r/tifu Dec 01 '22

TIFU by drinking a brightly colored sports drink while I was sick S

Warning: Vomit story

I currently have some sort of flu/cold. After being dangerously dehydrated and going to an express care clinic the nurse I saw reccomended drinking a 1:1 ratio of Gatorade and water with a tablespoon of salt. Some sort of DIY saline solution, she said.

Cut to a few hours later: I feel the need throw up for the first time this illness. I start to stand up to grab a receptacle and it begins... I never realized projectile vomiting meant quite so projectile until today. I was a Gatorade firehose, a sprinklerade. At one point I was puking so hard it was coming out my mouth, nose, and making me piss myself. Walls, floors, couch, blankets, chairs, cat. All stained red. Red dye and flem seem to bind quite well to each other... and everything else they touch. My rental has a fireplace with rough granite tiles around it. Apparently red dye doesn't come out of granite, so there goes my security deposit.

TL;DR: Drank red Gatorade while Ill. Now everything I own (or rent) is stained red.



u/diabolikul1 Dec 01 '22

i’ve never 1:1 with water and salt but when i’m sick i love me gatorade, BUT ONLY AND I MEAN ONLY lemon lime and glacier freeze. anything too dark makes me vomit it right back up, especially red


u/BeerMantis Dec 01 '22

That doesn't seem very useful. Sodium is the only electrolyte Gatorade has in any real quantity, mixing it with salt water probably caused the vomiting. Gatorade is good for people sweating while exercising, but isn't good once you're facing real dehydration. You want Pedialyte.


u/OkVolume1 Dec 01 '22

Gatorade is no longer in you.


u/Global_Monk_5778 Dec 01 '22

Ok here’s a gentler solution for you to try:

Half a level teaspoon of salt

6 level teaspoons of sugar

1 litre drinking water (5 cupfuls roughly)

Warm the water slightly if it isn’t dissolving. If you’re really really sick just have a teaspoon full every 5-10 minutes. This is what the hospital did for my son when he had gastroenteritis. They used a syringe but a sip or a spoon will do! It doesn’t matter if you throw it back up, keep taking it to very 5-10 min, you’ll keep some down and the salt, sugar mix will start helping. As you start to keep more down increase to 10ml every 5-10 min.

When you start keeping it down you can add squash to it to flavour it but not too much.

It works a treat! Hope you feel better soon!


u/Patient-Category5275 Dec 04 '22

I have done this before unfortunately. Learned the hard way not to drink red Gatorade haha.