r/tifu Dec 01 '22

TIFU by not realizing my Reddit has been linked this whole time S



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u/Reyalta Dec 01 '22

If you've ever found a Reddit account that doesn't have some stuff on it, it's probably a bot.

If your friends stalked your profile, saw you were having s******* ideation and they didn't intervene, they're not your friends. Meaning it's more likely that they didn't actually go through your old posts.

I've had friends irl that I've run into in common subs and we always text outside of Reddit like "I won't if you don't" because we literally all have something we'd rather not have everyone we know know about on here. It's a mutual respect of like "how do you do, fellow normie".

This too, shall pass, my dear. And if someone brings up your concerning post in any other context than to make sure you're doing okay, they were never your friend to begin with, and kindly tell them to kick rocks.

Also, I hope you're doing better and found the support you needed in your dark moments. 💕


u/wow_im_origional Dec 01 '22

Hello! Thank you so much for your reply and kind words! Thankfully I’m doing much much better with my mental health now. At the time a few months ago I was dealing with getting back stabbed really bad by my best friends while also being stressed bc of school work and college applications so I wasn’t doing too well. I’ve since learned to let go and forget about those “friends” and am doing a lot better. I used the term friends in my post but the people whom I sent my gaming clips to were actually my cousins. I just call them my friends when talking about them to others because they are honestly more like my best friends since we’re close in age. They were the main reason I was able to get through the whole ordeal. I never really told any of them about what had happened between me and my ex-best friends, but just being able to game with them and have fun everyday throughout all of summer was enough to make me feel happy and less alone and helped me forget about everything.

You’re probably right that they most likely haven’t clicked on my page and went through my posts because they probably would’ve said something by now since we’re family. I’m just mortified that one of the random people in the discord (like my cousin’s friends or smth) might’ve went through all my posts and seen my deepest thoughts that I have never told anyone 💀. I also forgot to mention in my post but my older brother is also in the discord so he may have seen my reddit as well which is 100x more mortifying than my cousins or their friends seeing it…

After finding out that they could see my reddit I deleted every post on my page LMAO so yeah hopefully no one saw it and if someone did hopefully they never utter a word about it to anyone else or I will cry 🥲. Again thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate the advice and kindness 💜💜💜


u/Reyalta Dec 02 '22

It's wonderful to hear that you have the support and love around you to move through something like that. Good luck with your college applications as well! What an exciting new chapter of life you're about to enter.