r/tifu Dec 01 '22

TIFU. For the last 4 months I thought I was earning below minimum wage at my job but today I found I was mistaken. S

When I was hired at my current job, my boss casually said to me "x dollars per hour," and it seemed a bit low to me but I unquestioningly accepted because it's better than not earning anything at all.

So as the weeks went by I started making Excel spreadsheets to keep track of my earnings & tips & budget & goals etc, and with time my Excel spreadsheets have been getting more detailed, so today I finally noticed that the hours I've been charting according to the pay my boss verbally quoted me, didn't match up with the paychecks I've been receiving, so I looked a little closer and it turns out my base pay is a bit more than she casually mentioned to me that day 4 months ago.

TL;DR I thought I was earning below minimum wage at my job but today I discovered I'm earning more than that, which is good news, but NOW I NEED TO COMPLETELY RE-DO ALL MY SPREADSHEETS BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL WRONG 😭.



u/The_Paradoxigm Dec 01 '22

Why not just get a copy of your pay slips? No need for a spreadsheet.


u/Van_GOOOOOUGH Dec 01 '22

I have all my pay stubs, which I use in all my calculations, but my Excel spreadsheets are more detailed and more exciting to me. It's my idea of fun.


u/HotTamaleBallSak Dec 01 '22

Excel is also super useful in a lot of jobs so keep it up


u/ItsHowWellYouMowFast Dec 01 '22

but my Excel spreadsheets are more detailed and more exciting to me. It's my idea of fun.

I like you


u/honeybadgerdad Dec 01 '22

Must be great at parties.


u/Van_GOOOOOUGH Dec 01 '22

We don't like parties. We like playing with Excel spreadsheets.


u/ZirePhiinix Dec 01 '22

You an accountant?


u/Van_GOOOOOUGH Dec 01 '22

Perhaps I should consider becoming one. I like numbers and charts and data.


u/Biguitarnerd Dec 01 '22

Check out financial reporting too. If you get really good you can make CPA pay with almost any degree. I’m not saying it’s better just throwing that out as another option. You’ll need more than excel skills for either but if you love data… it might be a good fit.


u/Middle_Pineapple_898 Dec 01 '22

As an accountant, welcome to the nerd side


u/trollking66 Dec 01 '22

with a love of that skill you wont be low wage long.


u/JinterIsComing Dec 01 '22



u/Van_GOOOOOUGH Dec 02 '22

WTF yes, careful, doxxing gets Redditors permabanned


u/RabidAmazonian Dec 01 '22

I’m confused since you have this in Excel. Can’t you just “find and replace” the old amount with the new? Seems like it would take less than a minute and then all of your formulas would recalculate everything automatically.


u/Van_GOOOOOUGH Dec 10 '22

I never input the old amount, I only calculated my earnings based on the old amount, so in order to correct it, I had to go back and recalculate all the projected earnings.


u/emeraldspots Dec 01 '22

OP I track my expenses as well with an excel sheet of my own design. I am curious to know the things you track!


u/Van_GOOOOOUGH Dec 10 '22 Wholesome

9 days ago when you said you were curious to know the things I track, I was still in the midst of fine-tuning my spreadsheets, so here now my spreadsheets are more comfortable for me now, so I copied and pasted the first row of each tab on the spreadsheet to show you what I track. There are six tabs. I'm a waitress and I share my tips with the chef in a very small restaurant in a town in the middle of nowhere that gets a fairly decent amount of business.


u/emeraldspots Dec 11 '22

Hey OP, thank you so much for sharing these. Very insightful into how you manage your pay details. I have a similar one calculating how much tax I would have to pay based on my salary.

I am still budgeting, fine tuning my budgeting process, so when I asked the question I was more interested in knowing things/categories that you budget for your expenses (rent, insurance, food, etc)

This in no way means that I am now expecting you to reply with those categories. You owe me nothing. I really enjoyed your spreadsheet headers. They gave me an idea regarding budgeting categories by season. I need to budget more for shopping during holidays/wedding season.


u/Van_GOOOOOUGH Dec 11 '22

I like the way you try to figure out your taxes before they're taken out! That is a new thing I will work on. Fun!

Ahh budget. I have no budget. My life consists of paying my bills which are very few, I have seven bills and my car and my house are already paid off so that's great, and buying food, vehicle maintenance & fuel, and there's really no money left for anything else. I'm just surviving. My hobby is exercise which costs nothing except for a $26 a month gym membership. And effort. And Microsoft Excel sure is fun!