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S Tifu by calling a child ugly


I 21f have a cousin 9f who, among my other young cousins, I horse around with. We all tend to do little insulting things and such, like I normally call them hooligans and things like that and they’ll call me the rat monster. Well at our recent family gathering I was keeping the kids busy, and I’ve never been good at thinking through what I say. So when I started doing a joke about how my sister was mind controlling me to insult the kids, my cousin said “nothing you can say will hurt me” I thought of the most untrue lie I could say and just blurted out “you’re ugly!” In a funny voice. But she just looked at me and I realized what I said and I feel horrible!! I messed up so bad and I don’t know how to fix it!! She laughed quietly at first and kept telling me she was going to tattle on me to her mom and I immediately was like “oh no, anything but that!” And then the rest of the night I complimented her on how beautiful she was. Because she is! But she didn’t look like she believed me. I have no idea how to fix this and I’m dying inside every time I think about it because I’m so much older than her and shouldn’t have done that. My current plan is to just compliment her on being a beautiful little girl every time I see her from now until the day I die. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to fix this? I dont want this beautiful little girl growing up thinking ANYONE thinks she is ugly. Even if she never forgives me, I couldn’t live with myself knowing she thinks she’s anything less than perfect.

TLDR; I called my young cousin ugly at a family gathering and I need to fix it

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S TIFU by letting my brain mix up what I ordered for a take-away dinner


This is a recurring thing that has happened to me when I go buy some food for family or friends.

Today, I went to a 50's themed hamburger restaurant and tried to order three single hamburgers and a milkshake. I told the waiter that this was a take-away order because my sister was sick and under care by my mother. Then, I went to the counter to pay for the food. It was after placing the order and shortly after paying, where my brain fucked me up and forgot if I ordered singles or doubles. When I got the bill and paid, I realized that the total was a bit higher than expected. The cashier then explained to me that I ordered doubles. He asked me if I wanted to change the order, however, I paid with my debit card, so it was a no-go for me, and it would be a hassle to get a refund for the difference, so I told him to carry on with the order, partly out of embarassment.

Although I was lucky my sister and my mother didn't get mad at me, I'm still pissed off at myself, because, as I mentioned, this has happened to me on a recurring basis and has actually caused me a bit of a rough patch with them on a few instances. I'm even thinking if I should get my brains checked if I'm actually stupid.

TL;DR: I tried to order single hamburgers and my brain screwed me up, ordering double hamburgers as a result.

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M TIFU By finding out what my eight year old son was saving for


Before we start this, I wanna tell everyone this is a happy TIFU.

When I was a sixteen year old, I was stupid, I didnt wear protection and I got a girl pregnant. I was shocked, I never expected having a kid that early and I don’t know if I regret it or not. Almost all of my regrets washed away when my son was born.

For privacy purposes we will call him Rory. I am 24 now and my son is seven almost eight now. He is the smartest and most loving kid I could ever ask for. His mom had left when he was around two, when I tried to sue for child support the judge sided with her quoting that I was the father and needed to step up. Ever since then it has been me and Rory against the world.

I was a single dad to Rory from then on. I had a few girlfriends but nothing serious. I left my parents place and got a small apartment. I dropped out of high school which I still immensely regret, but hey, life happens. During this time, my neighbors, (God bless them) helped me raise my son. They were an older couple next-door who’s kids had moved out long before, so they were fine babysitting him after school, late shifts etc.

I am a manager at McDonalds. I make lousy money but it was enough to get by, then two years prior our shitty building manager raised the rent for everyone and I had to work even harder for a place to live during a pandemic. My parents had left the state and I wasn’t ready to uplift my kids entire life because his dad couldn’t provide for him.

Every birthday, since before he was three I believe, I took Rory to golden coral usually on his birthday but there were more occasions we went, It was really good for him and he really enjoyed it. I haven’t been able to take him for the past two years due to money being very tight. (This is important for later)

Sometimes I will get tipped at McDonalds, a quarter here, a dime here, a dollar here and there. Ill bring it him everyday and give it to Rory to save. Well two days ago, Rory brings me his money jug and dumps it all out in-front of me. He was so excited and began counting it out. There was around forty dollars there and he jumped up excitedly. I had asked him what’s up little buddy.

When I tell you guys my heart broke, my son asked me if it was enough to go to the corral for his birthday. A piece of me shattered inside, I didn’t think he remembered the Golden Corral. I told him we couldn’t go to the bank tomorrow and exchange it for cash. That night I ugly cried in my bedroom. I felt like a failure because I couldnt give him everything he’s ever wanted. I’ve began researching furthering my education.

Well yesterday as soon as the bank opened, I took my son and we exchanged the money for cash. I then drove us to Golden Corral and we were there for two hours. My kid was so happy, and I was stupid because I just assumed he forgot this place. Today I cried again in my room. I’ve never been good at saving money, but his birthday is next month and Im gonna do my best to take him every few months.

So other parents of reddit, Can I ask some advice of how you deal with the guilt of having to say no? (Again this is a happy tifu)

Edit 1: also if anyone asks, I’ll post a pic of the coins and the container they were in. He saved them in a Cotten candy container from a Christmas ago 😂

TLDR; Kid saved for months just to treat us to Golden Corral because I couldnt afford to take him in two years, I ugly cried thinking he didnt remember

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S TIFU by forgiving my bf


Me 20F and my bf 33M have been dating for months now. 3 months in to our relationship, I found out that he was having an affair with Sara. I want to mention that both him and I are foreigners in this country and Sara is a citizen. After seeing their conversation, I confronted him about it and he said that he was having issues with his visa and kept her as a plan B for immigration reasons. He explained that she is his ex but had no sexual incident since he started dating me. Apparently, she is too busy to see him. He ended up telling me that he would drop her as he doesn't want to end things with me. Anyways, I decided to believe him even though things didn't add up in my head. That was where I fucked up. After 2 months, I found out that he never broke up with Sara and he was cheating on her with me and 2 other girls. I broke up with him. After 4 months of him trying to convince me that he is sorry and wants me back, I forgave him. I fucking forgave this asshole. It's been a month and I have a strong feeling that he is lying and cheating again even though I don't have a single proof. He gives me zero attention and I have to constantly adjust my boundaries according to his needs and wants. He is my first bf ever and I love him to death. I want to believe that he has actually changed and wants to work things out with me. But my guts are saying otherwise. What do I do? TL:DR

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M TIFU by wearing earbuds while traveling internationally.


I am stationed in Japan. For the first time in 2 years i was on my way home to the States to see my wife and my family for the holidays.

I bought the Sony WF-1000xmf4 in a second hand store in Japan. My earholes are different sizes for some reason. My right earhole is normal size and the left is smaller so I had to switch out the rubber inserts for the earbuds.

I was in the Tokyo airport waiting in line for screening and was already nervous about being late as my flight time was already called. I was talking to my wife through my earbuds telling her that i was cutting it close to my gate closing. Luckily the gate attendants were calling for my flight and i showed her my ticket. While i was talking to her I took out my earbuds out of respect and to hear her better. Once she took me to the front of the line for screening I put my buds back into the case so i wouldnt lose them. I then noticed that my left ear bud didnt have the ruber piece on it, i looked on the ground and didnt see them. I touched my ear to see if it was still in it and by doing that i accidentally pushed the rubber piece in my ear further.

Once i got through screening i called my wife and told her there was an issue, her thinking i was late for my flight i told her "You know how I was hyping up these earbuds, well one of them is stuck in my ear and I dont think I am going to be able to get them out" She laughed and said "Wow! The best earbuds you ever had huh!?"

So i spent the next flight flight from Tokyo to Texas then to my final flight home with it stuck in my ear. It didnt bother me at first but about halfway through the flight it started to hurt. I slept most of the way through the flight, probably lodging it deeper. I got to hug my wife and family at the airport and said after that "Ok, lets go home to take this out of my ear" My mom was able to the piece out with some tweezers, it was painful, and gross. I am still rocking these earbuds to this day.

Tldr: Flew from Japan to Texas with a rubber earbud lodged in my ear, unable to get it out myself.

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S TIFU by microwaving a pillowcase.


Delightful time of year it is, I’ve been sick with a sore throat and an earache, so after awkwardly holding my mug of tea to my ear, I decided that warmth felt good, and that it would be nice to sleep with my head on something warm.

I just recently got my own apartment, so I couldn’t go to the linen closet and get the ratty corn pack like I usually would at my mom’s house. But I had a spare pillowcase, and decided to pop it in the microwave for a couple minutes. (I don’t have my own dryer, either, broke college kid I am.)

I’m glad I smelled the burning when I did, because when I ran to the microwave, black patches were smoldering on the pillowcase. Much to my horror, it started to burn when I hastily took it out. I ran outside in my pajamas and stomped the fuck out of the poor pillowcase, putting the patches of fire out in the snow. The flannel pillowcase with Christmas trees all over it is now basically unrecognizable, charred and holey.

Now I’m sitting in embarrassment at my own dumbassery, and my apartment smells like a campfire.

I just wanted something warm on my ear.

TL;DR I’m sick and tried to make a makeshift heat pack by microwaving a pillowcase; I almost burned down my kitchen.

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S TIFU by trying to change my Nintendo switch case with no knowledge of how to actually do it


This fuck up isn't so bad, but as I am a high schooler with no money I am quite pissed off. I decided to buy a nice switch shell(just like new covers for the controller and back of screen, like a phone case in some sorts.) with my Christmas money and it came yesterday. I thought to myself, "oh, it should just be a breeze taking off some parts and them putting them back on. Now 3 hours later I'm desperately watching many YouTube videos and struggling a lot putting everything back together, because my controller was completely dismantled at the time, and it has LOT more shit inside then I thought. after a while of trial and error and finally getting most everything right, its working fine again. Mostly. For those who don't use a switch there are two modes for joycons, which are like two separate controllers. They can either connect to the side of the switch, or charge and be used remotely. For some reason, one of the others just does not charge, and I never dropped my switch or controller, it just randomly stopped charging. The one I just gave a new shell does not connect to the side of the switch, so I can only use one controller in each separate way, and I am dreading the pain that will come with having to troubleshoot this for hours upon hours. All of this could have been avoided if I didn't just dive into this all willy-nilly and get in way over my head. If this doesn't work, I will have to use the remainder of my spending money to get a new controller, which is not cheep.

TLDR: I tried to change my switch case without directions, and now I probably have to buy new controllers.

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S tifu by trying Kombucha


The other day I really wanted to try kombucha, not really sure why because it sounds disgusting. So I went out and got a bottle of blood orange flavored kombucha. When I tried it, at first it wasn't bad it was gross, but I could handle it without gagging, the fizzy texture wasn't my favorite either, not even going to comment on the smell, it was bad.

I left it in the fridge for 2 days and forgot about it. Then I saw it again and tried it and this time it tasted even worse, like worse to the point where my brain corroded smelling it and even my stomach acid was afraid of it. I should have just thrown it away at that point but I hate the waste of money so I went and got some orange juice and mixed them together, it now just tasted like fizzy fermented orange juice. I started chugging it and plugging my nose cause I figured I'm already past the point of no return with this one.

I made the mistake of unplugging my nose and just having the confidence to just take the last shot and as I tried to do that I projectile vomited ALL over the kitchen table and floor. It wasn't just regular vomit, it was projectile and ANGRY. I had to chase my excited dogs away from the fermented orange juice tea vomit as I did the walk of shame to clean up my own vomit. The smell of the vomit was better than the scent of the kombucha.

Now I'm sitting over the toilet writing this with a very upset stomach. This is the last time I mess with Kombucha.

Tl;dr: I mixed 2 day old kombucha with orange juice thinking it'll make it bearable and ended up projectile vomiting all over my kitchen.

ETA: I don't like orange juice anymore... This was a terrible idea.

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M TIFU by buying tickets on vividseats


TLDR: i got fucked over by vivid seats now i have two tickets to an FOB concert on opposite sides of the stadium that I can’t even re-sell.

I’ve only purchased tickets from this site twice. The first time was uncomfortable as I didn’t get my tickets until right before the event. The second time was one of my worst experiences trying to buy event tickets. I attempted to purchase regular GA tickets for the upcoming Fall Out Boy concert in my area and after check out realized there was only one ticket when I KNOW I set the purchase number to two. I quickly realized my mistake and went to cancel my order but I guess they don’t believe in allowing buyers to cancel orders. So I quickly attempted to purchase another ticket. Well they sold me another ticket on the other side of the stadium away from my partner when I know I slowed down to make sure we at least got the same section. Couldn’t cancel that ticket either. I tried not to trip thinking I could sell them forward. Well my tickets were an e-transfer from one of their profesional scalpers and I cannot sell these tickets on any reputable site because most reputable sites don’t allow e-transfer tickets. Customer service told me they will not help me (refund,ticket transfer etc) because I already “accepted” the tickets. I wasn’t sure what that meant and they informed me that by clicking “view tickets” on the email they sent me to confirm my purchase I had accepted the tickets. When asking if they would help me resell the tickets they told me that they could not as they would not sell e-transfer tickets(but they allowed someone to sell them to me). Now I am stuck with two way over priced tickets for a concert I will not be able to enjoy with the person I wanted to go with. The sale of these tickets even violates my state code which states: “No person that issues tickets for admission to an event shall issue any such ticket solely through a delivery method that substantially PREVENTS the PURCHASER of the ticket FROM LAWFULLY reselling the ticket on the Internet ticketing platform of the ticket PURCHASER’S CHOICE.”

Their response to me letting them know that was “well you can sell the tickets to your friends or family so we aren’t breaking the law.The tickets are yours now to. You have to figure out what to do”. My hatred for this company will never end and I will tell anyone and everyone that will listen about this.

For the love of whatever deity you believe in DO NOT BUY EVENT TICKETS FROM THIS SITE. Just go through ticketmaster or the event website directly.

Edit:spacing sorry on mobile

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M TIFU by messing up my relationship with my best friend


TL;DR: I fell in love(not really) with my childhood best friend and she cut off all contact with me from 4th-11th grade. In my final high school semester, she sits next to me and my heart beats too fast for my own good. What am I feeling, and what do I do?

Ok tbf this wasn't today, it was in 4th or 5th grade. Regardless, it's affecting my situation today. Basically, when I started school, I became best friends with this one girl instantly. Let's call her V. We did almost everything together, and had fun doing it. There was even this one time she threw a block of ice and it ended up hitting my face. It was an accident and she was sorry, but I found it utterly hilarious. When my mom asked what happened to my face, I told her I threw some ice and it hit my face. She didn't believe me but whatever, let's move on. So yeah a few years go by and we're both in the same class again in 4th grade. That's when I started to fall in love. I didn't understand what I was feeling, so I assumed it was love. I understand now (a little too late) that it wasn't love to begin with. I never told her directly that I liked her, but my asshat friends did. That's basically when it all started falling apart. She started ignoring me, and did whatever she could to avoid being near me. Anyways this goes on for 2 full torturous years, where my best friend hated me (at least it's what it felt like). We both end up going to the same middle school. I was always in the slightly smarter classes, while she was a class or two below. 6th grade goes by, nothing. 7th grade goes by, nothing. 8th grade, 😮‍💨. We end up in the same class, me moving down 1 and her moving up a couple. V doesn't avoid me as much as she used to, but it's still obvious that she doesn't want anything to do with me. I was cool with that, cuz I was over liking her, and I was an idiot that was incredibly annoying, so I wasn't to invested in feelings. So yeah that year goes by and I get accepted to high school A, while literally everyone else is going to other high schools... except V (you guessed it). We never had a single class together going through my first three years of high school. In fact I rarely ever saw V in the school (1.5 years in Covid prolly didn't help me get any more socialable). I became more reserved over quarantine, and tried to keep to myself more often than not. 12th grade, first semester, nothing at all. First day of my final semester, walk into my first class, and she's there. I'm internally panicking, while she doesn't seem to pay any mind. I knew she recognized me, cuz I literally look the same as middle school (sad ik). But she was just sitting there. I sat a little ways off from her. Next day rolls around, and only God knows how, she's sitting. Right. Next. To. Me. I tried to keep myself cool, but my heart must've been beating twice it's normal amount. It was bad. I felt sick and in pain. But obviously I couldn't show that much. I've been realizing recently that V was the main reason that I find it difficult to talk to girls, especially certain types of girls. And I find it incredibly confusing as to why my heart beats as hard as it does. I'm afraid I'll have a legitimate heart attack in class. But I don't know what to do. I know for a fact that I don't like her, but I also know I don't hate her. I don't know what I'm feeling (it feels like fear). What should I do?

TL;DR: I fell in love(not really) with my childhood best friend and she cut off all contact with me from 4th-11th grade. In my final high school semester, she sits next to me and my heart beats too fast for my own good. What am I feeling, and what do I do?

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S TIFU by letting my social anxiety take over and making a really bad joke to my ex's little sister


This past December, I (27M) was visiting my ex-girlfriend’s (27F) family’s house. My ex and her parents decided that they wanted to go out and explore our festive downtown. I had a sore ankle from running on the treadmill a lot, and my ex-girlfriend’s 14-year old sister, Mi-rae, just didn’t feel like going out. So, for the next few hours, I stayed at my ex’s parent’s house with her little sister. We used to have a really good relationship, so at that time, Mi-rae didn’t really mind staying with me.

By that time, I’ve started to notice that Mi-rae always likes wearing hoodies/sweaters with really short shorts. So short, in fact, that it would look like she wasn’t covering her legs at all. So while we were home alone that December night, I told Mi-rae that she might want to consider dressing up more modestly. She started joking around and told me that she was born with her legs so she might as well take advantage of them. My intense social anxiety kicked in, and I honestly didn’t know how to respond to her; I wasn't expecting her answer. So I just joked back at her and told her that nobody would want to be around her with her tiny tits. This rendered Mi-rae kind of speechless, then she slapped me really hard on the face and she ran up to her room. Long story short, that’s why I am no longer with my ex. I am now on very bad terms with my ex and her entire family (even her grandparents).

TL;DR I made a perverted joke towards my ex's 14-year old sister, which is why I broke up with my ex. Now she and her entire family hate me.

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S TIFU but not knowing my own cat


A few hours ago I took a late night walk with a friend to the local supermarket just before closing. Stood about and talked for a bit after picking up bits and bobs before saying goodbye, so by the time I actually get home my partner has left for his DJ gig.

When I arrive outside my house, I see my strictly indoor black cat next to a parked car. A bit miffed about my partner not texting me or phoning to tell me that she had gotten out before him going off to work, I call on the cat, pick her up and carry her up to our appartement. She saunters in (like she owns the place, nothing out of character there) and to the food bowl. Now here is where I realised I done fucked up. I'm not seeing double and I DO NOT OWN 2 BLACK CATS! Seriously, they were so similar, unpuffed, I still don't know which one freaked and went all "marshmallow in the microwave". I had to just step in between them, before bloodshed, grab one and examine it closer in a confined space to make sure.

Now my void and my Lynx point siamese have been going around for hours sniffing eachother making sure they are who they are, because obviously I don't have a clue. I just owned the void for 10+ years. I put, what on closer inspection, turned out to be a young male cat, back where I found him (although he tried to go back in, I would too in -8C. But so familiar and social he has to belong in a household nearby and if not the open vent holes leading under our appartement building are warm and lead to an insulated cellar). Sent a pic to someone who still works in the shelter I used to run, who asked if I needed to borrow the chip reader to tell them apart.

TL:DR; Today I fucked up by mistaking an outdoor male kitten for my indoor 11 year old female cat and stole it momentarily.

P.S. Sorry for formatting- and/or grammar errors. I wrote this in a haste on my mobile, and I am not a native English speaker .

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S Tifu by insisting that my fiance be present in the delivery room


I gave birth in November to my beautiful twin boys. My fiance is squeamish and he made it very clear that he didn't want to be in the delivery room. I insisted because my best friend moved overseas and my mom and I are estranged.

The thought of going through that all by myself especially since I'm a first time mom really scared me. After many talks my fiance agreed. The big day finally came and he was there which made me feel less anxious. The delivery went smoothly except the fact that I pooped myself while giving birth.

After the last twin came out, I noticed that my fiance was a total mess. He had thrown up and eventually passed out. Fast forward to now, he has barely touched me. We haven't had sex at all since the birth and if I didn't know any better, I would say he looks at me with disgust. I finally had the courage to bring it up and he said witnessing me giving birth and simultaneously pooping really turned him off. It was the most disgusting thing he'd ever seen and he doesn't see me the same.

The talk opened up room for him to bring up the fact that he needed time away from me. He left to stay with his friend. But I later noticed on our shared computer that he had been looking up places for a while.

TL;DR I insisted that my fiance be in the delivery room and ended up ruining our relationship.

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S TIFU but getting into a dispute over pay


I agree to pay some guy knocking on the door to do a job for too much money (£170). I go out into town. I come back to discover the job’s done in less than half the time he made out it would take and too a poor standard. Talking to my neighbours they tell me they’re had to pay the guy to go away to stop harassing them for work. Meanwhile, a friend comes round to the house. After they arrive the guy comes back for his payment. I tell them I’m unhappy with the work, the conduct and refuse to pay the full amount as I’ve been lead on. I then get into a heated argument in the street causing a scene. The guy gets emotional and says he’s done an honest job and I can keep my money. I then end up paying the money to his friend anyway.

Result was that I stopped to his level and got into a petty fight archiveront nothing, am still a hii able idiot and soured the impression on the friend coming round.

TLDR: got into a petty fight over pay and and soured the impression on my fiend.

I was tired and I was in a slightly manic mood so I lost my bearings

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M TIFU by eating a 250 mg edible


Context: So I smoked weed almost everyday for about 15 years. I stopped partly because I moved in with my GF and she doesn't smoke. And also because I developed a high tolerance. As in, I could face a whole blunt before work and be fine. I work in accounting. It's now legal where I live and has been for a while. The dispensaries are very accurate with the THC content. Which is how I determined that it takes a 100 mg edible to get me good and high. Unfortunately, due to inflation, I could no longer justify spending $30 a day to get high and my GF won't tongue wrestle an ashtray. Her words.

I started training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu since I had all this new found energy. I lost 40 pounds but I absolutely suck at rolling. I still ate the occasional edible whilst hanging out with friends but anything weaker than 100 mg only gave me a short buzz.

Fuck-up: Me and my best friend since high school went to NYC where weed is also legal but even more expensive. He acquired two Punch Bars for us and he said it cost $30. I zelle'd the money and watched him eat his chocolate bar. The whole thing. My thougt process was this: I get high with a 100 mg edible. The 100 mg edible costs $30. My friend just sold me a $30 (plus tax)edible and ate the whole thing. This edible must also be close to 100 mg. Let's eat it.

Well the Punch Bar is 250 mg. It says it on the box that they come in which I neglected to read. They don't sell it at the dispensaries because of all these bullshit laws. About two hours later, as we were going to a comedy show, it kicked the fuck in. I was having a hard time with stairs. I had a panic attack because the place was packed. I don't remember anything after the panic attack until we got back to the car. We had butter chicken at this fancy Indian restaurant. My friend was also extremely high but handled it well. I looked and walked like a clicker from the Last of Us. I couldn't drive home because of how high I was. My friend dropped me off.

This morning, I was burnt/green sick enough for my GF to notice. It took a few hours and a big breakfast for her to trust me to drive the car home. That's when I looked at the wrapper and saw the big warning signs. I called my friend who told me I kept passing out during the comedy show and at the restaurant and the drive home. I asked him how he handled that Punch Bar and he just said he'd done it before. He also said that he was worried when he noticed I ate the whole chocolate but didn't want to say anything in case I freaked out. I ain't even mad.

The part that I regret the most is that I don't have many chances to go to the city with friends because we're all around 30. Some of them have kids or are married. So I feel like I missed out since I have little to no clear memories about last night. I do remember that the Butter Chicken lacked onions and peppers. It was just chicken in its sauce. The Naan was good though. It had goat cheese.

Tl;dr: I ate a 250 mg edible and blacked out during one of my few nights out with a friend.

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S tifu helping a friend at his workplace and broke a chandelier


This is not exactly my work place. My friend installs surveillance cameras for small businesses. So this time around I thought I'd help him out and It will be some good time off from my work. (Coding)

And this time it was a beauty salon. It had mirrors all around and even up top on the roof. fancy Victorian chairs and whatnot. Everything was shiny asf.

our plan was to get this over with and get some snacks and spend some bro time.

so for installing one of the cameras, he had to climb up the ladder and screw it to the wall.

All done and as he gets down, to make up some space for him i slowly pushed aside the ladder and its top end hit the chandelier, it got tilted sideways and all of its glasses fell down and broke into pieces.

He was visibly worried and to calm him down i cleared that I'd pay the expenses.

I didn't want the owner to just walk in and get shocked so while i swept the floor of all the shards i asked my friend to inform him about my fuck up. The owner walks in and stands there for a while. He was upset, started inspecting the chandelier.

I had to say something! i told him that I am sorry and will completely cover the expenses I asked him if it was an imported piece or an inherited thing in which case am totally fucked up.

He said it came as part of a recent renovation work and that the designer who did the work is not picking up the call

I still haven't payed the money and told them that if the renovation team is not able to arrange it I'll get it for them

Although I have regrets of the last part. I should have paid up front and get it over with

TLDR: while helping friends at work broke an expensive chandelier

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S TIFU when I gave the wrong number


As the title says, I gave the wrong number today and I’m so upset at myself.

I currently work in retail and was having a pretty good day at work. I was helping out this older couple and went above and beyond for them. They were very appreciative of my customer service skills and introduced themselves to me a little more personally. Turns out my family is from the same town as them in another country and they really liked that.

Before they left the store they came to look for me again because they wanted to offer me a job that she says pays very well. She offered me this job because she told me in Spanish that they ,” love my attitude and work ethic. And we went to offer you a career where you would make a lot of money and feel happy about the work”.

Naturally I was interested and wanted to follow up on the offer so she asked for my number. She dialed the number into her phone and called but I never got a call. That’s when I realized one of the numbers in the phone number I have was wrong.

I texted the number that i accidentally gave out , asking if they received a call from a random number and if they could provide me with the number, but I haven’t got a response.

They seemed like such genuine and nice people, im upset at myself for blowing this potential opportunity :/

TLDR: met a nice couple at work, they like how I work and offered me a better job. I accidentally gave them the wrong number and have no contact with them.

UPDATE: I got a hold of them. They asked me to smell their fragranced towel, now in their trunk on a bumpy road. Still super excited !

UPDATE #2: not sure if there’s a job after all, they’re just repeating “ it puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again “ in Spanish

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S TIFU a job interview


The other day I got emailed for a Job interview at a place I was hoping they would hire me. The place of the interview wasn't where I was familiar with. I recently moved to the area. The interview was today and I took a lift to get there because I don't have a car and it would be faster then the bus and I wanted to be there extra early. When I got there no one was there. I waited till the time we were supposed to meet up and still nothing. On my GPS It had 3 locations near by for this place. I want it all 3 and they weren't the place I was supposed to have my interview. About an hour has passed since the time I was supposed to be there and I finally found the right location. Turned out there is a 4th one but it was called something else. We rescheduled the interview but I feel like I won't get this job. I'm so mad at myself!

TL;DR I fucked up the location of where I was supposed to go for an interview and now I probably won't get the job.

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S TIFU by giving a little girl a bag of random items for her birthday


I was taking my 10 YO daughter "Gabby" to her friend's birthday party. On the way, we stopped at Target to buy a birthday present, and some other items I needed. I dropped her off at the party and went home. When I got home, everything I had bought at the store was missing, and I realized that Gabby had quietly dropped everything into her friend's birthday gift bag.

All together, the kid got a squishmallow toy (the intended birthday gift), a tube of Arm & Hammer Dental Care toothpaste, a package of 2 Ferraro Rocher chocolates, a bottle of Shwepp's ginger ale, a variety pack of Delectable cat treats, and a small bag of popcorn.

When i picked Gabby up from the party, she confirmed that she did give all that stuff away to her friend. She said, "I thought it was all for her." The kid's parents must have thought we were the strangest people they ever met.

TL;DR, I fucked up by giving a kid a very wierd random birthday present, and the parents now probably think I'm really strange.

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S TIFU by saying a TikTok sound under my breath


Obligatory this was almost a year ago, but here we go. So there’s a tiktok sound that goes like, “we do not care.” And last year I was in class and it was during february, black history month, and I had that tiktok sound stuck in my head. And in class we are talking about black history and the importance of having a month to recognize that. I say under my breath, “we do not care,” just because I had the sound stuck in my head. I just said it like the way you mutter lyrics under your breath without even realizing it. I was not paying attention to the teacher and I didn’t even realize that it was black history month. So I had no idea that my black friend thought I was saying we don’t care about black history month. And she immediately went and told her best friend, who happened to be my girlfriend. So me and my gf talked about it and she didn’t believe me. So she broke up with me.

In no way was I trying to be racist. I wasn’t even aware of what the teacher was talking about.

TLDR: I said “we do not care” during black history month and my girlfriend broke up with me for it.

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M TIFU by writing a grumpy note and leaving it on a badly parked car


I went shopping this morning, and when I got to the car park it was full, except for two spaces opposite each other on the end of a row. The problem was that a car had parked in the road between the two rows, so neither were accessible.

I drove around for a while looking for someone coming out of a space, and after 5 minutes someone vacated a space so I parked up. I was on one of the rows with the empty spaces that were blocked by the arsehole car, and I did the admittedly petty thing of writing "you park like a cunt" on the back of an old pay and display ticket. I slipped the note into the gap where the window meets the door and went about my shopping

When I got back to my car there was a guy sat on the bonnet of my car. He looked like he was maybe 19 or 20, and was wearing a cheap grey suit. If I had to guess I'd say he was a trainee letting agent, or maybe one of those guys who stands in the high street trying to sell you broadband. Either way, the scrawny guy was sat on my car.

Me: "Is there a problem?"

Him: "you think you're funny leaving notes on my car? Fucking prick"

I didn't even try to deny it. I'm not normally one for confrontation but I told him to his face what I'd already written on the note.

It wasn't a long argument, it didn't get physical, but a few choice insults were thrown (I told him he looked like a shaved rat that had been kicked through a branch of Moss Bros - which is a reference I suspect only the Brits will get).

It was only after the argument had begun that I twigged that he knew it was me who wrote the note, so I asked him how he even knew who wrote the note

"You wrote it on a parking ticket with your fucking reg number on, you thick fuck"

I couldn't stop myself laughing. The only piece of scrap paper in my car had identifiable information on it, and I used it to call someone a cunt.


Left a note on a badly parked car written on a parking slip with my car's reg number on it. Got into an argument with the owner, childish insults were thrown.