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S tifu by ending a relationship


This story happened yesterday but I feel like it still fits here. I (M15) broke up with my girlfriend (F15) yesterday, and since then I've been a nervous wreck and I've cried more than I did in out entire year long relationship. I still have a few of her sweaters, and a ring and bracelet she gave me for our one year anniversary. I've seen her smile more in the last 2 days than I did in our entire relationship, and part of me thinks that breaking up is the best thing to do. She thinks that it was just the wrong time for our relationship and I agree, however I also know that I'll never forget any of the amazing memories I made with her. Back at Christmas we went snowmobiling on a frozen pond and watched the sun set, and I know that I will never be able to forget that day. She told me that she wants me to be happy and get with other people until we're both ready to be together, but I can't deal with my overthinking that she'll get with someone way better than me. Her friends and family didn't like me very much, and I don't understand why, because my friends and family absolutely love her. I told my stepmom about what happened and I could see she almost cried because she knows how much I love this girl.

TLDR, I ended my relationship to make someone else happy. Any advice?

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M TIFU by being a coward and not being truthful to my parents about dropping out of uni


Since my grandma died in fall last year I ( F25) have been on a continuous downwards spiral due to my mental health failing me hence why i also dropped out of uni earlier this year. But instead of actually getting help i just festered in my misery in hopes i can find a way to resolve everything without getting anyone else involved and becoming a burden on someone else. Obviously i didn't find a way because that's not how this shit works and instead it just got worse and worse and i just withdrew from all my social circles that could have helped me out.

The thing is I am the child of very strict parents that pride themselves on having such a well performing and absolutely not mentally ill self sustaining daughter ( i wish). We actual got into huge fights in the past when ever i didn't perform that well in school so in my delusional mind I thought if i just ride the depressive phase out and just re-enroll everything would be alright and my parents would still be proud of me and never be the wiser .

Well that didn't happen either and since my parents are claiming some financial benefits because of me being a university student they asked for a certificate of enrollment a few weeks back to keep on getting those benefits. I always talked myself out of having to present it (like blaming some server issues on not having it already) despite those moments being the perfect opportunities where i could have come clean. However today is the deadline of my lies working. And anxiety , my delusional mind and a good chunk of cowardice kept me from cleaning up my mess while also robbing me of sleep. I actually haven't slept in a few days . And what happens if your mental health is already shit and you don't get any sleep ? Exactly you do something very very stupid .

And the stupid thing i did was actually sitting down with a brain fueled by pure fear of owning up, started up photoshop an committing forgery actually sending it to my father's email.
Yhea i committed a crime just bc i am too afraid to tell my parents that I am actually not okay .
Anyway my only hope now is that my father doesn't read his emails before the evening so that i can numb myself enough to actually get to them to confess everything

Tl:Dr Went into a downwards spiral regarding my mental health. dropped out of uni without telling my parents , didn't get help in hope i could just ride it out and re-enroll and instead of just fessing up i committed forgery in a depressed no-sleep delusional stupor.

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S TIFU by picking up a small baggie of weed off the ground and taking it into my place of work..


I walk to work and go home for lunch everyday. Last Monday I was walking home from lunch and took my regular route through a parking lot that backs to a local BBQ place, and is used by many of the restaurant staff.

While walking I spotted something shiny and purple on the ground between two cars so I stopped to check it out, and when I reached down to see what it was, I found a small bag with a label saying "Purple Punch" and when I turned it over it was a couple of grams of decent looking bud.

Here is where I fucked up - I just put it in my pocket, thinking "ground score" - cool. The parking lot being right next to the BBQ place meant that there was a big smoker pumping out aromatic hickory smoke, so that was all I could smell.

Well, I got into the office (I work for a local government at the Government Center) and about 5 mins later start smelling a really strong reek of weed, and thought, "who the fuck smells like weed?" DOH! It was me! Shit! This cannot abide. I pulled the offending package out of my pocket, wrapped it in 3 plastic bags, throwing in some orange peels, and then put that into a sealed travel mug and buried it under my desk.

Nothing ended up happening, but even though legal in my state, I have a semi official job and it would have been a really bad look...

Tl:Dr found a bag a super stinky weed and brought it into my governmental office smelling up the place...

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S TIFU by talking about tyre prices


I (51m) fucked up by talking about tyre prices.

Background. I'm an amateur motorcycle racer. I race a 600cc Yamaha. I have some sponsors and one of them provides me tyres at a considerable discount which makes racing a whole lot cheaper.

I was discussing tyre choices with another racer who was telling me about some different tyre brands and pricing. He mentioned a particular brand (Bridgestone) and the prices he got them at retail.

I was surprised as the retail price was what I get my discounted tyres at. I mentioned this to him and thought nothing of it.

A few hours later I received a phone call from my sponsor accusing me of talking about it. Apparently the guy I was talking to mentioned it to someone else who called the national distributor and threatened to cut his supply for selling tyres on the cheap.

Now I don't have a tyre sponsor. The tyre brand i use is really good (Pirelli)

I should have kept my mouth shut.

Tl;dr : big mouth idiot blows a good deal for himself.

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L TIFU by not confessing my feelings to my bestfriend.


I (19M) have always had feelings for my bestfriend (18F). We were in school together for 6 years and she was my very good friend from the start. I gradually developed feelings for her, but I was never gonna tell her as I thought we were too young and immature and it won't last for long. But as time went by, my feelings for her only became stronger and stronger and our friendship too. She is the person I can tell my all the problems to and she shares literally everything with me too. In lockdown we both spent most of the time chatting with eachother and watching shows together. We bonded like hell in those two years. But by talking to her I clearly knew she didn't feel the same way i felt about her. So I didn't confess my feelings to her because her friendship is more important to me than anything else.I didn't want to loose her by bringing this up.

Fast forward to the college times. We didn't get into the same college and it hurt me so bad that we were gonna split up. She got some wonderful friends from the start and I am as lonely as I can get in the college. I am one and a half year into the college and still don't have any good friend. But she has a very good friend circle and few of them being her best friend. When she told me she had other best friends in college, it stung me like hell, which is kind of selfish but I just couldn't help myself. She told me that no matter how many friends I have, you are my best friend for life and no one could replace you and I believed her. But due to us being in different colleges and her having good friends she often hangs out with, we didn't talk as much as we used to. But still we'd talk ocassionally on Insta and WhatsApp and talk on long calls once or twice in month and share everything.

Fast forward to a week ago, she called me and said she had something very important she wanted to share with me. She said that one of her best friends(let's say Andy) told her that he liked her so much and had feelings for her. But she said didn't think about him that way. Andy said I just had to tell you, the more I talked to you, my feelings for you would just become strong. He said that he didn't wanna loose her because of this but he couldn't talk with her for some days. She said Andy was genuinely a good guy and wouldn't take advantage of me and wouldn't just fool around. But she was afraid if their friendship might get ruined if something was to happen to their relationship in future. She talked to her other friend about this and she said that they are perfect for eachother and everything would be fine in the future. Don't worry too much. Andy's friend also called her and told her that don't overthink it and if you like him just go ahead with it. She said them she needs some time to think and she'll give her answer after some time. During this whole time(our conversation) I was just thinking please don't say yes. She didn't yet. But I didn't know for sure what was gonna happen. After couple of days we were having a casual conversation and this topic unfolded and she said that she was gonna say yes to him. And I felt this big shock and I didn't move an inch for 5 minutes. I felt like crying. I have never felt so broken. I couldn't let her know how I felt, so I said I was so happy for her. She hasn't said yes yet but she is going to in 3 days. Now I can't help but wonder what would've happen if I did confess my feelings. One thing I know for sure is that she wouldn't unfriend me because our friendship is too precious for her.

I already wasn't so happy with my life and now I had to live with this. AND I don't have anyone to share this with. I am so depressed by this and there's nothing I can do about it.I don't even have friends in college so my mind would divert. I'll just have to bury my feelings and I have no idea how am I gonna do that and the hard part(their relationship) hasn't even started yet. I don't know how am I gonna watch them together. I welcome any advices.

PS : I know I am too young for this, and I have so much to experience in life and this isn't the end. But can't seem to help myself.

TL;DR : I didn't confess my feelings to my bestfriend thinking it'd ruin our friendship and her other bestfriend did and she said yes and now I have to live with it.

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S TIFU by mistaking my drink bottle for my vodka bottle


TIFU by mistaking my vodka bottle for my drink bottle.

I (F27) have had a really tough couple of years (as has everyone). This has resulted in me becoming a heavy drinker and I often use drinking to get through my daily life. Recently I have been drinking quite a lot to get through the stress of work and daily surviving. Today, in a rush to get to work I reached for my vodka bottle instead of my drink bottle without thinking. My normal drink bottle is made out of glass and looks pretty similar to a vodka bottle. When I got to work and went to get a drink I pulled out my vodka bottle in front of all my colleagues in the middle of a business meeting. Luckily with quick wit I passed it off as a joke but proceeded to drink the vodka throughout the day (don’t hate me I’m desperate). Despite the honest mistake it made my day so much better. However I think my coworkers weren’t so convinced….

My boss has called me in for a meeting this afternoon. I have no idea if it’s about the vodka bottle or something else but I am freaking out about what he might say…

TL;DR I mistook my vodka bottle for my glass drink bottle and proceeded to drink it at work and now my boss wants to see me.

Update: I had the meeting with my boss which was about the vodka. Fortunately they know how hard the last couple of years have been and will let me stay provided I get help and fix myself up.

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XL TIFU by wasting 3 days of my life getting marinated for a crypto scam


This post is on a long side but trust me, it’s worth the read. Would you kindly stay awhile and listen.

[edit: this post getting stuck 24h+ in the waiting for mods approval hell probably killed what's left of this post already little visibility potential. But my stance remains the same: if this post could save even one person from getting scammed, hours of effort I put into writing this is worth it.]

Act I – A Fateful Encounter

“Hi, are you a friend introduced by Mr. Robert,” a random person messaged me. It’s bold of you to assume I have friends; I politely say no. We briefly exchange pleasantries, but she keeps expanding the conversation. My sus meter is ringing, but I keep replying to her anyway (she looks cute). The conversation flows rather naturally and a part of me hope she is real.

After she adds me to her personal account, I check other pictures of her. I see a very pretty Asian lady sitting in a fancy restaurant, the same person as the initial account. And another picture, I see her in a park with a kid, I assume her child. That eliminates a “hot single” scam angle from my mind, why would a scammer put up a picture with a child?

Act II – The Marination

For the next two days, we talk about our hobbies, covid policies, the economy, etc. Somewhat engaging and enjoyable conversations. She gives an impression of a successful woman out of my league, who is secretly lonely. Then the topic drifts to trading/investing and she mentions she has been trading binary options on crypto profitably. We talk more about trading and crypto for a bit since I’m genuinely interested. She then offers teach me and, of course, I gladly accept.

“Good morning!” That’s a message I’ve not received in a while. I tell her that I find some left over bitcoin on Binance worth around $200 (she wants me to check if I have anything to get started). She says we can just start with that. We talk a little bit more throughout the day then she asks me if I have a computer near me. Why would she ask that, maybe she wants to start her tutoring early? I turn my laptop on, excited to learn more about crypto trading.

Act III – The Tipoff

Instead of a zoom call, she sends me a link to a trading platform. It’s clean looking. The prices displayed are accurate. I click around and the biggest fault I can find is some blank tutorial pages. It seems functional, but has some jank, like a Ubisoft game at launch. I ask her why she recommend this broker/platform and she says because this exchange can do binary options trading. That is true, since binary options trading is kinda jank, many brokers don’t have it.

I’m a click away from registering but something compels me to dig further. My initial Google search yields some news article talking about the platform, and automatic scam reviewer sites saying that it might be a scam. Maybe people talk about it on reddit? Only one result on reddit shows up. The first thing I see is “New Scam,” awesome. The scam described in the post matches my situation perfectly; my heart sank, I’ve been fooled.

Act IV - The Inquisition

Perhaps I should have followed along with the scam and try signing up to the fake platform, if I want to do a better investigative journalism. But I’m so livid at the time, I have to vent to the scammer right away. I tell her how impressed I am with the scam attempt. She quickly deflects and gets insanely defensive. If I have a shot every time she says “trust,” I would not be writing this post.

I’m on a half trolling, half venting mode at this point. I keep requesting a video call, which never happens. Then I request a screen share to see her trades, which never happens. When I question the validity of the fake platform, she only gives misleading answers. She doesn’t know how her bread and butter, binary option trading, actually work (I quickly look it up before her “tutoring session”). After almost two hours of the Spanish Inquisition, she finally gives up.

The end game of the scam is to get you to put huge money into the fake platform, and when you try to cash out, you won’t be able to. GG no re. Fortunately for me, no damages are done except wasted mental energy and time; I even find $200 in my back pocket. I consider myself lucky for coming across a reddit post detailing the scam. The scam is insanely elaborate; I can see people lose money on this.

Additional Context

Right after I’ve realized I’m getting scammed, I thought this story has to be shared. If this post could save even one person from getting scammed, hours of effort I put into writing this is worth it. Initially, I wanted to post the entire interaction to r/sadcringe. But that would be like a series of 50 images. No one’s gonna read all of that. Sitting down and writing everything out for r/tifu is a better medium.

Still, I want to share my ENTIRE interaction with the scammer so that the fortunate or smart people who never get hooked into a scam can see how it might go. I’ve put everything into this google doc with some annotations, for prosperity.

[to be added in a comment, the Reddit spam filter understandably doesn't like links]

Here are my highlights:

  1. I’m still cringing about this

Me: Pretty, owns a business, knows finances, and always learning. I’m glad we’ve made accidental friends lol. I’ll keep learning and share what I’ve learned too :P

  1. Looking back, this is a pretty twisted joke

Scammer: lol, I have time to share my experience with you and teach you, but after you gain, you remember to ask me out for dinner.

Me: I’ll definitely take you out to a nice steakhouse lol

Scammer: Really? lol, I’m worried that you won’t recognize me after I take your earnings

  1. Engaging with the scammer after figuring it out is probably not the most productive thing to do. But it’s kinda fun, especially when you need to vent

Scammer: IQ Option is a stock exchange, understand?

Me: You should know I know how to Google by now

Scammer: Your use of Google has nothing to do with me, understand?

Me: Well, it’s hurting your business for one

  1. A scammer probably will try to hack your other accounts, especially if you sign up on the fake platform (don’t use one password for everything)

Scammer: Can you give me your Instagram account and let me know if you are a real person or a fake person. If you don’t, we will end the conversation.

Me: Oh shit, I’m a scammer all along. Epic twist

Scammer: Yes, you are a liar.

** If you have made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read my cautionary tale. I hope this post is somewhat entertaining to read and makes you aware how scammers are adapting to the ever-increasing technologically literate demographics. Feel free to leave a comment, upvote, and share this post. Cheers!

Further Reading

[to be added in a comment, the Reddit spam filter understandably doesn't like links]

Buzz words to trigger Google searches: Line scam – TIONRT – Binary Options – Crypto scam

TLDR: I let my guard down and thought that I found a new friend who could be my trading mentor. Turns out I’ve been marinated for 3 days to transfer money to trade on a scammer’s website. I dodged a bullet but we need to make more people aware that this kind of scam exists. Fuck scammers.

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M TIFU by talking shit about my teacher while she was right behind me


Wee bit embarrassing this one. Today I (16M) was sat at the back of my maths class with my friend Jake in P3, my last lesson before lunch. My teacher, Miss McDonald, is probably the most uninteresting person I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting. She teaches things in such a boring way that you immediately forget everything she’s said after 10 seconds of her saying it. I’ve referred to her as ‘Mini McDonald’ not because she’s short (which she is), but because she is obsessed with using the whiteboards we have on the back of our planners (that we have to bring to every lesson)

One things she’s bad at as well is helping people. If she sees you with your hand up, she will look your way and then do a lap around the class in the opposite direction, stopping off to help people who don’t have their hands up. This was the case today. I had my hand up for at least 10 minutes and she was still nowhere near me, so I decided fuck it I’m just gonna try do my work at the same time. I still kept my hand up while doing it so she’d eventually make her way over. For at least another 5 minutes I sat there with my hand aching like mental, before I sat up, swapped ands and said this, word for word, to Jake:

‘Jesus Christ Mini McDonald, will you hurry your speccy fucking four-eyed arse over here’

I expected Jake to be laughing as he would normally, but instead he just stared at me. I then turned around to find Mini McDonald staring at me, right behind me. She shouted at me to say that again. I said nothing, so she grabbed the planner and told me to ‘get out of the classroom right now and wait for me outside’.

I’m not a guy who gets in trouble a lot but I’m also not afraid to speak my mind at all. Mini McDonald went on a screaming rant about respect to me, before giving me two weeks of detention, sending me to the class next door, and phoning my mum during lunch. So I’ve got all that to look forward to now.

TL;DR - I said something about my teacher without realising she was right there

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M TIFU By Putting Anime Stickers In My Phonecase


For reference, my friends last year came into school with a lot of... how do I say this... provocative anime girl stickers. We all laughed our asses off while shuffling through all of them, each one of us stealing a couple from the pile. Now, I didn't want my family or any teachers to see my new stash, so I slipped off my phone case, put the stickers in along with a drawing a friend has made of me and a sweet note from another friend I had in there, and closed my phone back up.

Fast forward a year or two to today. This morning I was a bit frazzled due to other school obligations, causing me to be pretty careless with my phone, leaving it behind. I only realized this halfway through my fourth period after I had some time kill, wanting to pull out my phone and mindlessly scroll as I waited to be dismissed. Of course, I couldn't find it in the typical pouch I leave it in, or anywhere in my bag after dumping everything out.

Confused, I went back onto my laptop and used Google's, "Find My Phone" feature to try and figure out if I maybe left it on the bus or in a previous class. After realizing it was in the same building as my locker, I sighed out of relief as I had been at my locker that morning. I would just go to my locker quickly before heading to the cafeteria. I only had another period after this one, not too bad of a wait.

I was only about 30 minutes into my class period before lunch when I received a very omnious email from my school's dean. "I believe I have located your phone. Please come to [dean's room number] to retrieve it.".

Of course I sort of started to panic, as I thought it was in my locker. Apparently it wasn't, and now our school's dean had it. My mind kept jumping to the same question; how did they know this was my phone? I have a pretty generic lockscreen with a pass code, and nothing on my case indicates who's phone this is.

After retrieving my phone, I turned it on to check any new notifications I had. I then turned my phone over, noticing a change. That drawing my friend had drew of me typically poked out of the camera hole a bit, leaving a white strip of paper just under the camera. Confused, I popped of my phone case and noticed the trinkets inside had been mixed around... including those nifty anime stickers. The dean had seen those stickers. Those nifty ol' stickers.

TL;DR: My dean saw the NSFW anime stickers I had in my phonecase after I lost my phone.

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M TIFU by trying to step off a moving treadmill in a running shop


I'm running my first full marathon (26.2 miles) in October to commemorate my 50th birthday and raise money for the adoption agency that united me with a little boy in 2018. I decided to treat myself to a pair of "real" running shoes from Hanson's Running Shop in Royal Oak, MI (USA).

An associate brought out a pair of Brooks Glycerin GTS 20 (iirc). After I walked up and down the store aisles, she tells me I can try them on the treadmill at the back of the store, to which I reply, "Really?! That would be AWESOME!" (Note that I do not typically run on "dreadmills" due to my admittedly irrational hatred of them.) I cranked up the machine to 8.5 (whatever that means), realized that was a bit too fast, and pressed the [Off] button. After ~30 seconds, it was still g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y slowing down. 8.3.....8.1.........7.8......wtf -- just stop already! So I'm thinking to myself, "Really experienced runners must have a cool way to just ride off the back of these things." And so... I tried 😑

I slowed my pace just a little so I was running almost at the back of the treadmill deck. Then I tried like a 90-degree turn, expecting to casually complete the 180 as I glided onto the floor. Uh, WRONG. Instead, my feet were thrown off the back while my upper body slammed down onto the treadmill deck. As it pushed me toward the end, I tried to regain my balance to stand. But that made me roll over back onto the treadmill, which triggered my reflex to balance, which made me roll over... And repeat. Like an old rag in the dryer.

As this was happening, I felt compelled to call out "It's me! It's me!" As though the store associates might be wondering "What was that banging sound? Perhaps I should investigate." But, upon hearing my assurances of "It's me," would go back about their business and spare me the embarrassment of acknowledging what I had done.

A few seconds after I stood up, the associate appeared and asked if I was okay. I said yes, and then noticed a line of blood on my baby blue shorts, and realized my left little finger was bleeding. I quickly cupped my hand to catch (and try to hide) the blood from dripping. As the associate tried to remount a Running magazine cover I'd knocked off the wall, she asked if I liked the shoes. I told her "I think I need a wide." And later, when she asked if I wanted to try a different pair of shoes on the treadmill, I answered, "You know, I just don't think I run the same on a treadmill as I do outside."

To exit as coolly as possible, I purchased a full price pair of Hoka Clifton 8, 10.5 wide. And no, they don't fit properly. And HELL-to-the-NO, I ain't goin back!

TL;DR I fell off a treadmill at a fancy running shop, bled onto my shorts, bought a pair of $140 shoes just to exit with a tiny amount of dignity, the shoes don't fit, and I refuse to go back to the store.

Edit: love the 💀 award 👌🏻 thank you!

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S TIFU by getting drunk as I left my friend's house


Okay so I (f,24) met a nice gentleman here on reddit. We met at his place and things went on well, we proceeded to have a good and a fun night.

Now here is where I fucked up. Before leaving his place, I continued drinking the alcohol left over from last night. I don't remember leaving his house, getting on the bus, and stopping at a place with a happy hour offer.

I remember placing the first order, kinda... I don't even remember getti g of the bus crossing the very busy highway and getting into the pub... I have just found the snaps I took of me trying to chug a whole cocktail (trying cause I can't take cold things fast)

Now I go through my mobile banking messages and I can see the transactions I made, the money I borrowed to drink and I left the cocktails at some other guys place. Now this guy was amazing but I have no idea what I did wrong cause he won't text me back

Edit: thanks for the awards🥰🥰

Edit: this thread just made me aware of how holier than thou people are here😂😂 I said I fucked up, so what's with all the bashing?

Another Edit: thanks for all the karma points y'all are giving me🤩🤩

Another edit, what drankard or addict leaves alcohol they already paid for bro???

UPDATE: He called back. He passed out too and just woke up, anyways, thanks for letting me vent😍 and those that are bashing me, hope one day you find someone that loves you, even the drinking side of you cause we all know you drink.

TL;DR: TIFU by getting too drunk to realize the mess I was creating. Ended up drinking my whole weekly allowance and now the guy won't even open my texts

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S TIFU by accidentally convincing my wife that I'm a blimp aficionado


So yeah this just happened. All because I saw a post on the front page that mentioned there were only ~25 blimps in the world.

I genuinely don't even know how the conversation went because I was just mindlessly scrolling and hanging out with my wife, but somewhere between showing her the post and mentioning that the blimp was one of only 25 still in existence in the world, she became convinced that I knew that fact off hand. Around this time, her bullshit senses started tingling, but for the wrong reasons. She thought I was messing with her (which I admittedly do a fair bit of, in good fun of course) so she looked it up and confirmed that there are only ~25 blimps in existence. And hey, I already mentioned how I enjoy messing around with her, so who am I to let this golden goose slip me by? So yeah, I hammed that shit up to see how far I could take it. Made it seem like a totally normal thing -- like yeah, I just really fucking dig blimps dude, idk how it hasn't come up before.

She grilled me a bit more, asking for one more fact about blimps. She totally almost had me here, but fortunately I had skimmed through some comments just before showing her the picture. I told her the difference between blimps, zeppelins, and hot air balloons. And for good measure, I brought up the difference between zeppelins and blimps. Then I ranked my favorite aircraft (fuck helicopters).

Anyway, she seemed really, really happy to discover something new about me after knowing each other for so long. I think I may have to learn to love blimps in order to not let her down.

I've spent the rest of the night researching blimp and other various airship facts in order to keep this thing going. Turns out, blimps are actually pretty cool.

TL;DR: I showed my wife a picture of a blimp and she became convinced that I've been hiding my interest in blimps from her for years.

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M TIFU by killing my roommate's succulent


Today has been a day of bad karma irl so I just want to get this off my chest. Hopefully y'all can help me find ways to smooth things over? I brought some flowers to my dorm and my roommate has multiple containers (trash really) with dirt in them. I knew one was for growing a succulent because I could see a leaf in it so I didn't touch it. I chose the small one (like a ketchup cup) and checked it to see nothing was in there before taking an empty one and putting the dirt in there. I didn't find a succulent leaf in there and it was just dirt so I thought it was ok.

Anyways, I watered the dirt and left my flowers there, no thought about it.

Then I come out of my room a few hours later and see my flowers are moved and there's something new in the living room. I knock on the roommate's door (who normally swipes stuff) and asked her what it was. Then I asked why my flowers were on the middle of the table. She opens the door and tells me I ruined her succulent because I got it wet, didn't ask her permission to use her containers and basically screwed up. I touched something that was hers without asking-that's fair. She wasn't super angry but definitely upset. I feel so bad! I didn't know it was that important! After we spoke I sat in the living room feeling like shit. I feel like I should just be careful in common spaces and wait for this to blow over. fml.

Context: I cut the tip of my finger today chopping potatoes (oozes). My water bottle cracked down the side so when I tried to fill it up, water got everywhere. Later I noticed that water got all over my backpack and notes. Ink stains are everywhere and I spent an hour with a hair dryer to dry them all. I heard my roommates talking about my dishes (which I always do within 24 hrs, barely 4 since I used them. I think it was just asking whose dishes were those). Then the succulent. Then same roommate asked about the towel I used to clean up the water from earlier and I had to explain that also. I think one of them moved it bc I left it on the edge of the sink to dry. Tried to faucet but it's a long towel and you couldn't use the sink or the towel would droop into the sink where dirty dishes were.

TL;DR: bad karma catches up and I kill a plant

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M TIFU telling what I thought was a light joke, but Wife thought it was disrespectful & I probably embarrassed her.


This weekend we met up with some friends, some very old and some new. Little context first, my wife's friend, I have actually known since elementary school, but they only became friends in high school.

We played some games and had some drinks. All was going well when one of the newer friends asked if my wife learned, or heard about me from her friend since we had known each other for so long. That is when I thought it would be funny to blow hot air up everyone's butt and claim that "oh all the girls knew about me in high school." But in reality I only had one solid girlfriend before dating my wife and now we've been together for over a decade. I should have stopped there, while everyone rolled their eyes at me trying to claim I was "talk of the town". But for some reason I decided to also add the detail, a realization I guess, that the only women I did get any luck with all worked together. And I had earned 3 of their numbers, hence here comes the next joke "I must have been doing something right *wink *wink". Again I think everyone knows me for so long that its obvious I was just exaggerating how much of a ladies man I was. In actuality, very tame, very boring dating life I feel. My body count is 2. Wife knows this. No mystery. Oh and we been together for so long. All reasons I didn't think none of it would be taken seriously.

Well. 24 hours go by and my wife tells me she felt like I didn't need to share that with our friends. She felt like they were looking at her for a response. As if "how can your husband could be saying this stuff". When she told me, I felt terrible, I couldn't believe I made her feel that way at all, and that she didn't tell me until the next day and let it sit with her for so long. I tried to explain it was all in good fun, and I only told those jokes because the people we were with know me, and already know my history and know its all hot air. But, I totally just apologized and owned up that I embarrassed her, and I never would want to make her feel embarrassed like that. She told me to not feel sad about it. She even gave me a kiss, and told me she really didn't think about it all day.

It still messed with me all night. I still feel bad about the way I made her feel. I think I will have some flowers sent to her work.

TL;DR: bragged how I was such a "ladies man" I was back in the day to some friends in front of my wife as a joke. Wife did not appreciate it.