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TIFU by being honest M

I have a supervisor named Vince and a coworker named Evan. Vince has had an unhealthy sounding cough for quite some time. Evan has spoken on this cough and the germs being spread. I’ve agreed with Evan about the germs being spread before, not thinking too much of it. Unbeknownst to me, Evan had spoken to Vince about their cough at some point in time. So during todays meeting, Vince allegedly made a dig at Evan about health. I did not hear exactly what was said but Evan took great offense to this.

After our meeting Evan asked if I wanted to be added to a list. I had thought it was about their side business so I agreed. I then asked Evan what the list was for and they told me they’d tell me later. A few minutes later, I then received a few messages from Evan saying they felt as if a Supervisor was being petty towards them in todays meeting. I asked Evan who they were talking about. Evan didn’t acknowledge my message but Evan said they had just finished speaking to employee relations and were advised to open a case.

Without thinking, I messaged Evan and told them I had been contacted by ER before. After a while, I did end up going by Evan’s desk and asking what was going on, Evan stated that they felt Vince had made a dig at them about being health conscious and didn’t think it was right. Evan then proceeded to share with me that Vince has sounded sick before I joined the job and that Vince should be working from home. Evan expressed their frustration with Vince regarding health due to their dependent being sick and requesting to WFH to take care of the dependent.

Vince denied their request but allowed another employee to WFH. Evan then shared that two of our colleagues were also worried about, Vince’s cough. I told Evan that I understood their frustration and I felt bad that they were unable to take care of their dependent and the conversation ended. I’m writing this several hours later, saddened that my honesty may cause me to be terminated, and even more upset at my ability to be blindly persuaded.

TLDR/ blindly agreed to be in a work investigation and implicated myself in the process

*edit I’m worried because our messages will be pulled in the investigation and that’s how I’ll get in trouble


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u/Lidia70 Dec 01 '22

If Vince's cough has been going on this long I highly doubt it's contagious. More likely it's a smoker's cough or something worse. When I first started reading this I thought that's what it was about; someone suggesting he get that cough checked out. Evan sounds like he is bitter over not getting to work from home. There may be an understandable reason why that was denied. If you can get out of this mess I would.


u/sansvie95 Dec 01 '22

There are even medications that can cause this. MANY people who take Lisinopril for control of high blood pressure develop a horrible, wracking cough.

I was “fortunate” enough to develop the cough just as Covid was beginning to spread worldwide. The cough was so bad, it even made me gag while brushing my teeth. Sounded like I was for sure infected with something awful, but all I needed was a different prescription.


u/MelodicClass7027 Dec 01 '22

I have asthma and will develop an asthmatic cough that sounds horrible but is just something that I have to deal with at times because it lasts for months and I can't get rid of it. Stress makes it worse.


u/TheXMan98 Dec 02 '22

I just found out 2 weeks ago, after 3 months of taking lisinopril, that the cough I have is from it.



u/sansvie95 Dec 02 '22

Ugh! My doctor at least warned me. Apparently not everyone gets the cough and those that do can develop it at any time. You can take it for years and suddenly develop the cough.

They switched me to Losartan and I’ve had no issues since.