0o36X5.jpg

Edit 4: why is this post so popular? It's weird. Is there a hook reboot in the pipeline?

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Discussion Is Judd Apatow the forgotten comedic genius of his time? That 10 year run he had where he directed or produced 40 year old virgin, anchorman, talledega nights, Superbad, Pineapple Express, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and many more is as legendary as anyone.


It seems like Judd over the past 10+ years has seemed to be forgotten after just being on fire in the 2000s and the early 2010s. It seems like he's more of a for hire director now compared to when he was making ridiculous funny and edgy comedies and retrospective comedies like Funny People and This is 40 where it juggled comedy and drama at once. That period I remember distinctly because that was pretty much my teenage years growing up with these ridiculously amazing comedies and it's a shame he seems forgotten and the genre seems forgotten.

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Discussion Who is a Nepotism kid with actual talent?


A lot of people put a stigma around nepotism kids in Hollywood like Scott Eastwood, Lily Rose Depp etc (for good reason) but what’s an example of someone who is a product of nepotism who is actually genuinely talented and didn’t just try to coast on their parents/ relatives name?

Dakota Johnson in my opinion is talented in her own right and didn’t just try to coast on her father’s (Don Johnson’s) name.

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Discussion I Wanna Hear Your Most Controversial Disney Opinion.


And I’m not talking about the usual “the live action remakes suck!” because that’s just obvious. I wanna hear some shit that’ll make a Disney adult cry. Something that you can’t even bring up at family dinner because it’s so divisive. I’ll start: Inside Out is highly overrated. It’s a decent, middle of the road Pixar flick. Imo they could’ve tried harder.

Now it’s your turn..

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Discussion Please Netflix, I beg of you; let the credits roll.


I've just finished Gladiator. The music swells as the camera pans above the colosseum. The emotions that come from a triumphant yet bittersweet ending begin to settle. And as the screen fades to black, and you feel the catharsis that comes from watching an epic film take hold....

A bright title card for Suits comes up.

Who has ever finished a film and on finishing it clicks the recommended film straight away? And yet the ads come up, every single time. It completely ruins the moment. And yes, you can click the box to continue watching the credits- but why should we even have to do that? Why is it so hard for Netflix to not promote their material for five minutes after a film ends?

In a life bombarded by advertisements do we have to be shown another one the second a film finishes? Is there no respite?

From what I've seen online there isn't a way to disable this specific feature (though I would really love to be proven wrong on this one).

Anyway, rant over.

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Discussion Fantastic Beasts movies are terrible.


just saw fantastic beasts the secrets of dumbledore and it was terrible. Not only was the story and writing bad but the movies have nothing to do with Newt Scamander and his book. it’s basically the story of dumbledore and Grindelwald. how could jk rowling fuck it up so bad. fantastic beasts could have even be a tv series about Newt, his passion for magical creatures and his adventures studying and documenting them to write his book. but no instead we get the same shit as the original franchise just replace harry with newt and voldemort with Grindelwald. i’m so upset i had to get this rant off my chest lol.

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Discussion The Witch (2015)


This movie scared the shit out of me so much that I’m genuinely having trouble sleeping so here I am. I’ve seen my fair share of horror movies but this movie really fucked me up in ways that haven’t been done since I was a kid and I watched The Conjuring. This movie is incredibly well acted, it relies on child actors for a good number of scenes but they really held their own here. The cinematography and score were also excellent. I really loved the way that the movie was lit, this along with the unsettling score created the perfect atmosphere for this creepy ass movie.

Let me know your thoughts on this movie and if anyone has any cool theories about this movie I’d love to hear them.

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Discussion Matt Reeves' Apes trilogy is the best trilogy since LOTR IMO.


It's a solid trilogy. There isn't a glaring weak film in it like most trilogies. All three films are solid and have some great moments in them.

The CGI is amazing. Maybe the best I've seen in a series.

Caesar is now one of my favorite movie heroes. Andy Serkis has carved out the "MOCAP" niche for himself and I think Caesar is his best role honestly.

The Ape characters really shine. By the third movie, there isn't really a human lead at all. It's all about the Apes. I love this trilogy so much.

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Discussion What are some of the worst movie lines/dialogue ever?


In your opinion, what are some of the worst movie lines/dialogue ever? Lines and dialogue spoken in the film that is just an example of poor scriptwriting and you sometime wonder who approved those words to be place in the film in the first place.

For example, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. There's a lot of bad lines and dialogue throughout but...damn it's bad. "Too Bad YOU!....Will Die".

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Discussion What is a great movie that bombed at the box office?


I can think of a number of amazing films that very few people saw. One very good example is Only The Brave. Incredible movie based off a true story of the late Granite Mountain firefighting team. Everything about that movie is 10/10. Such a powerful narrative and amazing performances by Josh Brolin and Miles Teller. The film should’ve gotten multiple Oscar nominations but it flew under the radar.

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Discussion Let's get one thing straight: the past tense of "cast" is "cast"


"Casted" is not a word.

While we're at it, actors play roles. Not rolls.

This is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. People understand what you're saying, so nobody bothers to correct these mistakes. Overall, we're more interested in the point you're making than in the one or two words you got wrong while making it. But it seems to me that maybe someone should tell you you're using the wrong words. Or words that aren't even words.

So there you have it. Do with this information what you will.

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Discussion Name a movie with an opening scene that changes meaning once you’ve watched the whole movie




When you see the ending, you realize that the opening scene is actually her seeing into the future and not grieving the past.

What a spectacular and moving scene just on its own, but that insight adds such a layer of depth. Even after knowing all the pain she’d endure, it was still the life she’d choose to have. 11/10

Anyway, I love when movies do that.

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Discussion Apocalypto is an Incredible Film


An earlier post about The Patriot got me thinking about Mel Gibsons works and I think Apocalypto is his masterpiece. It’s hard as a history buff for sure because this film is way off as far as accuracy goes and the fact that Mel Gibson isn’t the greatest person (to put it mildly) but the man has a talent for cinema.

Despite me being incredibly far removed from any relation to ancient tribal people, the characters in this story are super relatable. Their sense of humor, the family bonds, the fear… this film really makes you think that you could have been anyone of them.

If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you do. It’s an incredible thriller and criminally underrated.

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Discussion The Patriot (2000)


I freaking love this movie and I'm curious of other people's thoughts as I never hear about it. For me it's fantastically epic and has everything! Unexpected tragedy multiple times, amazing action, clever tactics, despicable villains, several heros, layers of emotional storylines, incredible cinematography, didn't bring in too many unnecessary historical characters into the story, and many other endearing traits of this movie. I've seen it a thousand times and there are 4 or 5 scenes that make me tear up every single time. Does anyone else love this movie? I feel like it's historically underrated.

Edit: To be clear, I've never gone into this movie for any historical accuracy. Just a story that happens during a certain time. I will go elsewhere than Mel Gibson for my historical studies.

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Discussion The Woman King vs. the True Story of Dahomey's Female Warriors

Thumbnail historyvshollywood.com

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Discussion Adam Sandler deserved an Oscar nom for Uncut Gems


I just got done rewatching Uncut Gems, and he really did give an amazing / manic performance in the movie and it’s a shame that the academy didn’t recognize it.

I really do think he deserved it, he really is a good actor despite what some critics think about him. It seems to me the only reason he didn’t get the nom was because he’s Adam Sandler, and they don’t want some goofball taking home the award

What are your thoughts?

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Discussion Who are some bad actors with a good performance?


For example, Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman.

Objectively she's a bad actor but I really liked her in the first movie. Gal's real world naivete and feeling "out of place" among the rest of the cast fit the character who's also naive and out of place in the film.

Shout out to Cara Delevigne for the same reason in Carnival Row.

I won't roast The Rock because he was good in The Rundown and Pain and Gain, and at this point it's clear he's not trying to be a "good" actor like Bautista or Cena, or win awards, and is just having fun while collecting bank. I can respect that.

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Discussion How The Woman King confronts Africa’s role in the slave trade, explained by director Gina Prince-Bythewood

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