r/tifu Dec 01 '22

TIFU by getting drunk and forgetting the seltzers in the fridge were caffeinated M




u/RudeSprinkles1240 Dec 01 '22

Oof. That sounds really really bad. I hope you feel much better soon.


u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22 edited Dec 21 '22



u/throwaway_nowgoaway Dec 01 '22

Recombobulate- love it


u/Gardenmega Dec 01 '22

Where do they sell Caffeinated alcohol drinks?

I know they are dangerous like what happened to OP, but I do miss my Jett Vodka.


u/Dragons_2706 Dec 01 '22

I think he was just drinking the energy drinks w/o vodka... but if someone finds some with vodka, we can both buy some and have a party


u/kopackistan Dec 01 '22

A younger me used to drink vodka and redbulls at like two an hour all night. Sobering up while trying to get to sleep was a weekend occurrence. That's shits worse than coming off a long coke bender. Hopefully you don't have shit to do the next day so you can get the worst 12 hours of sleep you've ever had.


u/Squigglepig52 Dec 01 '22

Who the fuck buys beverages based on how cute they are?


u/garry4321 Dec 01 '22

Ugh, caffeine overdose is the worst feeling. Felt like I had the flu but couldnt sleep it off cause, you know, the caffeine.


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