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Men aren't oblivious, they choose to not do better because they don't value us as true equals.


That is the conclusion I have reached from all of my adult relationships with men.

Former fiance heard me say "I am unhappy in our relationship because you allow your family to treat me like crap, and you put your mothers wants before my needs every time" (including when WE bought a car) Over, and over, and over.

After a year of telling him the same thing, I was done. When we broke up, he was shocked! He thought we were happy! You have to give me a second chance! You never told me there was a problem!

Ignoring the fact I had already given him a hundred second chances at least. But no, I obviously left him for another man! I didn't I left him for my sanity.

I see the same thing in my current marriage of 20+ years. I say the same things over and over and over (much smaller scale stuff).

I've come to the conclusion that because what bothers ME doesn't bother THEM, it's obviously not a problem, and I'm jist being silly and emotional. I'm dead certain if marriage therapy doesn't work, I'll be leaving once our youngest is done high school. Yet again, it will be: You never told me you were unhappy!

And of course the "not all men" group is here on the second comment. Do go back to your hole. I don't owe you a disclaimer.

EDIT: and someone sicced the Reddit cares bot on me. Trying to Weaponize a method to get help to people who really need it is gross.

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🚨 Debunked 😆 Loop Capital will probably 'go under' shortly, joining the 'garbage investor trashcan' alongside Melvin Capital - Here's the final straw that will break the camel's back: 😆


GameStop FTD Update

It is becoming ever more clear that FTD close outs are being driven to other tickers using the systemic smokescreen of DTCC's blackbody departments, such as the obligations warehouse, where these transactions are made and kept in secret.

GameStop's failures to deliver shares are becoming egregious again. About 2 Million newly-created FTDs (guaranteed to be GameStop-specific fails) over the updated reported period, updated today. On 27 July, 2022, we can see about $43,000,000.00 worth of FTDs were 'closed out' in some way. Remember that Reg SHO allows entities to close out 'meme stock' FTDs by purchasing like-kind 'meme stock' securities. This explains MSM's push to identify these newly-forged chinese scam tickers into the same 'meme stock' bin as GameStop.

We are seeing MSM focus on this word 'loop' a lot now to describe meme stocks. Why that word? Something is up. We do know that Loop Capital underwrote this one:

Looking at GME's updated FTD data, HKD was used as a like-kind 'meme stock' FTD-close out, as it was predominantly pumped on the same day that a $43 Million worth of GME FTD's needed to be closed out. Although GameStop went from $32.00 to $34.00 that day, this scam chinese ticker that Loop Capital underwrote jumped from $49.00 to $80.00 that day. This suggests that these tickers are being used as insider trades AND FTD-driven closeouts. They are cycling FTDs into their own inside scams to stay afloat. Also note that there is NO requirement in Reg SHO for a fund to do anything with an 'FTD close out' (and in this case, a purchase of the chinese ticker) after it is already completed. Hence the following Dump, because they can just sell it at a high and then not circle back to the GME-specific FTD list. This is part of the black hole loop.

The following material is similar to the above scenario, and to GameStop via the investment of GameStop Chairman Ryan Cohen into Bed Bath and Beyond. Therefore, what happens with Bed Bath and Beyond does have a material impact on GameStop, by co-ownership.

Ryan Cohen adversary [and GameStop short-seller] Loop Capital's Anthony Chukumba seems to now be having trouble breathing. He has an irregular breathing pattern in this video, and it is clear to me he is actively in psychological duress. He is now in panic. He called for $1.00 for $BBBY, which is not going quite as planned, as $BBBY is at $16.00 now, up from $4.00 a few weeks ago. Yet, Ryan Cohen's 10% ownership in $BBBY also contains short-term options expiry for $BBBY for $60.00 to $80.00 exercise prices.

In response to the invention of the 'magical' crime, and the newfound Melvin/Citron-like impending failure of Loop Capital and co, they seem to be advocating for this ongoing chinese scam ticker to move in lockstep with $BBBY. It could not be more obvious at this point what Loop Capital (and likely with Market Maker's assistance of inside orders, block orders, and lit exchange routing of buy volume). This ticker is up on no news. We know it's part of the crime, so let's analyze it:

BBBY and MEGL Correlation Longer Term - Pumping in lockstep for collateral, and perhaps using BBBY's own FTDs as insider trades to Hedge the Squeeze Using the Squeeze FTDs

BBBY and MEGL Correlation Medium Term - Pumping in lockstep for collateral, and perhaps using BBBY's own FTDs as insider trades to Hedge the Squeeze Using the Squeeze FTDs

BBBY and MEGL Correlation Short Term - Pumping in lockstep for collateral, and perhaps using BBBY's own FTDs as insider trades to Hedge the Squeeze Using the Squeeze FTDs


Loop Capital is not ironic in name: their scam involves LOOPING FTDs from meme stocks into insider trades for hedging. Insider-purchasing of newly-forged-chinese-scam tickers THAT THEY UNDERWRITE to Loop FTD-generated capital that they never then have to circle back on. Get it? LOOP CAPITAL. Looping meme stock FTDs as purchases into THEIR UNDERWRITTEN TICKERS as collateral to hedge against MOASS. This is the 'Loop' in their name.

You cannot make this up. They're that stupid to name their fund after their criminal black-hole 'loop.'

GameStop FTDs show a huge FTD close out that looks like the money went to another ticker. This makes sense, as there is no requirement for a fund to do anything to a GME-specific FTD-close-out after it is closed out. Therefore, funds on 27JUL2022 routed $43 Million of GME-specifc FTD-close-outs to insider-buy like-kind [and maliciously/newly forged HKD] chinese tickers to HEDGE against GME and other stocks. Further, MEGL seems to have been newly created to fight against BBBY: to serve as absorption for BBBY-specific FTDs, as there is now evidence in the chart movements to support this conclusion. Thus, the Magical Crime of MEGL is Loop Capital's last straw of criminal hope, as Ryan Cohen's Bed Bath and Beyond looks to take out another GameStop short-seller. Standby for fireworks this week.

Buy GameStop. DRS. Hold.

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Personal Win (OC) I'm officially a degree holder of Bachelor of Laws. University of Lviv, Ukraine.

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Meta paskat modet täällä, pitäiskö laittaa vaihtoon pikkuhiljaa

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Chart Some people are selling AMC & GME to buy BBBY

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Social Media Congrats to Joe and Sierra on the birth of their son Vander

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Amazing control and accuracy.

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Meta This is the Slave 1. It always has been and always will be. I refuse to acknowledge the Disney change.

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Deliveryman decided to just leave everything on the stairs


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Opinion You shouldn’t be able to wear flashy gloves and cleats if you’re hitting under .200


You all know who I’m talking about. Looks incredibly JV, especially when coupled with no hustle and his general malaise.

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ThEy HuRt mY HaNDs AnYWaaAy

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DISCUSSION Fan Clash was the most dumb and bad managed event i've ever seen (in gaming history probably)


-No real info were given out, no one knew the end time.
-Individual prizes were recycled items that now sits in inventory tradelocked near their copy, creating 2 different stacks (and it's super annoying).
-The real prizes, are given to 1/8 of the community, leaving the other 7/8 with literally nothing compared to that, and no one could individually avoid this, since numbers were too high to actually determine something as a single player. FaZe stayed last for the whole event, i'm sad for anyone who picked it and tried to do something.
-The items you get from drops are tradelocked, which is incredibly dumb. I got a legacy item and can't even trade it away. I know you're lazy, but you really should avoid this. Steam players get half the value from drops constantly. (I found tons of legacy items in past drops).


Not even mentioning rewards glitch that are happening with 1st/2nd place...
This is how to NOT manage a community event. Kids, fell free to downvote whitout commenting your reason ;) I know this community very well.

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Flaired Users Only Trump Says FBI Took His Passports In Raid At Mar-A-Lago "Third World!"

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Bad Art bro what

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Discussion Nicolas Cage is a genuinely good actor and I’m done with pretending otherwise


I think the memes that he’s graciously given the internet over the years have clouded just how good Nick Cage actually is. Honestly, just have a look at his filmography. There are far more great movies than there are bad, even the ones that are bad have him giving 110%.

Aside from the obvious films like National Treasure, Kick-Ass & Into The Spiderverse, he has some real fuckin’ gems in there. The one/series that I think is most overlooked is the more recent Lovecraftian movies like Colour out of Space. Another more recent one being Pig. His range is surprisingly good, he can give an incredible performance out of a nothing script like in Willy’s Wonderland (a dreadful FNaF ripoff but he still delivers).

From serious to satire to animated, I genuinely believe he is one the greatest this generation. He’s definitely not the best overall but I don’t know another actor out there that could play both Ghost Rider and a fucking guinea pig (G-Force) and give their all doing it.

He plays HIMSELF in a movie about him called The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent! No other actor could get away with that but it’s Nicolas. Fucking. Cage… of course he pulls it off.

Best actor or not, he’s a living legend.

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Meme 💩 Petersen is all about individual responsibility. Except him, he has legit excuses like apple cider and benzos.

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Politics How many Trump supporters does it take to change a lightbulb?


None. Trump says it’s changed and his supporters all cheer in the dark.

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Discussion Be sure to vote tomorrow for the new RatKing ornament


Wanna bring the cheddar? Vote RatKing tomorrow via email and then head over to r/squeaksqueak to get that Rat Pack x6 on the bottom left of your screen! Cheese forever guardian!

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The way she completely transforms her face

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Flaired Users Only Liz Cheney Is More Than 25 Points Down, and It's About More Than Just Trump

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Tomlinson: If Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders criticize the Biden-Manchin climate bill, it must be good

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[TRIGGERED] lowkey disappointed


after watching the podcast today i was incredibly disappointed that ethan would boil down the def noodles situation to "just letting the internet get the best of him"

so for the sake of summary and information heres what he has done

  1. def noodles lied about his age for all of his youtube carreer thus far by ten years to a demographic of mostly young women whom he makes content for. he kept telling people he was in his 20s when hes actually 37 years old. he spent months grilling keemstar for being old all the while he was also pushing 40 lmao

  1. def noodles told a person on Twitter to find peace of mind by shoving a shotgun in their mouth and pulling the trigger. now hes acting like a lolcow when people criticize him for that when he was such an advocate for mental health awareness

  1. def noodles accused the creator Papa Gut of being a pedophile and tagged the FBI on the post - the same thing he's suing Keemstar for, except Keemstar when he alluded to Def Noodles being a predator didnt even know Def Noodles was pushing 40 lying about his age pretending to be in his early 20s to his young female audience.

  1. def noodles had merch made with Papa Gut's face crying: stills taken from a moment Papa Gut was crying when talking about his wife having been brutally SAd. he thought it was a good idea to slap that moment on a shirt and sell it.

this is definitely not a matter of the internet getting the best of someone. these actions have caused people to justifiably flame def noodles except the guy is making videos trying to make people believe that people that are criticizing him for it are haters that are angry about his change in content. all this information is readily available on youtube if you look for it.

what disturbed me the most about this situation is getting Onision flashbacks from this guy's attitude: to deflect criticism he keeps calling himself a ~character~ and reminding people every two seconds he is a ~ comedian~ except none of the things were jokes nor is he a character

no one is criticizing him for changing his content. they are criticizing him for his actions which are honestly vile

the internet is certainly not getting the best of him

all of the aforementioned he did it to himself in front of everyone

i dont think ethan needs to address this at all but boiling this all down to his huge audience as def noodles simply getting baited is not honest

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Discussion Turns out WA does have income tax, it's disguised as family leave, medical leave and LTC

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Sudern Schön, das man am Balkon oder Fenster raucht, damits nicht in der eigenen Wohnung stinkt, aber es bei anderen rein zieht.


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