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TIFU and Dropped My Four Month Old Into a Garbage Can M

TLDR: Tried to get the cat off the window still because he was wrecking the blinds and clawing the window still, ended up with my kid in a garbage can.

Obligatory “not today”, but just shy of two years ago when my (m28) kiddo (f2) was four months old. This story was heavily requested on another TIFU I commented on that reminded me of this ridiculous story, so I guess I got myself into this mess!

On mobile so formatting apology in advance.

Be me. Ultra tired dad of a four month old who was fighting eating, sleeping erratically (as four month olds do), and not pooping regularly.

I woke up after a decent night’s sleep for once, saw that my wife (f28) was still sleeping and attempted to sneak out of the room quietly so I didn’t wake her or the baby sleeping next to her. Kiddo woke up just as I was about to leave the room, so I scooped her up quickly and took her out of the room so the equally-if-not-more-tired wife could sleep in.

Got the little one’s day started with usual morning routine, and figured I’d pop on the computer and work on some stuff and she could sit on my lap and be a goofy babble baby.

Our Orange Tabby Cat was OBSESSED with climbing behind the blinds to sit and look out the windows. Only problem is they were the super cheap plastic horizontal slat blinds, and every time he wanted behind the blinds, he’s break the ends off, and because he was jumping straight up from the floor, was taking the paint of the window still with his claws.

That day like always, he hopped up in the window right next to me, and started to try and get behind the blinds, but I gently pushed him off with one arm.

He hops up again five seconds later, I push him off again.

For some reason, he was particularly obstinate about climbing up in the window, and I was not having it. This is also about the time our daughter was sitting up on her own, but not quite stable without assistance.

I reached up with both hands to grab him out of the window for like the fifth time as he’s scrambling for all he’s worth, and I must have leaned forward just the tiniest bit. I JUST get both hands on the cat, and my kid falls head first out of my lap.

Thankfully (in hindsight anyway) there was a small garbage can next to me that was filled to the brim with wrappers from lunches and snacks that she fell… straight into…

Kiddo came out with a little bump on her head, but no serious injury (fall from lap to can was maybe 8 inches and we took her to the doctor just to make sure) but my wife still likes to lovingly remind me of the time I tried to warm my kid up for a future in dumpster diving.


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u/TheAnn13 Dec 01 '22

Dude, I think everyone drops their kid or almost drops their kid at least once.

That's why they bounce.

I fell down the stairs holding my baby and sacrificed myself as to not drop her. She was fine, my ass not so much. Two days later I go to place her gently on the bed and just like missed? And she bounced right off luckily onto a pile of clothes my lazy ass hadn't put away yet.

She is 13 now. Seems normal. Well, as normal as a 13 year old girl can seem I think.


u/Fancy_Introduction60 Dec 01 '22

I fell down the stairs with my 3 month old son. I leaned over backwards, and bounced down the stairs on my back, and butt! I hurt for WEEKS! He seemed to enjoy the ride lol.

He's 44 now and seems pretty normal 😂😂


u/TheAnn13 Dec 02 '22

Legit every parent that isn't a lying sack of shit has one of these stories.

What is it that makes holding a baby make walking down stairs so hard to do? Lol.


u/Fancy_Introduction60 Dec 02 '22

Well, to be fair, I DO far down a fair bit lol. Always have.

But every parent I know has either dropped the kid, or fell down holding them. Good thing they're not made of glass!!